Masood, Haider & Ors. from AJK instead of giving lip service for Kashmiris should take-up peace-march to Srinagar. By Hem Raj Jain


People of AJK & Gilgit-Baltistan should understand that Kashmiris are their fellow-countrymen & women; By displaying (Curfew Counter which is presently showing more than 34 days, ‘Lift Curfew in Kashmir’, ‘Stop Genocide’ etc) on the website of the Government of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir, - the President Sardar Masood Khan and the AJK Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan and their colleagues erroneously think that they are doing enough to bring relief to Kashmiris who are locked-down since August 5, 2019. But the unfortunate fact is that they are merely paying lip service (by doing so and by going in foreign countries for so-called gathering support for the cause of Kashmir and beleaguered Kashmiris). This is evident from the fact that despite these government & State functionaries, leaders of various fields and people of AJK the Kashmiris in the valley are still suffering due to such prolonged lock-down.

If these worthies of Azad Jammu & Kashmir [the AJK, called as Pak occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) in India] are really interested in bringing succor & relief to these beleaguered Kashmiris then they should immediately do the following:-

(1)- First of all AJK should understand that the governments and people of India and Pakistan are of ‘Hinsak Pravatti (violent predilections) hence instead of preferring legally expected, just and peaceful solution to Kashmir problem through plebiscite [as mandated by Instrument of accession (IoA) as mentioned at  and also by UN resolution 1948] they have fought many full-fledged and minor & proxy wars for Kashmir during last 70 years at the cost of many lives and huge bloodshed and has caused immense sufferings.

(2)- The AJK should further understand that ultimately the solution to chronic & gory Kashmir problem will be achieved through Plebiscite only because both India & Pakistan are nuclear countries hence war between them will simply not be allowed by powerful international community and especially by USA, the leader of free world (which has been managing global political order since World War II where despite its many failings & short-comings it has been able to prevent World War III).

(3)- Therefore whatever delusions (as per Pak media debates) Pakistan may be having about converting J&K into another Bangladesh - [where Pakistan will create another version of ‘Mukti Vahini’ in Kashmir and then will send its military in Kashmir for its ‘liberation’ (in view of gross human rights violation in Kashmir) as India did in Bangladesh in 1971 and which is the reason Pakistan is not doing anything effective & worth the name for getting human rights of Kashmiris restored rather Pakistan wants further human rights violation of Kashmiris by Government of India (GoI) so that Pakistan can exploit it for Converting J&K into another Bangladesh]-  it is not going to happen between nuclear India and nuclear Pakistan.

(4)- The AJK should understand that the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written because of not only Indo-Pak disputes but also due to India’s problem with Bangladesh on account of huge number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in India. Hence the entire united J&K can also get freedom under Secular-Democratic-Federation of SAARC where United J&K can also be another member State like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan Nepal etc.

(5)- Therefore without wasting further time the Government & State functionaries, leaders of various fields and people of AJK under the leadership of Masood & Haider should take-up peace-march from Muzaffarabad (capital of AJK) to Srinagar (capital of J&K) in order to constrain GoI for immediately lifting lock-down of Kashmir and for restoring human rights of Kashmiris. Even the human-rights-friendly people from India, Pakistan and other countries can be invited to join this peace-march.

(6)- In any country at-least one third people (both men and women) can always be spared for such non-violent peace-march which is about the matter of life & death for the people of united J&K. The population of PoJK (AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan) is about 6 million hence in this peace-march minimum 2 million people should be there. These 2 million people should be prepared to offer arrest before GoI while marching towards Srinagar in Indian side of J&K.

It is hoped that the Government & State functionaries, leaders of various fields and people of AJK (and of Gilgit-Baltistan) under the leadership of Masood & Haider, instead of giving lip service for the beleaguered Kashmiris will take-up non-violent peace-march of at-least 2 million people from Muzaffarabad to Srinagar in order to bring immediate relief to the unnecessarily harassed & beleaguered fellow countrymen & women (the Kashmiris) who are under lock-down by Government of India since August 5, 2019.

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