Trump should persuade Modi to wrest initiative at UNGA about plebiscite for peaceful Kashmir solution & fighting terrorism. By Hem Raj Jain


This refers to speech of Pakistan PM Imran Khan at a rally at Muzaffarabad on September 13, 2019 ( where he has threatened to engulf Indian subcontinent in Jihadi-terrorism while cleverly and cunningly (but unsuccessfully) portraying Pakistan as a ‘peace-loving-country’ which  wants (which is not true) peaceful Kashmir solution through plebiscite.

It is not only UNSC resolution 1948 which talked about plebiscite in united J&K to ascertain the will of these people, rather it is already given in ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA, the basis of this UNSC Resolution) and which could not be carried out because India (under PM Nehru, the follower of Mahatma Gandhi, the votary of non-violence) did not want to use military force to get ‘Pakistan Occupied J&K (PoJK) cleared of outsiders, the Pakistanis. Hence India went to UN for getting PoJK outsiders-free, peacefully for carrying-out plebiscite. But Pakistan refused to vacate PoJK for facilitating plebiscite as mandated by UN Resolution 1948 hence plebiscite could not be carried-out by UNSC / India.

If Imran really wants plebiscite in united J&K then he should have said at this Muzaffarabad rally that ‘Pakistan is prepared to vacate PoJK for facilitating plebiscite as mandated by UN Resolution 1948’.  Instead Imran threatened to unleash terrorism by Jihadi-terrorists in India by instigating the Muslims of J&K & PoJK, Pakistan, 200 million Indian Muslims and ~ 1.25 billion Muslims all over the world.

Imran is also not interested in getting human rights of Kashmiris restored [which are being denied by Government of India (GoI) by lockdown of Kashmiris since August 5, 2019]. At this rally-speech Imran did not allow the people of PoJK (as demanded by AJK PM Haider Khan) to carry-out non-violent peace-march to Srinagar (as explained at ) . Rather Imran asked the people of PoJK to wait (till he comes back after September, 27 from the United Nations General Assembly, the UNGA meeting / speech) for another fortnight (which means suffering for Kashmiris for another fortnight) for a permission from him to take-up this non-violent peace-march.

In such an explosive situation where Imran is bent upon inflicting Jihadi-terrorism on India [which is bound to provoke response from India (as instigated by Imran time and again and during said Muzaffarabad rally too) and which may even bring Indo-Pak region on the brink of nuclear war] the leader of free world (responsible for managing global political order since World War II), the USA (on who’s soil UN is situated) should immediately take pre-emptive measures to avoid this catastrophe by persuading India to demand (through speech of PM Modi at UNGA on September 27, 2019) for plebiscite in united J&K as mandated by UNSC Resolution 1948, as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost Prez Trump should tell PM Modi that  as per IoA  (as mentioned at  ) united J&K is not like any other State of India and is not an integral part of India and it is the responsibility of India to get plebiscite carried out in united J&K by getting PoJK outsiders-free  for ascertaining the will of the people whether they want to go to India or to Pakistan or become independent.

(2)- Trump should also tell Modi that what to talk of non-Muslims of United-J&K even the Muslims of United-J&K will overwhelmingly vote for secular India than medieval theocratic Pakistan, during this plebiscite if and only if:-

(i)- Modi restores secularism in India by ensuring that the following five writ petitions are filed in  Supreme Court of India (or otherwise) as mentioned at

(ii)- India facilitates welfare-State by spending Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore  / Trillion (for solving economic problems of economically humble Indians, the overwhelming majority of India) which should be recovered from Income tax from ~ 1 million tax evaders as mentioned at   and as expected also by ‘United Nations Convention Against Corruption’ (UNCAC) of which India too is a signatory.

(3)- The UNSC is not expected to put any hurdle (through veto by some UN permanent member) in enforcing UNSC Resolution 1948 for plebiscite. In case such unfortunate hurdle is feared to emerge then Trump (before his UNGA speech on September 25, 2019) should publicly issue a statement that the USA will help its strategic partner India (in every possible way including militarily) for carrying-out plebiscite in United-J&K as mandated by IoA which was signed by ex-Ruler of J&K with India in 1947. First by getting PoJK outsiders- free (J&K is already outsiders-free due to Article 370 and 35-A of the Constitution of India which were in place till August 5, 2019 and which are expected to be restored through judicial intervention by SCI) from Pakistanis, Chines, etc and even from Afghans (who may later on come with India through initial phase of realizing the SAARC where Afghanistan can also be a member State of Secular-Democratic-Federal SAARC).

[Here it is pertinent to add that dispute of India with Pakistan is political unlike dispute with China which is legal and which can easily be resolved by referring it to 'UN Judicial Commission' which China, being permanent member of UN, can't refuse because otherwise India can legitimately ask UN to forfeit its permanent membership)

It is hoped that Prez Trump will persuade Modi to wrest initiative at UNGA about demanding (before Pakistan) the plebiscite as per UNSC Resolution 1948  in United-J&K for peaceful Kashmir solution & also for fighting Jihadi-terrorism as a part of ‘UN sponsored global war against terrorism’

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