Trump not realizing, Chinese Corona data will push largest democracy, poor India towards economically promising Communism. By Hem Raj Jain


Prez Trump is seemingly aware of the importance of the economy even during such national emergency (or war-like situation) as the Corona pandemic hence keeps on talking against all-out national lock-down or prolonged lock-downs in various States. But Prez Trump is dangerously unaware of the political implications of the on-going Corona pandemic.

As far political implication of Corona in the USA itself, Prez Trump presently does not face much challenge because (although the Corona cases & death toll in the USA are horrific and many of them are due to lack of desirable medical facilities in the USA) the greatest proponent of universal free health-care system namely Bernie Sanders has already opted out from Presidential race. Bernie’s withdrawal raises a legitimate suspicion that he might have quitted the Presidential race under the pressure from the private health-care sector / empire (including dispensaries, hospitals and medical insurance companies which empire is bound to increasingly come under attack and criticism due to the Corona fiasco).

But the political implication of Corona pandemic on the world's largest democracy India may be immense and grave if  Trump does not take it seriously. Trump is not realizing that the data about infected patients and deaths due to Coronavirus in China will push largest democracy India towards Communism, as explained below, and that will be the severest blow to foreign policy of the USA since World War II: -

(1)- Corona pandemic has changed the thinking of the people across the world. Especially the economically humble people across the world have now added one specific factor (namely effective health-care) into their traditional issues of life & death, which were earlier mainly the general economic factors.

(2)- The global data about number of infected sick and death from Coronavirus (which emanated from China) is doing maximum damage to western-world led by the USA (which is also the champion of liberal democracy all over the world) especially due to the fact that current data about the USA of merely ~ 330 million people are whopping 5,25,560 infected sick and deaths 20,304 whereas in China of ~ 1.4 billion people the  sick are merely  81,953 and merely 3,339 are deaths.

(3)- Trump never clarified that what is the truth in the media report that millions of people have died in China (but suppressed by China) due to Coronavirus as is suspected from the report that millions of mobile phones got dead in China as reported at  . Trump should have constrained the UN to constitute an ‘Inquiry Commission’ to find out the real numbers of infected and deaths in China due to Coronavirus but Trump failed to do it and merely keeps on saying that Chinese data about Coronavirus infected sickness and deaths are false. This has given credence to this official data of infected and deaths in China due to Corona and which is much much better than what it is in western-world including and especially in the USA. In a nutshell an impression is gathering across the world that a communist regime takes better care of its economically humble people. This impression will be all the more so in an economically humble & populous country like India.

(4)- There are three categories of Indians who are the worst sufferers of Corona-caused ill-prepared national lock-down since March, 24. First and worst are Dalits (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) who are ~ 25 % of population then comes Muslims who are ~ 15 %  and then various backward castes (not all but at least 20 % of population who are economically humble).

(5)- These ~ 60 % people of ~ 1.3 billion India have now become  an easy political target for any genuine Communist Party in India [not present Communist Parties like CPI, CPI (M) etc which have given only lip service to the working class, especially to the poor working class]. In India one very strong factor goes in favor of Communist China. The western countries could provide better living condition in comparatively advanced Europe & the USA but the Chinese Communist model has provided better life to economically backward region of Asia.

(6)- Some may say that the Muslims will never opt for communism but this is a wrong notion about India because (i)- Communism in India will not be like Communism in China rather it will be democracy with universal adult franchise run by Communist Party in India (ii)- Indian Muslims know that there is no threat to Islam during democratic regime of Communist Party in India (iii)- Communism is also presently not as ideologically against religion as it was earlier (iv)- Indian Muslims will prefer secular politics of genuine Communist Party than to the rule of Hindutva parties (some more communal like BJP and others less so like Congress etc) in India.

(7)- This new genuine Communist Party in India can deliver much for the Indians especially to its majority who are economically humble once it recovers (after coming to power) Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital through Income Tax from ~ 1 million tax evaders who have illegally posed as farmers as was discussed in Indian Parliament too, as mentioned at

(8)- Some people may say that the general elections in India are 4 years away but they don’t understand that the way the national lock-down is being mishandled by Union & State governments it will create huge political turmoil & agitations in India in near future and which may cause midterm elections in India at the Centre and in the States.

Therefore, the way Prez Trump, during on-going Coronavirus pandemic, is failing  in making the USA discharge its responsibilities as the leader of free world - it is only a matter time that the largest democracy of world namely India (presently strategic ally of the USA) will adopt Communist regime and will join the Communist camp and will become strategic ally of Communist China.

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