Mehbooba instead of justifying terrorists should know Hindus incapable of managing Muslims. By Hem Raj Jain


Regarding communal prejudices India has not moved an inch further than what it was during partition (ii)- Partition happened as Congress believed managing Hindu India would be easier than managing Hindu-Muslim India (iii)- ‘Instrument of Accession’ of Muslim majority J&K to India rendered meaningless by Hindu majority India (iv)- Without ruling Indo-Pak region through genuine secularism no solution for SAARC region (iv)- Mehbooba can do it if she goes global and derives strength from modern Islam and not from Muslims.
Deposed Chief Minister and PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti plunged India into verbal fire on Friday by saying that - “If BJP tries to break PDP then more of terrorists like Salahuddin and Yasin Malik will emerge” - as widely reported by media also at OR
Though this frustration of Mehbooba is understandable but it is unnecessary because Mehbooba instead of justifying terrorists should know that all the problems in Kashmir is due to the fact that ‘Hindus are incapable of managing Muslims’. Hence Mehbooba should try to solve gory & chronic Kashmir problem by ruling India (rather SAARC region) by going global and by deriving strength from modern Islam and not from Muslims as mentioned below: -
(1)- The Hindus are incapable of managing Muslims, which is evident from the fact that the partition of India happened in 1947 because as per Congress leader Maulana Azad, Patel convinced Mahatma Gandhi (who used to say “India will be partitioned on my dead body”) that managing Hindu India would be easier than managing Hindu-Muslim India. Regarding communal prejudices India has not moved an inch further than what it was during partition as is evident also from demolition of Babri –Masjid in 1992 and the shape Indian politics has taken since then (which has seen rise in power of Hindutva forces / BJP at centre and in majority of States of India and post Babri-Masjid-demolition communal riots including 2002 Gujarat, where thousands of innocent Muslims were killed).
(2)- The Muslims in India are discriminated against and suppressed as is evident from :- (i)- In the name of oppressed castes the reservation is given to even those castes of Hindus (various so-called backward castes) which once ruled in India (ii)- Laws in favor of Hindus were framed against cow-slaughter & beef-eating which are presently being used to harass and even kill Muslims (iii)- Indian military (instead of taking-on Pak military for retrieve of Muslim PoK) is training its guns at Kashmiri Muslim civilians under the protection of AFSPA, SPA etc (iv)- To top it all destruction of Babri-Masjid in presence of Observer of SCI (v)- Guilty Muslims were rightly prosecuted and punished but Hindus (mentioned in Sri Krishna report on post Babri-Masjid-demolition riots) were not prosecuted (vi)- No executive magistrate and officer of armed forces was prosecuted for not stopping riots (against Muslims including in 2002 Gujarat) despite sections 129, 130, 131 of CrPC.
(3)- The victory of Muslims in SCI in Babri-Masjid case will finish BJP politically and BJP will, sooner than later, lose power at centre and in all the States of India wherever it is presently in power. Obviously Hindutva forces / BJP will not allow it AT-ANY-COST and will:- (i)- Press ‘Sangh Parivar’ to trigger civil war, an euphemism for the massacre of Muslims by Hindus. Major part of Hindus (who in popular perception suffered atrocities by Muslims invaders and rulers against Hindus for ~ 1,000 years from 8th to 18th century) would like to see Muslims crushed by ‘Sangh Parivar’(ii)- Try to build Ram Temple through legislation which will be struck-down by SCI because it will be against the basic secular structure of the Constitution. In that case BJP will have no other choice than to convert secular India into theocratic State (the ‘Hindu Rashtra’).
(4)- Here it is pertinent to mention that Hindus have been saying that because Lord Ram was born at disputed site hence the disputed site should be given to Hindus for making Ram-Temple. The Muslims effectively countered this claim by saying that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya but not at disputed site because Goswami Tulsidas (1532-1623) did not mention so in Ramayana (Ram-Charit-Manas, through which majority of Hindus know Lord Rama) which was written after Babri-Masjid was constructed in 1527.
(5)- But Hindutva forces (Sangh-Parivar, which ruling party BJP is a part of) have succeeded, by relentless propaganda for the last 3 decades, in making most of the Hindus to believe (a faith) that Lord Rama was born at disputed site and in case SCI gives disputed site to Muslims (which is highly likely as mentioned ) then Sangh-Parivar will face no difficulty in rousing majority of Hindus against Muslims which will trigger across India the massacre of innocent Muslims at a scale which will pale even Gujarat 2002 (which happened under watch of present PM Modi the then CM of Gujarat) into insignificance].
(6)- Even ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) of J&K to India has been rendered meaningless by India because there were two salient features of this IoA :-
(i)- It was signed mainly for protecting territorial integrity of J&K (in the face of Pak invasion) which India has not protected as about half of J&K is with Pakistan (directly in PoK and given to China by Pakistan) and Hindu India has not retrieved Muslim PoK in 70 years (on the contrary Pakistan tried to take rest of J&K even militarily in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 during Kargil and through still-on-going proxy war).
(ii)- IoA has been flaunted by India as a proof of secular credentials of India because Muslim majority J&K acceded to Hindu majority India. But flag-bearer of this Indian secularism Sheikh Abdullah (then Prime Minister of J&K) was put in jail in 1953 and he was even exiled and had to spend about 13 years in Indian jails. Even now Kashmir is communally disturbed (more so after killing of Burhan Wani in July 2016) where (despite claims of India that only handful of Kashmiris are involved in terrorist activities) hundreds of thousands of Security forces under protection of AFSPA and SPA (instead of taking-on Pak military for retrieving Muslim PoK) are training their guns at Muslim Kashmiri civilians and fair & peaceful elections have become difficult to be conducted in Kashmir.
(7)- Without unification of J&K there is no Kashmir solution. Any attempt by India for retrieve of PoK militarily will now result in unification of India and Pakistan or even realization of SAARC (as both India and Pakistan are nuclear countries and world community will not allow them to engage in all-out military conflict). Without ruling Indo-Pak region through genuine secularism there is no solution for SAARC region. Fortunately Mehbooba can do it if she goes global and derives strength from modern Islam and not from Muslims. OR
(8)- Mehbooba can do it because (i)- She has been Chief Minister of only Muslim majority State of India, the J&K (ii)- She can win support of dwindling secular forces in India especially of ‘English educated urban middle class’ and in the process can make secularism a powerful force in India (iii)- Being a women she can practice modern and progressive Islam better than males in Islam (who do not mind continuing with traditional male-dominated society which buttresses medieval mindset)
It is hoped that Mehbooba Mufti will come out of present dangerous (by justifying Kashmiri terrorists Salahuddin , Yasin Malik etc) and defeatist mindset and instead will lead India into a global responsible power by transforming PDP into a national political party which will be in consonance with basic human-rights-friendly egalitarian principles of modern Islam.

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