USA in utter confusion about Iran-crisis. By Hem Raj Jain


The USA is in utter confusion as is evident from the January 8, 2020 address of Prez Trump (after Iran’s missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq). Prez Trump is horribly wrong when he thinks that the problems in NAME region (which has brought the world on the brink of mini-World War) can be solved: -

 (i)- By allowing some countries the divine right to have nuclear WMDs

 (ii)- By condoning Sunni-communalism while opposing Shia-communalism

 (iii)- By inviting NATO in Middle East and not going for secular democracy in Muslim world (including in NAME region)

(iv)- By imposing more unethical sanctions on Iran which puts ordinary Iranians in further hardship while claiming by Prez Trump to care for the peace & prosperity of the people of Iran.

 (v)- By allowing UN / world-community to forget such a massive missile attack (by Iran and not by Yemeni Rebels as Per Prez Trump, in this address) at Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia on September 14, 2019

 (vi)- By harassing [through a theocratic State (of Israel) in this age of secular democracy] the Palestinians (who have nothing to do with holocaust) by forcing them to remain out of their native land through absurd & unethical two-State-solution (one for Jews and other for Muslim Palestinians)

(vii)- By abandoning / neglecting peace in Middle East because the USA (the so-called leader of free world) has NOW become energy-independent hence no more needs Middle East oil.

 (viii)- By expecting Iran to work with USA & its allies to finish ISIS while neglecting all other legitimate concerns of Iran.

 (ix)- (As per Iran ~ 80 Americans have been killed which may be a wrong claim / hollow-boast) but at the same time by underplaying Iran’s missile attacks of January, 7 on US military bases in Iraq by giving an untenable argument that because there is no casualties on the part of USA or Iraq

 Therefore, instead of living in make-belief world the USA should urgently rope-in mainly India for bringing succor (if the USA is really interested in it) through UN to NAME region starting from Syria, as mentioned at: -

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