Orange Train Project Lahore and fear of desecration of Churches. By Rt. Rev Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is tragic situation with Pakistani Christian all over world because of “Orange Line Train track in Lahore” that had been planned on other place where was Government Minister’s house. But its direction has been changed to churches because there was minister’s house. A nation and country had been crashed down because of immorality, injustice and corruption that did not respect fellow citizen. History tells us so many stories of different countries. We are in prayer for Pakistan even situation is totally against Christian’s inheritance from all aspects of life politically, socially and economically.
We love Pakistan and humanity rather than religious point of views. We want to see our country Pakistan beautiful. But it is discriminatory attitudes of rulers and our Christian leaders of countries to crash down churches. We are ashamed because of political system of selection in Pakistan. Our Christian ministers have no interest to save Christian inheritance but some of ministers are corrupt and involved in selling of church property. It is crystal clear photos of political carriers.
After watching bitter situation of Pakistani Christian of Lahore Churches’ protests, but there is no minister who did raise voice against rulers who had signed and ordered to crash down churches for “Orange Line Train track” It is not train track but trap to crash down Christian’ inheritance. Even it is trick of discriminated minded people against Christianity in Pakistan.
Living nation and rulers respect fellow human beings who are sacred gift “Founder of Pakistan said. Minorities are sacred gift of Pakistan. Sacred gift’ inheritance is going to be crashed down but there is no justice. Even Christian leaders are dead conscious. There is no change and justice for dead nations.
It is very sad to say about these leaders who do speeches wonderfully on the stages to stimulate people for rights. But when they come in assembly on selected seats, they are afraid to save their lives. If you want to save your lives for truth, then why you come in assemblies after fake oaths before people to fight for rights of Pakistani Christian.
Your poetry is also dead like your conscious, you read poetry of “ Waris Shah” he will have to speak from grave for rights of women and Pakistani Christian to stop “Orange Line Train Track”. I am sorry to say that you are also dead conscious. Lord Jesus Christ said for you, let dead buried their dead. You will not understand the essence of His Holy words. But I will explain you dead conscious leaders.
Lord Jesus Christ said that let dead buried their dead, Even they were living human being who were going to be buried dead but their conscious had been dead like your who call “Waris Shah” to speak from grave for your rights. What kind of your ideologies, dead will speak for your right? So sad, disappointed, confused to hear and think about your dead stimulating speeches. Our leaders are dead conscious.
Waris Shah had played his role as human in this world to take care human being. Now it is your turn to take care according to your position and leadership. But you can not until you are dead conscious. You prove that you had sold out your tongues, heart, mind and conscious for your next election seats because of selection system, fake glory and fake money on temporary earth where God is examining all your dead.
It is crystal clear shameful picture of Pakistani Christian leaders; you have crucified Christ within yourself but release robber within yourself to rob rights of fellow human being and rulers. You did let these kinds of leaders to rob peace of country. Lord Jesus Christ said you that you are light of world, but you are spreading darkness in Pakistan. There is no light system still after promises of rulers in all ages.
There is no difference among religious and political Christian leaders. All of them try to get favor of high profiles than God who had created human and got you on this position to tell truth and taking care of human being. For example Bishop Yaqoob had been making prayer group for prime minister. It is good to pray for rulers and country. Where is he now when whole Christian (Body of Christ) is in great pain because of persecution and destruction of churches.
God has made you superior through His Son Jesus Christ who came into this world for all, but you have made whole Pakistani Christian nation as inferior with your leadership. We are Christian, Why you could not prove that we are human who need their rights and inheritance. Why you are promoting plight for Pakistani Christian but not equal human rights.
We must stay in prayer for one day or one week for specific time in whole Pakistan even nationwide whole world where all Pakistani Christian and Body of Christ is for stopping destruction of Churches. Then we can prove that we are patriotic with our rights and country. If we are not patriotic with our own rights, how we can prove that we are true Christian who are patriotic for Pakistan. We are national citizen of Pakistan. Discrimination is because of racialism.
I respect all. I ask forgiven, if you hurt because of truth. But I did not mean to hurt you but wake your conscious up according to the divine word of Heavenly Father God Almighty. May God bless you to be blessed in the darkness of world to shine the light of Lord Jesus Christ? But I am not afraid of any kind of dictator and brutal kings. My living and death for Lord Jesus Christ “Messiah” Because my website had been blocked for long time ago for truth, we have heard that Film “Maalak” had been banned in Pakistan because Asher Azam depicted whole ideologies of Pakistani leadership in this Film.
I want to give you short conclusion. It is because of human who had started to please high position people for getting favor than Most High God Almighty in every field of life even worships places. As situation is going on, there will be no difference between worship places and political stages. This is main reason that majority of Pakistani Christian had been seeking Asylum in other countries. Because they did not see any kind of revival in Pakistan and dead Christian leadership.

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