USA should ensure Kashmir (valley + PoJK) does not become another Bangladesh. By Hem Raj Jain


Notwithstanding political turmoil in jingoist India [as mentioned at  created by Government of India (GOI) by introducing a bill in Parliament on Monday about Article 370, 35-A etc related to J&K] it is nothing more than storm in tea cup because it is politically & legally meaningless as what is relevant is plebiscite in unified J&K as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ as mentioned in my below given PCP article 3395 and links in it ).

Neither Kashmiris nor most of rest of Indians understand that the only purpose of Article 370, 35-A is to ensure outsiders-free J&K to facilitate plebiscite which has not taken place so far because LEFT TO THEM Hindus and Muslims don’t want to live together [Muslims forced out Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir and Hindus cleverly accepted demand of Muslims to partition India on religious basis in 1947 and India didn’t retrieve PoJK in 70 years because it is Muslim majority unlike Goa which is Hindu majority].

After introduction of said Bill in Parliament about Article 370, 35-A etc a Member of Parliament was shown on TV channel saying that GOI has paved the way for converting Kashmir into another Palestine. One Kashmiri panelist on a TV debate said that the way mainstream politicians of Kashmir are being suppressed and have not been taken in confidence regarding this process of GOI (about Article 370, 35-A etc) it has created a situation where in the face of heavy deployment of Indian security forces in Kashmir the international Jihadi militants & terrorists (like Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc) may be welcomed in Kashmir by Kashmiris.

The international Jihadi militants & terrorists (like Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc) are already mobilized in South Asia as is evident from Easter-day terrorist attack by them in Sri Lanka in April 2019 in which 259 were killed and over 500 injured. Hence the apprehension of this Kashmiri is not baseless. If international Jihadi militants & terrorists get foot-hold in Kashmir this will be problem not only for entire Indian sub-continent but to neighboring China also which is already struggling with unrest by Muslims in its province Xinjiang.

Pakistan is itching to take revenge of its dismemberment in 1971 (when India militarily broke Pakistan by making Bangladesh a free country). Therefore one should not be surprised if Hindu majority India continues to suppress Muslim Kashmiris then Kashmir (Muslim Kashmir valley + Muslim PoJK)  can declare independence and China, Pakistan and most of the Muslim countries may recognize it as independent country and then it will be impossible for India to stop this dismemberment.

[USA will also be not of much help to India in it because USA will not support renewed violation by India of human rights of Kashmiris which has been mentioned in recent report of UN-OHCHR and as Trump also said during July, 22 Meeting with Imran about suffering & lack of peace in Kashmir. At the top of it everybody was asking why so much hurry before August, 15 for cancelling Amaranath Yatra etc in J&K about which explanation was given in the prominent and leading national English Daily ‘The Times of India’ (TOI) of August 6 which reported on its front page in bold letters that –“The fast changing geostrategic dynamic in Afghanistan, with Pakistan seeking to capitalize on US President Trump’s plan to take his troops out and his offer to mediate on Kashmir, influenced the timing” of said Monday bill in Parliament on Monday. If this explanation (denied by GOI) reported in TOI is true then what to talk of help from USA rather India should expect angry response from Trump for India trying to sabotage the ‘Afghan pull-out plan’ of Trump which has potential of increasing electoral prospect of Trump during coming US Presidential election]

In 1971 USA watched its ally Pakistan inflicting gross human rights violation in Bangladesh which resulted in creation of Bangladesh. It is hoped that this time USA will not watch passively its strategic ally India violating human rights of Kashmiris (though at much lesser scale than what Pakistan did in Bangladesh in 1971) which otherwise will pave the way (as happened about Bangladesh in 1971) for creation of independent country of Kashmir.

The USA also has motivation to ensure that Kashmir does not become another Bangladesh (which can be ensured through USASEA as mentioned at  or )

In  this age of unprecedented advance in modern science & technology of last 500 years (especially in IT sector) the globalization is inevitable. Other countries are not coming forward to manage the global political order and the USA of late has not been up-to the mark in this matter hence the USA also needs USASEA (USA + SAARC + SEA) as vice versa.

In a nutshell the USA should ensure that Kashmir (valley + PoJK) does not become another Bangladesh (an independent country) because it will usher secular India into communal, fissiparous & medieval ‘Hindu Rashtra’ which will be harmful not only for the peace and stability of this region but also for global political order, hence the USA should work for plebiscite in unified J&K in order to realize USASEA (through Afghan & Kashmir solution), as mentioned above.

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