Muslims, the only hope for dysfunctional State and moribund society of Hindu India. By Hem Raj Jain


It is not the people but ideas rule (ii)- Indian Muslims unnecessarily identifying themselves with ‘Dalits’ (SC), ST, BC, OBC of Hinduism (iii)- Demoralized (due to reservation with demoralizing tag) Dalits (SC), ST, BC and OBC part of hierarchal & discriminatory caste system of Hinduism (iv)- Whereas Muslims part of egalitarian Islam and have ruled India for ~ 1,000 years (v)- India can easily solve most of its problems by recovering Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State Capital but dysfunctional Indian State will not do it, also because Delhi Police is thoroughly compromised organization (vi)- Muslims should launch political party based on secularism, socialism, democracy, federalism, rule of law and globalization (vii)- Such Muslim sponsored political party (MSPP) will perform splendidly in coming 2018 elections in 8 States and 2019 Parliamentary election.
The history of last 70 years of independent Hindu majority India is ample proof that Hinduism is simply incapable of transferring it into pro-democracy egalitarian, prosperous society. The hierarchal & discriminatory caste system of Hinduism has made Hindus a moribund society. The reservation policy with demoralizing tag [of Dalits (oppressed, the schedule castes SC), ST (Schedule Tribes) BC (Backward castes) and OBC (other backward castes) etc who are majority of Hindus] which is fatally harmful for a democracy has [notwithstanding what Government of India (GOI) boasts about India being world power) has rendered India a poor country where about half of India (mainly small and marginal farmers) is starving (extreme malnutrition) and every 30 minutes a farmer commits suicide in India as mentioned at .
Two facts are enough to prove the dysfunctional State and moribund society of Hindu India. First, the caste war around New Year in Koregaon-Bhima near Pune of Maharashtra is neither first nor the last of caste war in India. It got wide publicity only because Mumbai the financial capital of India was brought to standstill due call of ‘Bandh’ (strike) by one warring caste, the Dalits. Secondly, India can easily solve most of its problems by recovering Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State Capital but dysfunctional Indian State will not do it, also because Delhi Police is a thoroughly compromised organization which will not take action under criminal laws against derelict public servants under Section 177, 181, 199, 202, 217, 218 IPC read with Section 271 (1) (C ) 276 (C ) of The Income Tax Act and Section 13 (1) (d) 13 (2) of The Prevention of Corruption Act despite and .
Therefor now Muslims are the only hope for the betterment of India. But Indian Muslims (due to ill-conceived electoral and reservation considerations) are unnecessarily identifying themselves with demoralized Dalits (SC), ST, BC, OBC etc of Hinduism without realizing that (i)- Muslims are part of egalitarian Islam and have ruled India for ~ 1,000 years (in varying degrees from 8th to 18th century) and (ii)- Merely ~ 15 % of Muslim population in India does not matter because it is not the people but ideas which rule. Therefore Indian Muslims should immediately launch a Muslims sponsored political party (MSPP) based on secularism, socialism, democracy, federalism, rule-of-law and globalization as explained below:-
(1)- This MSPP should launch public meetings / demonstrations / protests at States capitals and District headquarters all over India because GOI is not recovering said State-capital of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion through Income Tax (the issue which was raised in Parliament also on May 16, 2016). During said India-wide demonstrations MSPP should ask GOI to clarify that why GOI did not recover black-money of said Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital from ~ 1 million tax-evaders and instead merely for 3 to 4 Trillion black-money (that too ultimately could not be realized) preferred to harass most of ~ 1.3 Billion people of India through de-monetization (in which majority of population especially the farmers, farm-labors and their children working in cities and even in other States too were the worst sufferers).
(2)- In the interest of rule-of-law and especially secularism, this MSPP should file following petitions in Supreme Court of India (SCI) about:-
(i)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of Observer of SCI (ii)- Query about retrieve of Muslim PoK (including militarily if necessary) in the interest of removal of AFSPA, SPA etc from J&K (through writ first in J&K High Court and then in SCI, if needed) (iii)- Prosecution against guilty found by Sri Krishna Commission about 1992-93 communal riots in Mumbai / Maharashtra (while rightly asking for deportation / action against Dawood Ibrahim etc, the guilty of serial blasts which were direct fallout of said riots) (iv)- Quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy which is giving reservation to also those castes of Hindus which once ruled in India. [There is nothing wrong in reservation especially to those who otherwise do not get proportional representation in government, but it should not be in the name of demoralizing tag (fatally harmful for democracy) of SC, ST, BC, OBC etc. Rather reservation should be given only in government service on merit (and not in education or elections) to any recognizable human group whichever demands it proportional to its percentage in population] (v)- Constitutional obligation regarding public debt under Article 292 & 293 and not under FRBM which is unconstitutionally promoting unethical unbridled usury (interest earning), also an anathema in Islam (vi)- Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots regarding responsibility of and punishment to executive magistrates and security & armed forces in stopping riots under sections 129, 130, 131 Cr.P.C.
(3)- (i)- In all advanced economies with large land-holdings the percentage of population in farming is between 1.5 to 5 % but in India population dependent on agriculture is much more that is about two third of India. Hence India should encourage cooperative farming (or even purchasing small agricultural lands by GOI from farmers) to facilitate large land-holdings which will also make possible to implement labor laws in agriculture sector and which will effectively ameliorate the condition of farm-labors too (in India mostly people talk about giving relief to farmers but nobody talks about farm-labors who are in similarly worst condition if not more except suicide).
(ii)- Such huge transfer of population from agriculture sector to manufacturing & service sectors is possible only when (as happened in advanced economies) the job opportunities are created in manufacturing & service sectors and that too in a manner that will especially benefit farmers. It will require huge expansion in housing sector so that farmers coming from villages can acquire accommodation (at nominal rent and without threat of vacating the house as long as they are paying rent) in urban and semi urban areas where most of the manufacturing & service sectors are and will be there. Socialism (for the benefit of the masses and not merely for so-called classes as is presently the case in India) means joint capitalism where like private-capital the State-capital will also be deployed PROFITABLY especially for the welfare of the people (In India the ministers of present and earlier governments who can’t run a government-business / factory profitably and always talk about dis-investment how can they aspire and claim to run the country).
(iii)- Moreover whosoever controls the institutions of health-care and education controls the society. In ‘Rajtantra’ (during rule of Kings and Emperors) health-care and education remains with Raj (State) if in ‘Prajatantra’ (democracy) health-care and education are not directly with the people then democracy has no meaning. Politicians (and even MSPP) should not pamper the people for the sake of votes rather people should be asked to take the responsibility of their health-care and education [especially after retirement people waste their time in meaningless gossips instead they can devote their free time (mostly on charity) for managing and running institutions of health-care and education].
(4)- Hence MSPP should demand from GOI that this Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion of State-capital should be PROFITABLY deployed in following five areas which will take care of roti (food), kapada (clothes), makan (housing), health-care and education of Indians (in addition to using this State-capital in freeing the farmers from agricultural loans):-
(i)- For opening outlets, godowns, cold-storages etc of Public-Distribution-System all over India which will also provide fair & remunerative prices to farmers
(ii)- In cloth etc manufacturing factories which will provide basic needs for under-garments, other clothes, bed-sheets, blankets, shoes etc of the people, at moderate price.
(iii)- For making residential and commercial buildings all over India which will be given on rent to be decided by ‘Statutory Rent Commission’
(iv)- In making health care for all (whether in organized or un-organized sectors) through modified ESI workable [In the management of modified ESI in addition to the representatives from government of India (GOI) the representatives of employees and of employers should also be there. Moreover there should be a body (majority nominated by employers with appealing right to statutory tribunal) which will look into the complaints against doctors of this ESI recommending unnecessary leaves to so-called sick employees].
(v)- On the basis of the experience of amended-ESI in second stage the education (at least up to Higher Secondary level) should also be given under direct control of the people.
(5)-Without democracy in political parties there cannot be true democracy in India. For this all the office bearers of MSPP should be elected by members of MSPP (active members can have 2 or more votes as compared to one vote to ordinary members in organizational elections of MSPP). For Federalism all the civil subjects (including natural resources) should be with States and only martial subjects like defense, foreign affairs, currency etc should be with Union of India.
(6)- Due to unprecedented advance (done mostly by Christian West) of about 500 years in modern science & technology especially in IT sector, the highly desirable Globalization is unavoidable. Whereas in addition to global currency without International-Political-Parties (IPPs registered at UN) the Globalization is impossible. Hence in the constitution of this MSPP the Globalization should also be its objective and for this following should be mentioned (i)- MSPP will work for and demand that in place of veto to 5 nations, in new UN the voting power should be given to all member countries commensurate with their contribution of men (especially martial), money and material (especially military) and the record about human rights of member countries (ii)- MSPP will work for and demand that Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that even citizens of member countries can move UN to protect their human rights (iii)- MSPP will work for and demand for global currency (with proper asset back-up with its Central Bank at United Nations and its branches in all the member countries of UN) and (iv)- MSPP as a program (without mentioning as objective in its constitution, will work for peaceful march to solve chronic and gory Israel-Palestine problem (also the cause of global Jihadi terrorism) as mentioned at of ~ 1 million volunteers (Muslims and non-Muslims men and women) from all across the world, which will be the precursor to moderate & secular IPPs
It is hoped that Indian Muslims for the betterment of India and in the interest of mankind through globalization will urgently launch such Muslims sponsored political party (MSPP) which is bound to perform splendidly in coming 2018 elections in 8 States (Karnataka, Rajasthan, M.P., Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland and Mizoram) and in 2019 Parliamentary election.

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