Will be legally engineered mass scale conversion of Muslims to Hinduism after NRC with CAA. Hem Raj Jain


Presently demonstrations & protests including violent are going-on (in which many people have been killed in many parts of India) against NRC (National Register for Citizenship) and CAA (Citizen Amendment Act,  which will give citizenship to all no-Muslims coming from neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan), as reported also at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/6-dead-in-anti-caa-protests-in-up-violence-in-delhi-top-developments-reactions/articleshow/72907466.cms . 

 The Indian media (print & electronic) is full of reports and discussions where people are saying that India level NRC is impractical and non-BJP Chief Ministers have opposed it and have even said that they will not cooperate in the exercise of preparing NRC in their States (which constitute majority of Indian population. But these naïve commentators and non-BJP politicians are grossly underestimating BJP (Hindutva forces). After recently passed CAA the preparation of NRC has become practical and very simple as given below: -

 (1)- The BJP led Government of India (GoI) will move Supreme Court of India (SCI) against government of any State which will put resistance to the preparation of NRC.

 (2)- Even after SCI directions for preparing NRC, if such rebellious government continues to resist the preparation of NRC then GOI can easily dismiss the rebellious government of such State under Article 356 of the Constitution.

 (3)- After dismissing the rebellious governments of such States the GoI can easily / quickly make NRC in such States too.

 (4)- No problem will come in the way of including the name of those Hindus in NRC (who do not have documents to prove that they are natives of India) because Hindus can always say (on affidavit) that they came from Pakistan or Bangladesh or Afghanistan and will be given Indian Citizenship by willing GoI (as per CAA) and then their names will be included in NRC.

 (5)- As far Muslims (who do not have documents to prove that they are natives of India), they can also say that they are Hindus because converted to Hinduism and they can give such affidavit (with changed name suitable / traditionally for Hindus) and they (with Hindu  names)  will also be included in NRC (as per CAA).

 (6)- This will mean that only those Muslims who are able to prove their native Indianness according to recognized documents will be able to live as Muslims in India whereas other Muslims (substantial part of Indian-Muslim population, mostly economically-humble) will convert to Hinduism (by taking advantage of CAA), in order to avoid hardship & harassment.

 (7)- This will be the most effective way of ‘Ghar-vapsi’ (coming-back) of tens of millions of Muslims to Hinduism.

 (8)- The Muslims of not only India, but rest of the world will not mind this legally engineered mass scale conversion of Muslims to Hinduism because otherwise also now the Indian Muslims are no more the follower of Islam as they have been displaying un-Islamic cowardice while India State has been denying them every legal & constitutional rights (including where they have lost immense lives, blood, properties and honor) as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3316and https://www.alwihdainfo.com/Kashmiris-should-protest-at-Jantar-Mantar-against-President-about

Article-143-1-for-restoring-their-human-rights_a77642.htm and  https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3488

 (9)- Moreover Muslims from rest of the world are also not interested in what happens to Indian Muslims as is evident from https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3510

 Therefore, it is hoped that the naïve opposition parties and leaders and commentators will not unnecessarily put resistance in the preparation of NRC (in view of CAA) which will convert tens of millions of Muslims to Hinduism in a peaceful legally engineered way.


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