The Critical situation of Christianity in Pakistan: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is great grief and miserable tragedy with current of age of Christian leadership who are guided by social sector, wicked judgment and advocacy. It is downfall of Christian nation in the hands of those high positions of different denominations who are leading communities and churches. Until people will not repent, God will not change the dead and brutal high priest leadership as written in (2 Chronicle 7: 14).
It is worldly quotation, as like people as same like leaders. Leader want to please people’ desires not God’ desires for human. Now Christian must bow before God Almighty, Lord of Host, and creator of heaven and earth with humble heart to get red of darkness. Leaders know everything but they did not act upon it but enjoying their luxuries.
Worship place are not of God in this age but stage of wicked governments. I am sorry to say with great grief about most of Pakistani Christian Leaders are corrupt but few of them are righteous who are walking on His Holy Words and calling of Lord God ( Matthew 23: 34). Who are righteous, you are persecuting for basic needs of daily life by blocking their daily bread and salaries.
Nature of shepherds is same nature as high priest of Romans Empire who crucified Lord Jesus Christ who become as wolves to crash down Lamb of God. Dead leaders did not focus of the living blood of Lord Jesus Christ that was shed for all of us to keep blessed and redeemed. But their focus is flesh and materialism not teaching and attitudes of Lord Jesus Christ. As it is written in (Matthew 23: 24). Devil knows also Words of God as he was tempting Lord Jesus Christ by reminding the promises of God. Now Shepherds are using the words of God for their dead works.
They show Jesus Christ but they work for devil. It is tragedy. Please recognize the spirits that want to dominate all of us with wickedness. Until they did not allow Lord Jesus Christ of Narazeth, Nobody can be set free from the darkness of world especially Pakistan. Most of Missionary came to devote themselves for humanity. But they had been persecuted by surrounding as I had been persecuted; I willingly came back for humanity having heart of Lord Jesus Christ.
Dead leadership’ focuses are on the righteous teaching of Lord Jesus Christ whosoever teaches truth, they turned against them, their families and churches for their dominion. They find funds for spreading their wickedness through nets of denominations as social workers’ established organizations. They can not see any one independent who works on mission of Lord Jesus Christ. It is agenda of Anti – Christ. Pakistani Poorest are surrounded by all kinds of wickedness of anti – Christ and inner robber of dead leadership.
Everyone wants to be chief and highest post without qualification but they don’t want to have humble heart of Lord Jesus Christ. It is miserable tragedy with current Christian leadership. Uneducated and untrained teachers and preachers are destroying generation over generations. On other hand, corrupt educated politic leaders had no pain and burden for Christian Nations because of political system of selection.
We are watching different kind of photos corruption around us. It is anti – Christ system of Roman who wanted to keep their dominion over all. There is no Christ’s vision, pain and burden for people’ redemption among leadership and advocacy but mind of Satan who comes to steal and destroy. They have no fear of God having spirit of Devil that destroys the plan of God in the beginning from foundation of world.
They did not think about the Blood of Lord Jesus Christ but they also crucify fellow Christian with their deeds, craze, greed and selfish desires. They want to let see all Christian like dead in the darkness. This kind of leadership is over all. Who want to do good for humanity for keeping all in peace, they remove from post and brought other people according to their desires to run their project but not Christ’s Mind for people. There is no teaching of Lord Jesus Christ but brutal system of Romans. They present their denominations not Lord Jesus Christ as Apostle said that is Christ divided? The same system is going on what was in age of Lord Jesus Christ and Apostles. We are in modern age but fast media age where wickedness had been spread world widely.
These are words of Lord Jesus Christ, if you do evil with younger. You did with Lord Jesus Christ ( Matthew 18: 6). In fact, Lord Jesus Christ came for bruised, crushed down, persecuted and afflicted and for all of us to keep us blessed and saved.
Oh merciful Heavenly Father God Almighty, give everyone new heart and cleanse hearts and minds of people that are in darkness and especially leadership who are on the position to lead in all kinds of departments. Oh merciful Lord of Host, You can do justice with humanity. These people did not know what they are doing against themselves, teaching of Lord Jesus Christ and Christian generation for their denominations.
Oh merciful Lord of Host, set us free from Anti – Christ system of Romans and other who are against humble spirit of Lord Jesus Christ, who comes to give us peace. Oh merciful Lord of Host, pour your divine wisdom knowledge out for people and bless our needs of basic lives that are in other hands, which are leading with brutality and blackmailing.
Oh merciful Lord of Host, Anti – Christ and dead leadership had blocked financial blessing of your children and salaries from job places. Oh merciful Lord of Lord, now you can set us free from these kinds of wicked people who are against Lord Jesus Christ but they want to spread denomination of their minds. We know that help comes from you.
Oh merciful Lord of Host. You can save our families from darkness, wickedness of evil and evil temptations. Oh merciful Lord of Host you know that Devil is leading Jezebel spirit in every field of life for religion and politics. Oh merciful Lord of Host give respect to women who had been used by wicked plans of Governmental organization and non – governmental organization for spreading wickedness. Oh merciful Lord of Host, Most of people are fleeing for the safety of women and children from Pakistan. Oh merciful Lord of Host, when you will do justice with me and my children and family to keep up your glorious work of truth. I ask your mercy and grace in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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