Christianity need not be deterred by what RSS said about only Hindus being answerable for India's well-being. By Hem Raj Jain


Indian Christianity should know that without constructing Ram-mandir, BJP will lose power which Hindutva-forces wouldn’t allow AT ANY COST
It is not a secret that from 2 MP in 1984 BJP (of Hindutva-forces) has come to rule at Center and in many States of India because it has been allowed (so far with impunity) to destroy rule-of-law so blatantly and brazenly in HINDU-MAJORITY India (by demolishing Babri-Masjid in 1992 in presence of observer of Supreme Court which is also criminal contempt for lowering authority of court). This hara-kiri by Hindus has been possible as Hindus are presently suffering from suicidal tendency where they do not realize that without-rule-of-law India will collapse politically (because India was made India of such vast territory and huge population under one central rule by Britishers mainly through rule-of-law with the help of major laws like CPC, CrPC, IPC, Evidence Act etc)
What is ailing India has been made amply clear by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in presence of former President of India Pranab Mukherjee on June, 7 at a RSS function when he said that being in majority Hindus are answerable for India’s well-being hence RSS is organizing Hindus. On the face of it this seems unquestionable because in any democracy the majority rules and Hindus are ~ 85 % of India. But in realty Bhagwat does not mean Hindus but medieval Hinduism where ~ 70 % are demoralized (due to reservation with demoralizing tag of SC, ST, BC, OBC) hence can’t take responsibility of India. And worst the RSS does not believe in rule-of-law which is evident from the destruction of Babri-Masjid by Hindutva forces despite Supreme Court.
Now when it is highly likely that SCI judgment in title suit will come in favor of Muslims the Sangh-parivar / Hindutva-forces instead of forgetting Ram-Mandir at disputed site will (for the purpose of constructing Ram-mandir) not mind even converting India from Secular State to ‘Theocratic-Hindu State’ [where PM Modi also will not matter in case he opposes (which is highly unlikely) such demise of secularism coupled with blood-bath (in this age of ISIS, renewed Al-Qaeda etc) in India].
Though religious leaders of Indian Christianity are known to pay only lip-service to human rights of even Indian Christians (what to talk of other Indians) there is no harm in hoping that Archbishop-Goa will take these matters seriously and will do the needful (before it is too late) as mentioned at:- OR
Having said all this, the religious leaders of Indian Christianity should be considered pro-human rights only if they publicly demand that Government of India should recover Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore from ~ 1 million tax-evaders through income tax which was discussed in Indian Parliament also in March 2016 (as mentioned at and and which will solve all the economic problems (biggest hurdle to human-rights) of poor, which is overwhelming majority of India [belonging to SC, ST, BC, OBC and minority about which RSS (the ideological-master of ruling BJP) is obviously unconcerned].

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