Patriotism and Real Facts. By Rt. Rev. Dr. FS Bhatti


It is terrible truth to share with you due to great grief about corrupt system, religious extremism, terrorism and persecution with innocent citizen of Pakistan and especially Pakistani Christian who had been forced to leave Pakistan. it is also tragedy with grieved humanity, National Spirit as Patriotic. Nobody is satisfied with this current system that is going on. if they are Muslim , Christian, any minority member but nobody can do justice with themselves due to system brutality, Even everybody is going on the steam-line of system even on front line.
It is ruthlessness of system, they cannot satisfy to any citizen of Pakistan.
Muslim of Pakistan apparently seems happy outwardly because they are in majority after getting freedom from India but they are unhappy inwardly with brutality of system, even there are different sectarian systems among religions. Specific class seems satisfied who have no pain and burden for humanity, who always remain in drunk atmosphere even it had been considered that it is Islamic republic Pakistan. Even Pakistan had been come into existence. It was secular state of Pakistan where all minorities and majority are same. All of them had privilege to practice their belief and faith.
But unfortunately, with the passage of time, attitudes, manners, and laws had been changed for specific sect of religion, then other sects of religion had been deprived from their rights to live and practice their beliefs as they had been promised by Founder of Pakistan " Quid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Even some sect of religion had been rejected nationally from criteria as citizen of Pakistan.
These facts had led a whole system of Pakistan into jeopardy, confusion, frustration, persecution, religious extremism, terrorism and discrimination. Everyone consider himself as closed one to God of Most High, the creator of Heaven and earth according to faith practice. God is Holiest of Holy who does not want to see anybody destruction as people are killing each other for their benefits, religion and beliefs. God made human on His own image according to my Faith in Christ (Bible).
God does not like unholiness of anyone. God has given all human laws and covenants and complete pattern of life for all phases of life. But it is miserable to share that most of them want to keep illegal ways in every field of life. It is terrible after observing and watching carefully. There are secret agencies and special organization of Governments that are involved in corruption for getting money and allow corruption from lower to higher level without conscious of patriotism and nationalism. Most of them have no contentment for all aspects of life; it is devil games which devil is playing with innocent, greedy and corrupt people on the earth by creating fights among all to spread unrest for all.
It is miserable thought for all of us that Journalism, secret and a special service is sacred profession who take responsibilities for the betterment of humanity. But it had also been polluted terribly to hide real and main facts by people. Most of them are blackmailing for their little bit benefits. It is self - destruction of Pakistan, There is no need of any enemy. it is corruption within human being that pollute religion.
People think for temporary benefits without conscious of long term result. In this way, Pakistan is in greatest loose in every field of life. People allow fraud, illegal works, and corruption after getting their desires amounts and a little bit that pollute faith. Once corruption made up mind of one person then it starts for ever more. When one person tells lies, then he will have to speak hundred and thousand lies against one lie. National Spirit had been died within human being in Pakistan. People are walking dead. Decent and sober Muslim or Christian or any other minority did not want to live in Pakistan because of corrupt system. Everyone wants to be settled in European and Foreign countries through seeking Asylum for their human rights.
System of Pakistan had deprived Christian nation brutally in every field of life. Selection system of election is adultery with Christian and other minorities from lower level of counselor to Minister of provincial Assembly and Minister of National Assembly. It means that Christian' right and independence are in the hands of leaders. It is so sad to say, there are corrupt Christian leaders also who think about their own benefits without conscious of whole Pakistani Christian nation. it is war of personal benefits. Even they create discrimination among religions, sects and denominations. It is great grief that there is spiritual pollution among religious leadership. It seems dictatorship of someone over poorest communities and citizen of Pakistan. Some of them are not heard in the National Assemblies of Pakistan for their rights.
All of them are selected not elected by votes. Depressed, persecuted, tired, fed up and suffering Pakistani Christian are forced to seek Asylum in other countries due to helplessness and lawlessness. There are examples of Pakistani Christian communities’ girls and women are raped, forced conversion, churches and Christian colonies had been burnt by religious extremist people to terrorize the fellow Pakistani Christian.
We, all Pakistani must pray for system of Pakistan, attitude, manners, law, administration and management that is destroying good citizen values for someone greed, lust, craze and power. May God bless our Pakistan to be blessed and keep all of us blessed? There is no matter of religions but it is matter of self-respect, dignity, independence and democracy of individuals.
Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, I come before your throne of grace and mercy for persecuted, depress, suffering innocent Pakistani nations. Oh merciful God, bring revival within system of Pakistan and peace of world, raise up visionary leadership who have pain and burden for humanity. Oh merciful God of heaven and earth, you can do justice with Pakistan generations who are suffering so much with current system of brutality. I ask your mercy and grace for Asylum seekers who had been fed up from Pakistan's system and seeking Asylum in other countries.
Oh merciful God, help me, them and those Pakistani Christian who are living in Pakistan to be blessed and keep all of them blessed. Oh merciful God, create new heart and mind within people for newest by renewing system of Pakistan for betterment of humanity. oh merciful God of heaven and earth, remove those wicked supervision of front line and neighboring countries that destroys and creating confusion among citizen of Pakistan for their craze and hate. I ask in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Oh merciful Father God Almighty, It is miserable to think that uneducated, so called leadership without pain and burden, unprofessional are leading and driving Nations, churches and religions to Hell and destruction. Oh merciful Father God, Change whole system for peace and salvation of all citizen of Pakistan. I ask with faith and confidence in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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