Helpless Human: Nationalism Or Racialism - Series 38: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is a voice of helpless, crashed, broken heart, persecuted human and a common citizen of Pakistan written by Bishop Dr. Farhad S. Bhatti about Government of Pakistan. This helpless human is tortured by Government and religions institute for basic needs of life in every field. His crying and sighs of children and family is out of control because of brutal system of Government. For your more understanding.
Now i want to elaborate his story in my own words, I stand for "helpless human" who has nothing to defend his rights as human spiritually, morally and economically under control of brutal system of worldly gods. He says that Government has forcibly grabbed his everything, belonging and precious ones to use us for their plans, schemes and projects. When i question, how Government had grabbed every thing from you, He says that we have no rights to live independently in every field of life. Even Muslim's speeches are against Rulers on the YouTube in Schools, colleges and universities' debates. This is not Pakistan of founder of Pakistan but it has become a group of tugs.
Then i asked how our Christian religious institute' leaders had grabbed your rights. He told that Federal Minister Kamran Michael who said that he is human rights minister, he had been involved in Church property selling, what is human right for Christian in Pakistan, thousand over thousands of Christian had been seeking Asylum in other countries, Is this Human rights? Group of Bishops and Pastors had been attached with him who threaten fellow human and leaders for grabbing and terrorizing by Government? Is it human rights?
In the same way, other Christian ministers had been involved in Church property selling and they had made their pastor teams who are threatening in their areas and grabbing rights of fellow human by favor of National ministers even they block basic needs of life even medical treatment in Hospital because they did not belong to their parties sides or church denomination. Is it human rights of Government for Minorities common citizen among the tugs of Government? Are religion' leaders not criminal minded too along-with political leaders for power and greed.
Our Christian nation is suffering too much without basic needs of life and jobs. Who is taking care of them? Why it is? It is selection system, Government chose Ministers according to their requirement who meet their needs. That is why, these ministers has no zeal for their Christian nation and especially for human being because they are just enjoying their seat' luxuries. These ministers consider that all human are unwise, they are just wise in Pakistan. What they did and are doing for Christian Nations or humanity? They are just pupat in the hands of Government. Now where is the knowledge of Bible in these religious leaders who cannot stand for Christian rights?
How long this selection is going on, Nobody knows, there seem apparently that all are lost because these are lost religious leaders who think for themselves only but not for Christian nation. Most of them want to be minister without knowing that this is total collapse of Christian in Pakistan through this selection system where they have no right to raise voice for fellow human and Christian. It has been observed that provincial and Federal Government's ministers said that they are doing according to their parties advantages because they came in the Government with the selection system not elections. Is it not corruption with rights of Christian nations who are grabbing our precious beloved families and they are seeking Asylum in other countries and facing hardship of languages, financial and job problems.
Are It National rights for Christian under Government as human? Poorest Christian and righteous families' everything even churches are in the hands of these political leaders who are greedy for power and money but empty from the Spiritual insight to know about the future of Humanity and Christian Nation. What will be condition of human under system of Government? I am sorry to say that
How many churches and Christian colonies even living burning in Brick Kiln had been happened in this Government ruling? Is this human rights under these Christian ministers of Government? It is terrible mentality of Human in the Sub - Continent of Pakistan and India.
First of all, they did fight against Foreigner British to get them out from India. Now all Pakistani an Indian want to go to Abroad, they like to live there. It is tragedy of Christian leadership. Most of them got Asylum in foreign countries after Ministerial position in Government. Is it way of Christian Ministers to go abroad? First of all to loot Pakistani then seeks Asylum in other countries. Is it National Spirit?
There is most terrible situation of Government's rulers who want to live in other countries but they forcibly keep innocent Christian here to suffer. Even they backbit after Asylum seekers who had gone from Pakistan, they are criminal, Is it human rights? Nobody wants to live in corrupt system, if they are Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Sikh. Whole world's agencies know that Christian are persecuted in Pakistan, It has become underworld.
Then he asked me Bishop Sb, Tell me what you want to say about it. I told him to Pray for them. He stopped me that Prayer cannot change them because they had become greedy and selfish as Hitler. Only prayer can do nothing because 69 years had gone, situation of Pakistan increasingly has become terrible in every field of life, there is no department that is without corruption.
Then I again encouraged him, Be hopeful and trust in God positively. May God change their hearts and minds to bless fellow human on human basis, poorest and themselves also by remove their selfish-heart's plans.
May God change their heart to feel pain for humanity? May God change their heart to give freedom to the fellow human religions, sects and everyone to live their lives according to their Faiths? Otherwise as they get out Foreigners of British from sub - continent, now they will get out each other in seeking Asylum in other countries on the religious basis by discrimination of sects as Pakistani Christian are seeking Asylum in other countries after watching corrupt system of Government who voted for the existence of Pakistan.
Now Christian's History in Pakistan will weep for their Christian leader' mistakes that why they did vote? Let us pray for peace of Pakistan, Christmas, USA and whole World.
Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, the Most high God of Majesty, we come before your throne of Grace and mercy for Christian nation and Pakistan, USA and Whole world' peace on this Christmas. Bring peace in hearts of people. Change all selfish plans against humanity. You are Miracle doing God; Change all of them positively to be good human for each other above religious boundaries to prove as human being. Because human is a creation of Your Holy Hands. Remove all wicked spirits that create discrimination, greed, selfishness, lust in the hearts of human being to let down fellow human. I ask your mercy and grace for this Christmas to save all of us from evil temptation, wicked plans of corrupt leadership and provide all of us according to your riches and glory, we ask peace for whole world. May all Christian of world be safe and happy on this Christmas to be blessing for fellow human being? we ask with faith in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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