Religion And Non-Religion: A Topic From The Book “Religious Liberty, Freedom, Power And The Role Of The West”, Written By Sardar Mushtaq Gill


Religion is the creation of Man and Man is the creation of The Lord God. Its creation is not only to achieve the goal to get place in heaven but also it is designed for a good walk for the man in this world. The Bible says, the Lord God created Man and gave him some rules for his relationship with the Lord God. In this world we have names for everything and we have learnt it is the man who gave names to everything which we see, feel and smell. It is the man who has distinguished the things what he will eat and what he will not eat. We have vegetarian and non-vegetarian and between them there is mid-way who both are, they are called omnivore. There are meatatarian. The Lord God said by Prophet Moses to the man which animal he will eat and which he will not eat. Here is a line between eatable animal and non-eatable animal. The Lord God said by Apostle Paul for the man, every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving. Here is the midway for the man to eat every creature. Respectively, they are followers of Prophet Moses and Jesus Christ.

The Lord God created Man and there are races, castes, tribes and clans. It is not disagreeable, it is acceptable because they are all for man’s identity. There are people from different races, castes, tribes, clans and nations. When they accept the man’s established teachings, they form a large group which is called Religion. The world is variable in its mien. It is a reality. There are different weathers, atmospheres, lands and natures. There is hot and cold. There is spring and rain. There is sea and Island. There are likings and dislikings. There are different attires and ways to wear them. There are different languages and accents. In the same way, there are many religions and faiths in the world. It should not be objectionable and unacceptable if someone has aspiration to form a new teaching for the world to form a new religion. We have no right to demur them but we have to give it a space.

A devotee of a religion ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of where Jesus Christ died and was buried. He touched the tomb of Christ, kissed the Stone of Unction and prayed in front of the red-stained rock, believed to be stained with the blood of Christ. A devotee of religion ended to Makka and kissed the Black Stone, a rock set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba, Islamic tradition records that it received from Muhammad.

There is a religion offers devotion to snakes, cow, dog, crow, elephants, birds, mouse, and various plants. There is a religion offers sacrifices of some animals as their religious obligations. There is a religion says ‘stop worrying and don't start again’, worry won't add any value to your life. Instead, trust the Lord God. He is your defender, shield, high tower, rock, and healer. The Lord God is good all the time. He has gone before you to prepare the way.

There are three religions Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, they are the main religions of east share same major philosophy that is to seek for ultimate truth within itself, by practicing meditation and yoga. But Hinduism claims that they are more realistic than other two, they say no all human being will seek for enlightenment at once and they have to live their life. Hence for them Hinduism teaches way of life, philosophy and science which are in harmony with nature. They say that to teach the way of life lesson is addressing nature and complex human psychology, that's why there are things like Kamasutra, Tantra and epic and puranas which have varying human characters jealous, covetous, malicious, loving, intelligent, arrogant, insightful, perceptive, perspicacious, penetrating, discerning, ingenious, inventive; knowledgeable, etc. All representing human behavior and delivering life’s lessons to human being. Those

characters are delivering deep metaphorical meaning. Hinduism teaches to practice yoga and meditation and make your body and mind. They claim they believe guest is God for them.

All religions must be given the right to forsake or change religion without any kind of restriction, hostility and condemnation and to practice whatever they believe; and their right to practice of religion should be defended. Every religion claims of being the most peaceful religion of the world but the way of life its followers is the proof of its peaceful nature since its creation. Religious assaults are weapons. They are designed to kill people and some religions use them. There is no reason they should exist on the streets of a civil society. Religion has no right to be practiced and implemented in a way which could be destructive in its essence for others. It is not acceptable if religion promote hatred, discrimination, intolerance and bigotry in its interaction with other religions in any way. It should be forced to mend its teachings of those teachings are contrary to the norms of the present world which origins are of promote, create and increase terrorism to terrorize society. If one’s religion teaches one to hate man and its preaching is the inciting for killing of human being, then he must in need of a new religion. Religion must say, whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Religion must command love each other as the creator have loved you.

Some religions are uncertain and confused about their worldly life and life in heaven after death. Religion must give assurance of heavenly life to its believers without practicing any kind of violence and terrorism; and that would be the proof of its peaceful nature. Then people from any nation or faith wish to live and reside among that religion because they are peace promoters, loving persons and give respect to human beings of any faith, creed and nation. What do you think, a people have to learn how to respect other religious people while forcing others to respect them when it comes to their religious affiliation. It is ones' bad luck that one comes from this community where the religious law is your end and the apostasy and blasphemy laws are not only promote religious intolerance and hatred, discrimination and violence but also in the next step they generate religious terrorism and terrorists.

Persecutors use religion to persecute other faiths and to oppress them for their ulterior motives. It is called a religion card which is being used by a hostile people of the world. Every person must say, one doesn’t care about your religion. Show one your humanity. It endorses love, respect, and harmony among all human beings. Religion must say, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” If a man who is seeking to understand, why violence in the name of religion, he needs to ask, is radicalizing or mind control experiments has been unleashed on the population. If so what, how and who is doing this unleashing. He must know how to stop it.

Non-religion is a consortium of those persons who are not preferred to be included in any specific religion. It is a conception of the Man. The members of non-religion are from every religion, nation, tribe and clan. In other words, these are those people who are not ready to belong to any specific religion and keep themselves under provisions of religion. Most of the people from non-religion do not believe in religion and its doctrine. Its mean they have no religion. There are a large number of population of the world who are in one moment in the list of religion and in the next moment in the list of non-religion. Momental change is not physical it’s a mental change.

Some people prefer to be identified as a humanist to avoid to be recognized as a religious, where there that religion is consider not at advantage. Humanist could be a religious and a non-religion. It’s doesn’t mean that a non-religion is only could be a humanist. Some people claim they are non-religion to hide their identity with a specific religion due to personal disliking. There are some people who are religious in one place and non-religion at another place.

Some people say they are secular and they promote secularism. There are people who think to be secularist means non-religion which is not right. The secularism is related to an activity not related to life. Ones can be secularist at one time and at another time may be a religious. A secularist is not only from a non-religion but also from a religion.

This is a human nature that the man tries to find the way to spend life at a safe zone. If we all consider religion, non-religion, and secularism including other atheism are all safe zones for human being and let it be free for everyman to be in the zone where one feels safe oneself and be not hostility for others, then the purpose of our struggle for the peace of human being can be fulfilled.

Non-religion is a safe zone for those religious persons who are not willing to be recognized as a religion for their inwards happiness or for approaching to seek another agenda of their life which they think could not be possible with the affiliation of a religion.

Religion and non-religion are not enemies of each other, they have to adjust themselves at the position where they could be in the support of each other. If for religion there is no issue for non-religion and their peaceful activities of life, in the same way non-religion would not create panic for religion and its activities on basis of their personal liking and disliking.

Religion nowhere will not say they have hurt to see the physical things related to non-religion, and non-religion will not say that they are hurt to see the physical things related to religion. There are people from religion and non-religion who could be peace promoters and peace destroyers, jealous and proud, love promoters and hatred spreaders, persecuted and persecutors.

When one calls oneself religion or non-religion, an atheist or a secular, a European or an American, an Asian or an Arab, political or non-political or anything else. It is reality of mankind and beauty of human being. When we separate ourselves by belief and faith, by nationality and language, by tribe and tradition, it beautifies the world. The relation of man to man is love and its enemy is hate. Hate promotes violence and violence separate mankind.

There are streets and homes, villages and cities, provinces and countries, trees and plants, animals and birds. We have buildings and apartments, shopping malls and shops. We have schools and colleges, universities and institutions. We have laws and rules, provisions and regulations. We have parks and gardens, rivers and canals. We have governments and powers. We are weak and powerful. These are divisions which beautifies our universe and mankind. We have accepted all these things for our common betterment.

People are sitting on lands full of gold, diamond, oil, manganese and uranium, and richest for agriculture what is its benefit if still people don’t have food. People stay in power and they don’t hesitate to buy weapons from strangers to kill human being and they have not built the necessary infrastructure for the people. People’s social projects are for to stay in power for life, wealth and fame. If they despise and shoot human being like game, who they are, they are religion or non-religion there is no difference.

In modern days, India is following Islam and making anti-conversion laws that have been used to harass and marginalize religious minorities in India in many states, a national bill would be a boon to intolerance and extremists. In the same way, Islam did and still is doing with the help of apostasy law and blasphemy laws. It has to be stopped at any cost because it is a direct attack on religious liberty and freedom.

A Region should not become a place where a specific religion with its harmful and destructive practices seeks to put its minorities in a subordinate place and claims the region for only that specific religion. The history of oppression started before religion and humans chopped off each other. Religious practice must be stopped wherever it is involved to chopping off people in religion name. This is not a violation of religious right rather it’s a matter of security of human beings.

If you are a religion then 90% of your daily life’s expressions are the direct effects of that religion's teachings, practices, values and faiths. And if you are non-religion then 90% of your daily life’s expressions are the direct effects of that religion’s teachings, practices, values and faiths from which you come into non-religion or you are brought up in religion who are in majority. Finally only 10% is the factor of the life of a man which makes a division between religion and non-religion. In reality the whole world is a religious world. There are some who work only for physical health, there are some who work for only spiritual health and there are some who are working for both. They have to tolerate each other and their work should be for a peaceful society.

There were some friends who were from different faiths. They started to argue about religion and non-religion and ended it on politics and terrorism. One said he believed religion is the root cause of all disturbance in this world. The second spoke no they are people who do not follow religion. The third stood and spoke them by advising the both be calm and why are you arguing for religion. All religions are peaceful and the trouble maker has no religion. The fourth asked then who terrorists are. The fifth one replied the terrorist has no religion. The earlier one again questioned what you mean, then non-religions are terrorists. They all were become silent for a while. One of them said no, its politics. The other one explained actually religion and politics are not separate. One said religion and politics are separate. Finally they all were not agreed with one another.

The world is a stage where people are its characters, who have different roles to play. These roles are being played by faiths, ideas, and explanations which give a shape to the world to live in. Every Character of the globe has wish to have a peaceful and harmonious life. But there are some hostile Characters who are promoting a thinking which is the cause of disorder for humanity and it should be deterred either it is a religion or non-religion.

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