Why Church is suffering in Pakistan? By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


Why Body of Christ - Church is in suffering, persecution so much? Why Church of Christ is led by Anti - Christ? Why Christianity is under-estimated? Why wickedness is on leadership over righteous leader? Why Christian condition is bitter and terrible? Why Christian could not fight good fight of faith but messed with worldly mentally, Why Christian spiritual growth had been stopped and materialistic thought increased? why they are those people who are leading without commitment, devotion and vision and mission in Christ? Why uneducated, unskilled and people had been kept as head over body of Christ? Why church is going to in the hands of apostate people for making harlot system? Why innocents are being killed or will be killed because of leadership?
Why Church is not under qualified leadership but addiction. It is all about agenda of Anti- Christ. There is too much need to pray on these questions. Why generations had been spoiled in the Dead Sea by the guidance of walking dead people' guidance who have no interest in Church work but worldly activities for NGOs? Why Church is for NGOs by NGOs even Church and NGOs both have different functions? Why political minister is more regarded in church than Eternal King of kings by church ministers? Why leadership lead people to politics than to Lord Jesus Christ?
My beloved in Christ, There is great lack of mismanagement and misguidance in the Church by leaders, why politic is being mixed and involved in the Church administration? Even though, Politic is only DIVIDE and RULE. Even Pakistan politic is selection system, politic leader are not for Communities but for their parties. Why leaders are giving most importance to politics than spiritual growth of Akklisa? Then who is playing and gambling with souls of Body of Christ - Church? Why Church leadership is dead conscious? Why Christian political leadership will consider when they have no rights to work for Christian communities? When people will leave denominational system for Lord Jesus Christ's peace and salvation in their heart? Why people try to please people than God? When people will accept Christ to be real Christian?
When Pakistani leadership will think about Pakistani Asylum seeker who is fed up from Pakistani Christian leadership of Politics and Church? Why Asylum seekers leave their own countries to find Asylum in other countries? When Church will wake up from deep down sleep? When Church's independence will be allowed to praise God by NGOs and Politics? When political Leadership, NGOS, religious leadership are going to be wake up? Why their personal motives are above than communities and persecuted sectors on the priorities? When denominational war will end up? Why political Leaders and NGOs are dividing families of churches for their personal and parties causes even they knew that they have no right to do justice with communities?
Why they are creating discrimination among denominations for their causes and making communities walking like dead people? why did they not have heart, mind and interest of Christ among communities? When revival will come in Pakistan among Christian leadership for betterment and prosperous Pakistan. Why they did not try to change system of Pakistan for minorities and majorities. Even Pakistan is under great loan and different kind of darkness?
Apostle Paul said that Is Christ divided? Why people did not read Whole Bible's Gospel with context of verses? There is great darkness and there is too much lack of knowledge to be positive to make Pakistan as prosperous. Is Christian leadership not working for sowing seed of righteousness and good among People? As God wants from all of us? Why soldiers are being killed for someone causes.
My Beloved in Christ, Let Church do his work. Let Politics do its works. let religious and spiritual leaders do their work positively for making policies, administration and management. Let selfish desires aside from Church's growth, let positive grow in hearts and minds than negativity. Let come forward qualified people who have burden for humanity. Jesus Christ becomes human for all human being.
Let allow Human spirit to work among humanity than denominational spirit, sectarian spirit. Let Private and personal belief aside from national causes? Don’t allow personal benefits of someone that increase love of money, greed, lust and selfishness. Let not grow gurgles, hate and discrimination among human. Let us pray what we cannot do and achieve for last 69 years. Pray over these points positively. At the moment, someone or party causes, denominational and sectarian causes are extremely causing to the terrible situation of Pakistan. Everyone will go paradise or Hell according to his acts and works not because of religion's sects, denomination or parties’ causes. Try to learn what is right.. to say Right ... what is wrong .... to say wrong for peace of Mind and peace of religion and peace of country.
It is very sad to share great grief in shape of these questions at once for peace of country and Glory of God's Kingdom on the earth as Lord had taught us to follow His Living Words.

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