USA should (along with for Iran) use mainly India for elections in secular Syria by mobilizing UN. By Hem Raj Jain


God only knows whether it is correct or not (as most of the commentators say in media) that the USA has made India its strategic partner merely for containing China. But if the USA (the leader of free world) is serious about using India for the establishment and running the peaceful and just human-rights-friendly global order then the USA should start using India strategically in an effective and meaningful way.

 Prez Trump has rightly taken the Bull of Shia-Islam with the horns which has been unnecessarily creating the problems in entire NAME region (including in Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc). But the USA will not succeed in eliminating this menace unless it realizes that Sunni-Muslims are also part of the problem because their governments are also promoting and want theocracy in the countries having Sunni majority. One such example is Syria which is another huge headache for the USA.

 As far Iran-crises, India holds the key for its solution because (i)- India can easily be contiguous (via FSDSAARC) with Iran through Afghanistan and united-J&K and (ii)- India and Iran (including their people) for long have been uninterrupted friends. Therefore, in the interest of avoiding the possibility of Ayatollah plunging the region in bloodbath (before ‘sacrificing’ the Ruling-Imamate in Iran) while Prez Trump should act fast as mentioned at the USA simultaneous should also use India for solving Syria problem as mentioned below: -

 (1)-The USA should realize that the ‘Arab Spring’ sponsored by the West (led by the USA) since 2011 has brought misery to NAME region because the West tried to make it merely for democracy and not for secular democracy (with the result it made Syria also the battleground for Shia & Sunni militant Jihadis / terrorists) . Hence the West (led by the USA) has moral responsibly to restore normalcy (to start with) in Syria where out of its ~ 22 million population as per media  ( ) more than 400,000 people have been killed and 11 million have been displaced from their homes, including 5 million who are refugees outside the country.

 (2)- It has remained a mystery as to why the earlier US-administration was adamant on removing President Bashar al-Assad before elections in Syria (which the USA could not achieve in any case) especially when the people of Syria could have removed Assad through elections. As far rigging of elections by Assad its chances could have been easily eliminated to satisfactory extent by carrying-out elections under the overall surveillance of ‘UN Election Commission’ (UNEC) and under control of ‘UN Peace Keeping Force’ (UNPKF). Therefor Trump should not insist on the removal of Assad before general election in Syria.

 (3)- The USA should move the UN for urgently carrying out elections in Syria under UNPKF & UNEC and under SECULAR CONSTITUTION within a time bound period of about 6 months after preparing voters-list (after rehabilitation of the displaced Syrians). For preparing these voters-lists and for rehabilitation and for carrying-out elections by UNEC and for maintaining peace by UNPKF, the USA can ask personnel from India ALSO to provide. India can easily provide such personnel to UN in any amount, even in millions.

 (4)- The USA should understand that merely eliminating the communalism of Shia-Muslims will not solve the problem unless the communalism of Sunni-Muslims is also eliminated, simultaneously.

Therefore, Prez trump should simultaneously try to take the Bull of Communalism (of Shia-Islam as well as Sunni-Islam) by the horns as mentioned above, by roping in mainly the US-strategic partner India (of constitutionally uninterrupted secular democracy of ~ 1.36 billion people including ~ 200 million Muslims) for this mission, which will bring succor to tens of millions of mainly Muslims who are weeping & bleeding profusely from Myanmar to AF-PAK-Kashmir to NAME Region.

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