Racialism and cultural curse: Background of creation of Pakistan. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


Pakistan was created by the struggles of Muslim - Ahmadis, Christian and Hindu Minorities. But now majority of Hindus and Sikh had been migrated to another countries even Christian are seeking Asylum in other countries because of their faith limitation, self - respect, persecution, lawlessness, brutality system - racialism after losing hope in Pakistan because of selection system, where they selected leadership for only corruption who works for illegalism and supports illegalism. Generation over generation had been destroyed. True leader as like Shahbzab Bhatti had been killed.
Selection is favoritism for parties, minorities had been deprived from their basic rights, It is miserable condition of minorities in Pakistan because of selection system, they do dictatorship on Christian minorities families according to their desires, Leaders are their hand's tool, they have their tug in communities who threatens to push down righteousness. They did not allow true leadership to come up. It is helplessness of Christian communities to run from Pakistan because of leading administration and management teams.
They only appoint those people who works according to their desires to make good as evil and evil as good, as it was from foundation of world (Isaiah 5: 20). They are so called leaders for minorities. They cannot make policies and do advocacy for human rights. System is same as it was as running, there will be no chance for any citizen of Pakistan. Pakistan is Hijacked that create corruption, extremism and discrimination in the hands of self - desires people. Local driver of tug group are driving wrongly for their egos and causes of this system. But nothing good for communities and betterment of humanity.
Behind extremism, there is racialism and discrimination that did not allow human to have own independent lives. After existence of Pakistan, Patriotic and lover of Pakistan had been killed by shooting on the spot physically and most of them had been killed spiritually. Then Pakistan came under racialism, extremism, discrimination and cultural backwardness. After 68 years of Pakistan has been increased wide spread in racialism than national Spirits.
Now citizen of Pakistan want to see change but hopeless. Some parties’ leaders say to Christian as "Kafer" without knowledge of their Holy Books. Sensitive Minorities people are leaving Pakistan for human rights. Unfortunately who are under system of their Non - Governmental or Governmental as i am under, they cannot move anywhere with truth, Even writer, teacher, Journalists, preachers of peace in this system for their denominational discrimination.
The state of mind of this system is unrighteousness, their social worker gods are also walking like dead people who raise dead slogan for justice but result zero who run Government’s according their desires to give shame to humble Humanity. Everything even children had been enslaved purposely to stop Good work of truth or who works for righteousness, persecuted Asylum seekers and peace because they want to see unrest everywhere for project making.
All who had been walking by faith in Christ for Good News, they are under their state of mind royalty of dictatorship because they are doing purposely for their gains only not humanity works. Righteous are under tugs, racialism relatively by tricks of political state of mind - favoritism. Because Truth did not find human rights under their advocacy of doctors.
These doctors of humanity of social sector or religious are working for their causes to inject truth wrongly; They are doing work through these doctors for moral and social corruption. According to the Holy Bible. It is beast system. Where shepherds had sacred profession but become wolves (Jeremiah 10). Focus is outward beauty but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Racialism - cultural curse
Land lord system that promotes slavery of poorest by condemning their education. Cursed system where they relatively show outwardly polite but inwardly they are revenging wolves against each other, where humanity had been ashamed. Who promote this relative system to be high with pride to show fellow being as inferior as lower status by grabbing their human rights and properties of blood relatives.
Enmity culture of guns had been for long time for many decades till date in Pakistan. Films had been made on this enmity culture that was promoting hateful material on the relative enmity to push down and degrade by taking charge their belonging. This cultural system led human to beast system. There are drug promotion also among human being, But there is few people to heal humanity from drug system. We don't know who are coming around us, they are nasty workers.
It is humble heart to all burden heart people, prayer intercessor to pray humanity of minorities and Pakistan's peace. Please don't think that it is happening with fellow human, but it can also happen with you. It is written in His Holy Words, who knows to do well, if they are not doing good, they are doing sin (James 4: 17).
Now Pakistan needs prayers of all human being for betterment, otherwise it will be soon destroyed by itself. Pakistan will be more polluted in the eyes of world. Because everybody is worried for his life saving, everybody is terrified to save their lives after seeing whole corrupt system from all department of life.
We have example of Pakistani Asylum seekers and Human rights Minister “Sardar Tahir Khalil Sindhu" whose family had also taken Asylum in England. When Minister's family is not saved by the guards of Governments, Then how whole Christian communities are saved in Pakistan. He may hate others denominations but we pray for him and his family, May God gives him wisdom to think as Christian and human rights minister on his position. Editors, Senior Journalists and think - tanks are thinking, praying and writing on these subjects for the betterment of Pakistan.
Pakistan need revival, prayers, good wishes, new ideas as creature what we cannot achieve in last 68 Years, We must remove those spirits of traitors, nasty spirit who are destroying, helpful for sensitive issues of personal human life, encourage terrified souls and give them confidence, Promote good effects of Pakistani who want to go another countries for the betterment of Pakistan's image. We are all Pakistani.
Spiritual - Back Ground
To publish article on the topic of Nationalism or Racialism is to wake up national spirit of heaven' citizenship for all faith of religion spiritually and reduce speed of Racialism, extremism and spirit of discrimination.
1. Discrimination of sects and 2. Discrimination of denominations. All faithful are conscious for their eternal destiny but according to their HOLY BOOKS. All human are children of Adam and Eve whatever their faith. Human will return to Heavenly Father God who is creator of heaven, earth and whole creation having their Acts. He can do justice with human to whom He loved so much (John 3: 16).
Racialism has different roots in tribes, cast, creed and color even relatively. I am so sorry to share about these cast, color system of racialism that has damaged the shape of humanity into difference of ignorance from Heavenly Father God Almighty' Standard who sent His Son Jesus Christ for making new creature (2 Cor 5: 17). It is absolute truth but Satan pollutes the plan of God from the foundation of world.
After the creation of whole world, God created human on his own image with love. God separated Light and darkness, sea, Air, river and dry land purposely for human. God did not love much to Angels who praises Lord of Lords, King of kings all time (Hebrews 1:2 - 3, 8). God become human for whole world' salvation.
There are so many minor and major prophets sent by Heavenly Father God for the guidance of humanity in all ages according to the Holy Bible. But God's plan of salvation for humanity had not been completed by the Prophets, That is why, Lord Jesus Christ came into this world as human according to prophesies of Prophets.
Satan's focus was women in the Garden of Eden by creating doubts in her heart (Genesis 3: 13). Satan's focus was to promote racialism of women in the world. Why Satan did not tempt first man (Adam). God the Father created women from man as soft being than man. Women become tool of Satan from the foundation of world. Women had been prepared as tool of disobedience for Satan against God's plan. Satan's focus was as it is so now who is thirsty for the blood saint’s for righteousness' sake, Lord Jesus Christ (Rev 17: 6). Man' attraction is toward her by nature. Satan did not destroy human; Now Human's desires destroy themselves by attraction of their heart desires, glory and power.

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