Spiritual Warfare in Pakistan. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


Current situation of Pakistan is pathetic, but it shows long term history of corrupt attitudes. It seems that will never end, May Lord of Host do justice with Pakistani Nations.
This situation is miserable from all aspects of life from higher level to lower. These speeches and news reports are just glimpse of overlook. It shows moral, spiritual and economic corruption in Pakistani ruling team attitudes by fair or unfair means for their personal causes rather than civilized country of patriotism. The leading groups have discriminatory thought in every field of life to get their personal benefits rather than Pakistan’ nation causes, it is pathetic. They can use any kind of discrimination from religious, sectarian or denomination system, cast or creed system. National theme is above all religious and business theories.
After analysis, exclusive reports and news, There is everywhere corruption, then who will do justice, who is already involved in injustice and corruption. When they could not do justice, then they compromise for their needs and plans but corruption system had been going on and will be until Lord God Almighty did not change minds and hearts of people to sincerity with themselves. Until Human are not sincere with themselves by the repentance. Until they did not change their mind and attitude of corruption, as they are promoting their personal thought theory according to their heart desires in every field of life. There will be no changed.
Corruption had been got roots in the minds of human’ every plan and scheme. Every one knows right or wrong but they did not take stand for truth. They are walking like dead in their mistakes, sins and corruption. They are leaving bad impression and history for coming generation. On the other hands, they are polluting nationality of Pakistani in the eyes of world.
It does not mean that there are no good leaders and people. Every person has good heart but most of them encourage evil that is working within them for selfish desires. It means that everyone can be good and sincere from all aspect of life according to their faith, sect and denomination. But evil teams did not allow them to be good for their corruption. They discourage good but encourage evil for their causes. They spread evil spirit but block good spirit. Until everyone did not encourage their conscious to take action, they can not come out from darkness.
It is tragedy with current age; decent nations find good heart and righteous person for betterment. But what is going on with current age, they only find corrupt, hypocrite, polite outward but cunning and thug from inside to lead according to their heart desires. Why they did not bring good people on the board and front line, they consider them disturbance for their corruption. Even they eat them by pushing them down by creating so many problems around them. They want to kill spiritually to living person who rise for right and good.
Every country has Law, rules and regulation. Unfortunately, here is everything on a sale for their personal benefits and luxuries. Elite is buying all of them, their conscious and everything. Everybody wants to be rich at once in one night. They find way to be rich through corruption or by killing innocents. After killing them spiritually, they rule with their dead Law. Dead Law can not change with dead administration and management. It means dead leadership creates dead nations. They did not allow God Almighty to bless them righteously.
Most of Pakistani wants to leave Pakistan above religious point of view. Many of Pakistani Christian has left Pakistan seeking Asylum in other countries and some have left Pakistan spiritually because of current situation. Even they are facing difficulties in different cultures and languages of other countries. But they see good future of coming generation in the brightness. In fact decent nation and sober find reliable life that is everyone rights above religious point of view. But some of group wants to make it illegal and rebellious spirits for those who are seeking Asylum for rights and justice according to their dictator mind theory. Everyone has right to spend his life in whole world. God had created whole world for human to see His Glory and majesty.

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