Dhaka attack by ISIS is first in SAARC which is serious matter. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub: (i)- ISIS registers its presence in SAARC through Bangladesh (ii)- Sunni Muslims will not rest till come under one military power (iii)- ~ 250 million Muslims (including illegal immigrants) in Hindu majority India bound to be considered hurdle by Jihadis in political unity of Muslims (iv)- Jihadi pincer on India from East and West bound to precipitate show-down (v)- Global Jihadi terrorism can be eliminated by ‘Realizing Common Wealth’ (vi)- Human rights friendly people in 53 CW member countries should endeavor to ‘Realize CW’.
--- Though after Dhaka terrorist attack, two more terrorist attacks were carried out by Jihadis in Iraq and Saudi Arabia (including at Medina) but entry of ISIS in SAARC is a much more serious development for the simple reason that this may culminate into war of civilizations / religion between Hindus and Muslims in SAARC region.
[ISIS does not need to be in physical link with terrorists, who are inspired by blood-thirsty ideology of ISIS. Bangladesh government says that ISIS is not linked to terrorists who carried out July, 1 attack in Dhaka but prominent global media refutes this claim by saying that number of victims and the photo of terrorists were released by ISIS media while operation was on and even before Bangladesh government released these].
First and foremost world-community should understand that Islam is political based religion hence idea of Caliphate will not die down due to fundamental reason that it has touched deepest emotional chord of Sunni Muslims (~ 87 % of global Muslim population). Sunni Muslims only want Caliphate to desist from sexual abuses and unnecessary violence especially against civilians (including women, children and old people).
Out of four major human groups namely Christians (with NATO), Muslims, Chinese and Hindus only Muslims do not have one military authority / organization. Hence solution to even chronic and gory Palestine issue, Kashmir issue etc concerning Sunni Muslim-world are neglected by world community (Even ISIS came into existence out of immense injustice done to Sunnis by Shia regimes in Syria and Iraq). Hence 'human rights friendly Caliphate' is the ardent desire of Sunni-Muslims all over the world [who know that no other Sunni regime (including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt etc) is capable of bringing all Sunnis under one religio-political authority than ISIS like organization] not-withstanding what they and their leaders (Socio-religious, political, economic) say for public consumption.
In a nutshell Muslims of Sunni majority countries will not rest till they usher into a political model where their combined strength gives them political benefit vis-a-vis other communities like Christians, Hindus etc. even Shias. Therefore ISIS / Caliphate phenomenon is not only going to stay but will also culminate into ‘human rights friendly Caliphate’ sooner than later. And in order to give concrete reality to this aspiration of Sunni Muslims ‘Realized Common Wealth’ is the only answer. Otherwise it may lead to even nuclear flare-up in SAARC region as explained at http://www.alwihdainfo.com/Bengaluru-India-Routine-response-to-1-7-terrorist-attack-at-Dhaka-will-cost-fatally-heavy-to-India_a36403.html
The ‘Realized Common Wealth’ will satisfy humane demands of Islam (through employment friendly State policies with health, education and house at nominal cost) due to three reasons (i)- It will be human rights friendly hence will be conducive to brother hood and egalitarian society under democratic compulsions (ii)- Will fulfill the precondition of Islam where saints and warriors will be amalgamated in one. In this case in human rights (religion of modern times) friendly State of CW (iii)- Demands of protection of human rights will be fulfilled because (A)- Institutions of health and education will be run by people themselves (B)- Residential & commercial buildings will be built under unemployment eradication program by deploying State-capital profitably with ‘Rent Commission’ to decide the rents (C )- Discouraging unbridled usury (and fake money without adequate asset back-up) by sticking to (say) Article 292 & 293 of Constitution and not to unconstitutional FRBM.
Therefore world-community in the interest of peaceful, just and prosperous world should persuade / motivate the people in 53 member countries to launch ‘Common Wealth Parties’ so that ‘Realized Common Wealth’ may come in existence without any further delay.

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