Role of Pakistani Christian leaders on rising persecution and violence: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is terrible time over Pakistan. Pakistan is in jeopardy where citizens are hearing the truth of leaders who are involved in the awful fraud, corruption and stealing of Government treasures. Group’ voices of inner problems that are another danger for country sovereignty and stability. Citizens have great grief about uncertainty to think over situation again and again.
It is point of common citizen’ views about Pakistan when rulers are thieves, then who will do justice with citizen and country. Current Pakistan is polluted picture because of these robbers who had been stealing and destroying image of Pakistan according to the views of pioneers and senior citizen.
Nobody can dare to raise voice for rights, justice and to correct these mistakes. If they are in majority or minority, Mistakes are not being corrected but it had been compromised with mutual benefits of parties. It is also according to previous history whoever rose for truth’ voice and justice for humanity; they had been killed. It is moral corruption that is destroying whole of image of Pakistani.
Pakistan has bad reputation in the eyes of whole world because of another cause of religious extremism. Pakistani are not regarded well in other countries, all foreigner Pakistani had been trying to see Good Pakistan. Even some of them had taken political Asylum for saving their lives and families. They thought that if they will sacrifice their lives but what will be changed; whole system needs restoration and justice. On other hands, who had sacrificed, their sacrifices had been lost values because of system that is still same after murder of Sir. Liaqat Ali Khan, Shahbaz Bhatti, Late Bishop John Joseph and many more.
Foreigner Pakistani still wishes to see their mother land Pakistan as Good, if they are Christian or Muslim. They are still struggling day and night for Pakistani Nation somehow; there are also many Pakistani like Nazir S. Bhatti who is doing their role as reformer and thinker and good leaders. Those Pakistani who had been struggling for Pakistan’s good system, they had been also discouraged.
It is mostly considered among scholars, thinkers and higher officials about Pakistan after watching long history of 68 years that law of forest had been carried out. Who is more powerful, they can rule only in every field of life above law. Moral values and education even spiritual education is not matter for selection committee but mutual interest and benefits. Human has no regards. Even human are below level of pet animals.
It is tragedy with system of Pakistan, Who is opponent of any one or party, they are being killed directly or they had been given under religious extremists groups or under care taking team of those people who are hungry and thirsty with greed of committee interests. It is crystal clear truth, Prime Minister of Pakistan “Benazir Bhutto” who had been killed but his murderer is not still found till today.
It is another cause of moral corruption of system. Pakistani Christian who comes in assemblies with selection system without conscious to work for rights of Pakistan Christian. They are just puppets who are working according to their parties MNA or MPA for next selection seats in assemblies as chief leader. Even it has been observed and considered by communities, ministers are working for immorality. Communities are fed up with political system of Pakistan. It might be sexual or moral. It is result of selection system. It seams that human rights has become inhuman rights.
It is so sad to say that Pakistani Christian is crying bitterly for their rights even they know that they will not be heard. Christian ministers could not correct their laws in Pakistan. It is tragedy and irony of fate. Pakistani Muslim and Christian had been seeking asylum in other countries. But Plight of Pakistani Christian is that they are used as slaves but they are not justified for their rights. Christian are seeking asylum for their children’ future due to perpetual system of immorality; they had concluded after too much injustice in every field of life.
Now they don’t just want to be deceived any more. That is why they had been seeking asylum in other countries. They had got confirmation that their care takers are not morally civilized to protect them and taking care of basic needs. If they are educated people but they are morally corrupt. Even there are sexual abuse case, rapes, forced conversion, burning of churches and Christian colonies.
Everyone loves his country and Land where any one takes birth is beloved to all. It is circumstance that changes minds of people to change their living place for future of their children or when anyone is not given his rights and position to do his commitment. They always chance places. No body like slavery, discrimination, disrespect, persecution and injustice. When care taker insults who is in their custody according to their mind of corruption. Everyone has limitation of their patience to tolerate. At the end, there is fight among people. Mostly decent and sober people who are sensitive, they change place for peace. Pakistani Christian’ plight is also that they had been persecuted mentally for religious causes.
May God bless Pakistan all Nations with His divine hands and blessing of Divine grace. We pray for peace and prosperity of Pakistan.

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