Maulana’s seemingly right accusation against Imran about Kashmir with Reham’s revelation, threatens peace of sub-continent: By Hem Raj Jain


Terming the Imran Khan government as incompetent, a major right-wing religious party in Pakistan, Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), announced on Thursday that it will begin its 'Azadi March' on October 27 to oust the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan as reported also at . Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman the President of JUI-F (along with other opposition parties) have also been accusing Imran of sellout of Kashmir (‘Kashmir ka Sauda’) as reported also at

Though in this ‘Azadi March’ other opposition parties are showing reservation to participate in 'Dharna' (sit-in) and are showing support merely to 'Jalsa' (public meetings) but Maulana has said that he will carry-out Dharna. Normally any agitation to oust an elected government forcefully by Dharna (as happened in Ukraine also in 2014 which culminated in militarily snatching of Crimea by Russia) is anti-democratic. Because in principle, if people naively & irresponsibly have elected an incompetent government then as a punishment let them suffer for few years and then during next election people can elect good government. But it applies to only civil matters (of economy etc). On the other hand if government is accused of major bungling or anti-national activity in military matters (which includes territory like territory of united J&K for which Pakistan has fought many wars) then opposition has every political right to demand immediate resignation of the incumbent government especially in such a scenario where further continuation of the incumbent government can further harm the vital national (martial) interests.

Maulana and other opposition parties are accusing Imran Government that it has sold Kashmir to India under pressure of USA (with the complicity of Israel) because they are saying that :-

(1)- Imran supported Modi’s candidature during 2019 Loksabha election in India by saying that if Modi again becomes PM the Kashmir problem will be resolved.

(2)- Modi Government could dare to ‘annex’ J&K on August 5, 2019 (when Article 370 was amended, Article 35-A of Indian Constitution was repealed and J&K was bifurcated into two Union Territories) only because Imran is PM.

(3)- Modi ‘annexed’ J&K after visit of Imran to USA when Imran declared after returning from USA that he has achieved about Kashmir which is like winning a world-cup.

(4)- It is impossible for Modi to ‘annex’ J&K without prior knowledge (rather permission) of President Trump. This implies that Imran was taken in confidence by Trump during their meeting on July, 22 about this to-be ‘annexation’ of J&K on August 5, 2019.

(5)-The way Imran government (including its Foreign Ministry) has so far handled the human rights issue of Kashmiris (who are locked-down since August 5, 2019) and Kashmir issue:-

(i)- In UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting of August 17, 2019 (which was meaningless as Pakistan failed to get a proper meeting and resolution)

(ii)- In UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on September 19, 2019 (where Pakistan failed to get even 16 signatures of Muslim Countries for proper discussion & resolution)

(iii)- In UN General Assembly (UNGA) where despite his 50 minutes long speech on September, 27 Imran failed to give an ultimatum (of time bound period) for restoring the human rights of Kashmiris.

(iv)- At UNGA Imran failed to tell UN that Pakistan is prepared to vacate AJK & Gilgit-Baltistan and make it outsiders-free (and UNSC should ask India too to do the same in J&K) in order to immediately carrying-out plebiscite in United-J&K as per UNSC Resolution 1948

(v)- After coming from UNGA Imran has failed (though he promised before going to UNGA) to give permission to the people of  AJK & Gilgit-Baltistan to carryout million peace-march to cross LoC and offer arrest to Indian authorities in the interest of restoring human rights of the Kashmiris who are immensely suffering due to locked-down since August 5, 2019

All these above mentioned conspiracy theories proffered by the opposition in Pakistan can claim truth in these, only when it is the case that Imran is planted in PM office not merely by the military of Pakistan (as is publicly said by opposition of Pakistan) but mainly by Israel-USA (powerful Jewish lobby in USA) which presently has immense influence on India too.

The reasonable doubt about Imran being the ‘boy’ of this Jewish lobby emerges out of the book ‘Reham Khan’ (the former wife of PM Imran Khan) where she reveals :-

(i)- In chapter 19 that former Director General of ISI General Ehsan ul Haq in Sadruddin Hashwani’s home confirmed to her the Imran’s connections to Americans [According to General at a meeting in 1996 (where Sir James Goldsmith the father-in-law of Imran was also present) Henry Kissinger told the late Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub to look after ‘our boy Imran Khan’]

(ii)-  In Chapter 23 that she realized that it was pointless to expect Imran to defend her against baseless allegations hurled at her for the purpose of breaking their marriage as Imran’s actions were tied to purse strings (of Jemima, the first wife of Imran and daughter of Sir James Goldsmith) in London.

If these revelations by Reham Khan are true and if Maulana carryout his Dharna from October 27, 2019 (with or without other opposition parties of Pakistan) only on one issue of ‘Sell-out of Kashmir by Imran government’ then it will not be merely a political Dharna, instead this Dharna will easily be converted by Maulana into a fight by Jihadis (against Zionist forces of Israel patronized by USA) to protect Islam & Muslim majority united-J&K.

The Imran government should no more underestimate Islam especially given the fact that not only Pakistan is a theocratic Muslim country but in its East and West:-

(A)- The Jihadis (so-called  ‘freedom fighters in Kashmir especially after killing of Burhan Wani in July 2016) have not been suppressed by Modi government despite muscular approach adopted by Modi government for the last 6 years.

(B)- The Jihadis / Talibans in Afghanistan have not been suppressed by USA and its Allies for the last 18 years rather USA is now trying to make a deal with them

(C )- Islamic State of Iran, due its on-going tension with USA-Israel, will be glad to see the forces of Islam subduing the forces of USA-Israel in Pakistan & India.

Therefore it is hoped that Imran government will handle the present phase of Kashmir problem, wisely so that the peace of Indian subcontinent is not subjected to unnecessary threat due to newly emerged conflict between two nuclear countries.

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