USA should eliminate Jihadi terrorism by roping-in India through CW by BREXIT: By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Merely military and economic power will not do, political power too needed (ii)- Muslim countries (especially in NAME) finding difficult to stop breeding of Jihadi terrorism (iii)- SAARC region also a ticking bomb and will be conducive for Jihadi terrorism (iv)- Muslims cannot be allowed to live without others (v)- Practicing secular democracy of ~ 1.28 billion India can be used (vi)- Realized ‘Common Wealth’ the easiest alternative (vii)- Later on by assimilation, remaining Muslim countries can be brought in ‘Common Wealth’ (CW)
My condolence for killed and prayers for early recovery of injured in terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, USA on June, 12 in which 50 have been killed and 53 injured for which, as per prominent media, ISIS has taken responsibility. This Orlando terrorist attack (after ~ 6 months of San Bernardino terrorist attack) has once again proved that unless USA changes its policy, as given below, the leader of free world, USA will not be able to eliminate global Jihadi terrorism which is bringing shame to / damaging the credibility of USA:-
(1)- First and foremost USA has to understand that merely military and economic power will not do rather political power too will be needed to eliminate ‘global Jihadi terrorism’ which is emanating from Muslim countries (especially at present from NAME region)
(2)- USA should also understand that given the nature of Islam especially its militancy the Muslim countries (especially in NAME) are finding it difficult to stop the breeding of Jihadi terrorism [that is the reason even US led coalition of 65 countries (including Muslim countries of NAME) has failed to eliminate Jihadi terrorism]. What makes the matter worst is that SAARC region is also a ticking bomb and will be conducive for Jihadi terrorists if this matter is not addressed urgently by world community / USA
(3)- In SAARC region it is not merely chronic & gory Kashmir problem between two nuclear countries India and Pakistan but new developments in N-E (Especially after elections in Assam) things have become explosive due to problem of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants as explained at:
(4)- In a nutshell USA should understand that Muslims cannot be allowed to live without others (who believe in and practice secularism). In the given situation this can be achieved if practicing secular democracy of ~ 1.28 billion India is used for this cause by making Muslims and others (who believe in and practice secularism) to live under one political arrangement which can be achieved by Realized ‘Common Wealth’ as mentioned at:
(5)- USA may think that present establishment of India may not agree for ‘Realized Common Wealth’ sponsored by UK, against which India fought independence struggle but situation is not so for three reasons:-
(i)- Power elite of India is not bothered about socially and economically humble majority of Indians hence not recovering ~ Rs 1,000 Trillion tax money though it can be used for the uplift of these people.
(ii)- India provided ~ 2 million people including soldiers to UK during each of World War I & II. Hence in view of such goodwill for UK in India, the UK should endeavor to realize ‘Common-Wealth’ by opting out of EU (the Brexit) as explained above which will go a long way in eliminating global Jihadi terrorism.
(iii)- Presently India is suffering fatally from caste and communal politics as explained below:-
(A)- Just to give only few recent examples and which is evident from mass scale violent agitation (unchecked by State) for reservation by Jats in Haryana and what happened in Mathura where a Yadav (another caste of Hindu order) was allowed to raise private army of over 3,000 on government land by Yadav government in U.P. (and both in the vicinity of India’s capital Delhi)
(B)- Communal politics has come in the fore especially after PM Modi’s BJP government in Power where ‘Ghar-Wapsi’ (re-conversion now from Islam to Hinduism), Love Jihad, anti-beef-eating, compulsory chanting of Bharat-Mata (otherwise expulsion from Legislative assembly), Ramzade v/s Haramzade, Muslim-free- India, construction of Ram Temple (demolished in 1992 despite Supreme Court) etc by BJP office-bearers, Legislatives and Ministers are fast spreading communal poison in the polity of India
--With the result India is fast moving towards anarchy hence well-meaning majority of Indians will rather welcome ‘Realized Common Wealth’. And in order make it feasible a political party with the name “Common Wealth Party” can be launched in India which will contest elections for Local Bodies, State Legislative Assemblies and Union Parliament.
(6)- Once ‘Common Wealth’ of 53 countries is realized remaining unruly Muslim countries (of NAME, Asia and Pacific region) can be brought in CW by assimilation.
Therefore without wasting any further time the USA should persuade UK to take the lead for realizing CW by BREXIT and by motivating remaining 52 member countries of CW so that global Jihadi terrorism can be eliminated effectively.

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