Current torturing Budget of Pakistan 2016-17; By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is an enormous grief for all citizens of Pakistan (minorities and Majority). Highest prices of daily basic need of human had been increasing in every year budget than income of daily wagers. It breaks back bone of daily wagers, servants who are earning below 12.000 Rupees monthly. Poor becomes poorest every year by policies and budget of Pakistan. Rich become richest by increasing prices of things through investment on the daily basic items.
On other hands, high rates of electricity of per unit are expensive. Prices of daily basic needs additionally had been increased in every field of life especially in month of Ramzan. They are drinking blood of poorest communities. It is business of rich with poorest to rule over them, if they are Muslim or Christian. It is crystal clear that rulers are not sincere with citizens of Pakistan without knowing lower level to highest level about economy situation in the Pakistan. It is like robots system and computer system which is prepared for citizen of Pakistan.
Rulers just kept dearest to salaries, their benefits and interests on things than human rights of the citizen of Pakistan. It is purely stealing the peace of common citizen of Pakistan. It is enforcement to prepare minds of people to do something wrong to meet their basic needs. It is immoral ruling without knowing situation of common citizen. Even industrial sectors had been already crashed down because of power (Electricity) by continual off and on after one hour in Pakistan.
If they use generators for the continuity of their business, they had to use Petrol or Gas for Generator. On the other hands, in some areas Gas’ provision is not on time of cooking. What does it mean? What kind of system is going on? What kind of moral values are going on to crash down poorest communities and human rights in Pakistan?
It is tragedy that only Pakistan’s budget get highest peek every year than other Islamic countries. Now we all Christian must admit that Pakistan is only for Islamic not for minorities and human rights. It is crystal clear picture of another Pakistan that is wrapped up by corruption. It is not vision and dream of Quid – E – Azam for humanity.
Founders of Pakistan respect all minorities; even appoint them on highest post to rule over Pakistan for run system. This current Budget is also clear picture of Minorities that Pakistan is not for them; Pakistan has no need of minorities. Protests of minorities and innocents human being will last for few days, but they will be heard for justice. But rulers who had been making these policies, they will learn money for time being for selfish needs without conscious of poorest needs, how they will survive for daily basic needs. Immorality will increase more corruption, robbery, murderers, kidnapping, rapes, conversion and inhuman rights of dictators over poverty.
This budget proves that minorities have no basic rights of daily need to meet than majority. That is why; leaders did allocate budgets for majority only as it had been happening already. It is crystal clear discrimination. It shows that minorities have no rights no to live in Pakistan.
It is saying of Christian saint ( Sandu) “ To live for Christ is not easy but die for Christ is easy because to live for Christ is dying daily for righteousness” Sadhu Sundar Sing. He was converted Christian from Hindus.
On aspects, we have been realized to think like neither minority nor citizen of Pakistan. If it is considered that we are tolerating for Christ daily. Then we cannot see these innocent Muslim who have voted for justice according to our teaching of Lord Jesus Christ. Who came into this world for salvation of whole world above point of view religions? His teaching is that love your neighbors.
Christian ( Minorities ) are living in Pakistan, Muslims are our neighbors, we have teaching of tolerance by our Lord Jesus Christ that loves your enemies, and we never consider Muslim as enemies. Otherwise, Christian leader did not vote for Pakistan existence with Muslim. we are thinking on role of leaders who are taking care of Muslim even Christian citizen. Both are suffering in Pakistan. Then what is going on. it mean specific groups and parties are just enjoying luxuries by drinking blood of poorest tribes and communities.
In this context, we request you to think about humanity above religion on the dream of Founder of Pakistan and poorest people who had appointed you leaders over themselves in the assemblies to do justice the dream of Quid – E – Azam and expectation of people. All human expects from other human respect and good thing.
I did not mean to hurt any rulers but my heart is painful for humanity as these rulers had done brutality with poorest citizen of Pakistan who are suffering so much in their needs. Leaders of Government think on place of those poorest who went to find job and wages, but they return empty to their homes because ruined condition of country. Think, when they sleep and crying on their beds for next day earning, they are walking like dead people. Are your conscious dead that can not think about common citizens.
We Christian can leave this country Pakistan, Please allows us to get Asylum in other countries. Because we are ashamed because of our leaders who did decide to vote for Pakistan in the time of creation of Pakistan, You have no painful heart for your own Muslim brotherhood what you will think about us.

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