Spiritual Warfare - series 04; By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is great grief to share the burden and pain of Christ's heart about this dying world. How Christ - Spirit had been crucified daily by the politics, double minded - standard people who pleases themselves above His Holiest standard in their ignorance. It is so sad to see that there is no commitment and vision for Christ -nation among leadership. They are killing people in poverty and innocence by making them dead conscious for their plans and schemes to be rich and supreme. Christ said that you are light of world. But darkness had still prevailed over hearts and thoughts of people greatly. Why?
it is only reasons that Spiritual leaders had lost their honor in the eyes of people by presenting worldly minded ideologies than Christ mind teaching. It is so sad that they present superiority of denomination than Christ teaching (James 3: 14, Jude 1: 19). It is also Anti - Christ mentality to pollute the body of Christ by creating superiority and inferiority in the minds (Phil 2: 3, James 3: 16). But Christ is HE who humbly presented Himself for human' salvation and peace on the Cross even holding keys and authorities of heaven and earth. But who is superior and good in the eyes of God. Example written (Matthew 20: 8 - 16) "about laborer' wages" It is grace of Lord who can forgive us or not according to our deeds.
How much worst are those minds who want to rule over righteousness with flesh minds because of their greed. How worst are those minds that give and get favor for their greed for denominational causes (Jude 1: 18). These kinds of people had polluted the image of Christ - Church for their plans to play with innocents. I am so sorry to say that they have become unconsciously follower of Anti - Christ (1 John 4: 3) . There is darkness within mind of people who wants to be on high positions priest without commitment and vision but with greed and selfish desires to get their plans to be done. They had found easy way to spoil the body of Christ.
It is so sad to say that righteous are still without basic needs of life who works sincerely and purely according to His Holy words. But pretending leaders has abundance to pollute souls of innocent on the agenda of Anti - Christ. It is tragedy to explain that majority of people had been fed up from churches leadership because of their dead work and dead teaching. These leaders creates pleasures of heart, luxuries and doing fraud in name of Lord Jesus Christ for their greed after getting people' confidence ( Col 2: 4, 1- The 2: 10, James 1: 22) . They are not working for the Kingdom of Christ in the hearts of people but working for their own kingdoms in the hearts of people. They increase themselves but decrease Christ. oh My God.
They don't have commitment and vision for Christ's kingdom. Christ did not marry in his whole life even spent His whole life to serve the Father God for human's salvation and peace ( Luke 1: 29). Christ did allow marriage for one man and one women according to covenant. But now what we see among leadership - high priest's lives who have many wives but they called themselves as high and supreme even standing against His Holy Words ( John 13: 11). They are presenting different kind of picture of Lord Jesus Christ through their characters. It is totally against His Holy words. They did not encourage those passions and good hearts who had committed their lives for Christ's services ( 1 Cor 5: 7), Even it is too much hard to control their flesh emotion by following Lord on His Holiest standard in this materialistic world to sacrifice personal pleasure for the betterment of Humanity ( 2 Cor 7: 1), .
Anti - Christ is making this world worst for righteous in the church and out of church (2 John 1: 7). Worldly flesh minded has been attracted to churches for spreading their inward darkness. They are crucifying Lord Jesus Christ by doing their heart desires works. His Holy Words explain us that wickedness is on the highest places (Ephesian 6: 12).
if someone or channel are working for Christ- healing, blessing for grieved humanity with commitment and vision according to God's promises. On other side wicked forces come forward to pollute with materialistic mind to create doubts, flesh appeals and approaches in the minds of people against them to stop His Holiest work. Even It was happened in the foundation of the world, Satan had been against God's plan by creating doubts within first Adam and Eve (Genesis 3: 1)
How miserable thoughts of those who want to get their interests and benefits from Church' properties by selling (Isaiah 59:7, Mathew 15: 19, Phil 2: 19). It shows that how they are worsening in their heart and thoughts. It means that they have no regard for churches for their benefits, plans and schemes. They had focused on Churches to pollute (Rom 1: 21, 2-Cor 4:14). It also shows that untrained, worldly minded, denominational leaders are spreading darkness in the world without commitment. They have started polluting churches and innocents being shepherd.
It is too much hard to understand in these last days about what is right or wrong? ( 2 - Peter 3: 3, 1 John 4: 1) When church and leadership are on worldly flesh plans in the hands of worldly minded and even uneducated people who have no interest in divine education and regard for Christ and body of Christ (Church). There is only need of individual commitment of person with God, God knows hearts and mind of people. To seek always His presence and Will to do in Individual lives.
Lord Jesus Christ wants from everyone personal commitment, Jesus Christ said that don't do what leaders are doing (Matthew 23: 3).

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