World should think seriously about shifting UN head office from USA. By Hem Raj Jain


UN is not working for citizens of member countries (ii)- With such anti-democracy mindset UN has become anti-humanity (iii)- Human rights in member countries should be priority for US President (iv)- For saving his already sullied legacy Obama should at-least ensure free entry of UNHRC Observers in member countries (v)- Otherwise USA not entitled to keep UN head office on its soil
Why anyone should be surprised if NHRC in India has become a white elephant (hence not bothered if 65 are killed ~ 7,000 injured including security forces ~ 150 eyes injured by pellet guns during on-going unrest in Kashmir which is under curfew for the last over 40 days) when the UNHRC has also become a white elephant which caters to the whims & high handedness of governments of its member countries without bothering about the human tights of the citizens of the member countries, though in any democracy its citizens are supposed to be the real sovereigns.
Earlier OP-1 of ICCPR was given as an excuse to not intervene in member countries even if human rights are grossly violated by the establishment of erring member States of UN (which is not a party to the protocol). Though instead of OP-1 the UN should have adopted Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR which is commensurate with democratization of the world (through Arab-spring etc which has failed mainly due to not enforcing human rights in NAME countries)
But now even UNHRC Observers are not allowed in erring countries (as if unrelenting gross violation of human rights is an internal matter of any country). Obviously the UN in its present form and LOCATION is unashamedly Statist & pro-establishment and does not care about the human rights of the people of the member countries of UN.
Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights of this biggest white elephant the UN Human Rights Council, UNHRC) thinks that expressing regret is enough (and resigning from such meaningless body as UNHRC is not needed) as he expressed on Wednesday that both India and Pakistan have denied access to their respective administered parts of Jammu and Kashmir (since then Pak has reportedly agreed to allow UNHRC Observers in Pak side of J&K) as mentioned at: .Of-course people will continue to be killed and injured in India side of Kashmir but Zeid Hussein will keep on drawing handsome salary and allowances from UN.
On other hand there is President Obama of USA (the so-called leader of free world) who has already sullied his legacy about human rights (i)- In Ukraine, the territorial integrity of which USA is under legal obligation to protect under Budapest Memorandum but did not do so and allowed Crimea to be snatched by Russia and which has triggered unrest and immense violation of human rights in Donbass region of Ukraine too (ii)- In NAME region where human rights violation has been taking place immensely after USA led West launched Arab-spring in this region and which has brought ISIS in existence (in Syria situation is worst where in a country of ~ 22 million ~ 0.5 million are killed, ~ 11 million are displaced including ~ 4.8 million in other countries and in refugee camps etc horrible stories of sexual exploitation of girls and women doing round in social media)
Though Obama is not bothered whether or not UNHRC Observers are allowed access to J&K on Indian sides of LOC (where human rights are being violated by State functionaries with impunity for decades including under AFSPA etc) but USA does not mind keeping head office of UN at its soil without bothering whether UN is relevant or not to the people of its member States. It is matter of shame that UN has been allowed by not only USA but by other 4 permanent members too (namely Russia, UK, France and China) to become such anti-democracy institution.
It is now becoming increasingly clear that UN needs a jolt which can come if head office of UN is removed from USA (as this land is no more human rights friendly). Rest of the world should understand that USA is now a spent force mainly because it has given-up ‘Americanism’ as was practiced by its founding fathers and which up-to recent past gave immense power and respect to USA (but no more). Though it will be too much to say that USA is the cause of all the problems in the world but certainly it is correct to say that USA is not the solution to any problem being faced by the present world.
Hence rest of the world should think seriously about shifting UN head office at a new place if they do not want frustration of their people (suffering human right violations immensely) to built-up at explosive level.
In such a situation Kashmiris at-least should immediately move Supreme Court of India (SCI) by making NHRC also a Respondent in order to (A)- Constrain Government of India (GOI) to immediately allow UNHRC Observers to go to Kashmir (B)- Ask GOI to ensure that to-be-prepared HR Status report of UNHRC about Kashmir is submitted to SCI too.

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