Spiritual Warfare and Pakistan. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


This topic is a core essential priority of every believer to remain in HIS Holy Words promises for doing His Holy Words in their daily lives. True believer does not depend on worldly provision but supernatural provision in every field of life as written in His Holy Words (Matthew 6: 25 - 34). Even it seems imaginary in flesh world where everything is planned, managed and projected. We must appreciate those people who remains in His Holy words promises because world keeps dear their own who are worldly ( ), worldly cannot walk in His Holy promises because of their formation, worldly orientation. But spiritual being remained in spiritual realm among worldly realm people even troubles of world. Eventually true believers are persecuted and tortured because Jesus Christ said that you will be persecuted by Name before time as prophesy (Matthew 5: 10). Lord Jesus Christ consciously prepares all believers who hope for good, eternal life and paradise.
Now true believers are conscious and prepared themselves for any kind of persecution, because it is according to His Holy Words. Jesus Christ consciously prepared to persecuted believers to be as blessed, Jesus said that rejoice when it happens because Your reward is great in Kingdom of Heaven for righteousness ( Mathew 5: 12 ) Nothing is extraordinary for believers but it might be and may be ignorance of believers who are tired and fed up due to persecution. Believers must know that they are peculiar people of creator of Heaven and earth. He will never leave us forsake us in any kind of troubles. You have Royal Priesthood. (1 - Peter 2: 9, Deuteronomy 14: 2)
Lord Jesus Christ has standard for every believers, every believer must be aware and learn about His Holiest standard to be blessed and dear always. Jesus said that these people praise me with their lips but their hearts are far away from me (Matthew 15: 8) Even chosen and elected will be rejected due to their ignorance (Matthew 7: 22) God's standard is NOT like human standard who follows their flesh desires, they want to please world and God both. Jesus said that you cannot please God and world both at time (Matthew 6: 24)
God is jealous God (Exodus 20: 5, 34: 14) who takes care of His people in their trouble times, persecution; we have many more examples from His Holy Words (Bible). When Israelite had been crying with much pain in Egypt, because men had been killed spiritually and physically, but they kept their girls and women for their use. Even they had been abusing women. Wicked societies focused on women, children and girls to pollute them according to their desires. They did not give respect and independence to anyone but they kill men who raise voice for rights. There is no limitation of religions and faiths. Tree is known by its fruits (Matthew 7: 18).
God hears the crying voice of Israelite and set them free from bondage of darkness. Now As Pakistan Asylum seekers are crying with pain that "who will hear their voice", they are looking to leaders who are corrupt and polluted. Corrupt leaders are also not heard, God knows His sheep who hears their voice. Now Pakistan Asylum seekers had become like those Israelite who had been lost in wilderness because of disobedient, they had been worshiping idles, doing wicked thing that other nations did not do. But they want to be heard. God did not hear sinner’s prayers.

Now Pakistani Asylum seekers and believers must repent, they will have to come out from darkness, they should not look to human for restoration, reaching to Promised Land like Israelite. It had been observed that they depend on human who are spiritually corrupt and polluted. Even ignorant societies have appointed those leaders who are criminals, spiritually corrupt and robbers or who are walking according to their desires not according to His Holy Words and Law. It is tragedy. It is so sad. They rebuke good people as people rejected Lord Jesus Christ at that time, When Jesus came into this world to save the world.
It had been observed that they had appointed leaders according to their desires and wishes and state of mind. But they persecute true leaders with actions, back biting, corruption, even making good as evil and evil as good. As it had been observed, they persecute with denominational words and those leaders who are walking by faith in Christ for their solution voluntarily. it does not mean that there are evil people. there are also very good people who are suffering with evils as It is written in His Holy Words ( Matthew 13:25 ) God will cut them off in time.
But Jesus had different standard, God is not human ( ) so many people will say Lord Lord, we did for you this or that, But Lord will say that I don't know you (Matthew 22: 29). People must know truth. Until people did not keep standard of Lord Jesus Christ, they will not be heard as Israelite had been in wilderness for 40 years. Even people will have to come out from darkness of their hearts and minds as they know about themselves, system and backwardness of Pakistani, uneducated leadership, corrupt leadership who consciously prepare people. Even people know truth, what kind of situation was in Pakistan about their cases. If someone deceive themselves by truth. They must repent and adopt the standard of Jesus Christ who is Holiest of Holy. They must follow Jesus not flesh things and flesh works.
My beloved in Christ, Come out from Darkness and flesh network of sinners. REPENT. God bless you. There is too much need, you are human. God is sovereign, He knows everything. Know spirits! No any organization and Media can save you but God of Most High, creator of heaven and earth. Because it is mutual networking of sinners.

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