Not merely WHO, due to Corona Trump should reshape global order through alternative to UN. By Hem Raj Jain


During the last about a century the USA has been in the forefront for launching & managing global-order / trends based on economics (regarding exclusive private-Capitalism, joint-Capitalism, exclusive State-Capitalism as was in USSR, welfare-State etc) based on politics (regarding secularism / theocratic democracy, authoritarianism etc). These global-order were launched first through ‘League of Nations’ after World War I (which failed as the USA did not join it) and then after World War II through United Nations (with its head office in the USA at New York) and another global-trend based even on religion after 9/11, when world was asked to launch global war against terrorism by militant Jihadis (Islamic fundamentalists). In all these three global-wars / trends the interests of the liberal Western World (led by the USA) have been paramount.

 But now (in an age where due to unprecedented advance of modern Science & Technology, brought about by Western World, which has made globalization inevitable) another factor has emerged which is threatening the interest of the entire world rather the interest of Western World much more than of other countries. This is the threat of Coronavirus which has killed disproportionately much more people in the Western World (especially in the USA) than in other countries. It may be due to the reason (which needs detailed study / research) that the people of European origin (including in the USA who are mainly from Europe) are more vulnerable to Coronavirus than other people (as were native Americans who were not immune to infectious diseases from Europe hence died in huge numbers from 15th to 18th centuries).

 Moreover, this epidemic has changed the paradigm of mankind where a serious question mark has been put on the very survival of the human race on this earth due to natural viruses like Coronavirus or man-made such extremely lethal viruses. In such a grim situation for entire mankind, the role of World Health Organization (WHO under UN) has left much to be desired as has been alleged by Prez Trump and as a result he on Tuesday has threatened to stop the funding to WHO by the USA as reported at  . Prez Trump against WHO reportedly said that - “[ They (WHO) could have called it months earlier. They would have known and they should have done. And they probably did know. They seem to come down the side of China. WHO missed the early signs despite sending a team to Wuhan. They didn’t see what was going on in Wuhan. How do you not see it? And if you look back over the years everything seems to be very biased (by WHO) towards China. It is not right]”.

Without going into too much detail on this issue it is enough to say that Coronavirus (which Trump alleges on unethical practices by China / WHO) has already killed in the USA many times more than people killed in 9/11 (and given the situation still some more will be killed in future in the USA due to Coronavirus). Hence Prez Trump owes it to the people of the USA that he should launch another world-body in place of the UN, where countries like China will not have veto power.

 In this new world-body the USA should make it mandatory that the member countries will also adhere to economic, social and political policies which will make them well prepared & competent not only for fighting in future any such global natural epidemic (like Coronavirus etc) but also for avoiding & fighting the spread of global epidemics through man-made lethal viruses (by State or non-State actors like religion based or other terrorists).

It is hoped that Prez Trump will see to it that the USA (as usual) rise to the occasion in changed-world for launching new-word-order which will especially make the members of this new-world-order to be well prepared & competent for fighting natural (like Coronavirus etc) or man-made lethal virus caused global epidemics.

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