Corona lock-downs in USA & India prove Christianity & Hinduism to be irresponsible & cruel religions. By Hem Raj Jain


In two major democracies (the most powerful the USA and the largest India) tens of millions of people are dependent on day to today earnings. But the ease with which the governments of both the countries have inflicted lock-downs in their countries without giving any thought (much less the preparation) as to how these vulnerable people will manage their livelihood & daily lives, is an ample proof that not only all the four organs of State in these countries are irresponsible & apathetic towards the sufferings of the socially, economically and politically humble & harassed people but the religions, the custodians of the values of the societies, Christianity in the USA and Hinduism in India (mainly which are being followed by these unfortunate people and these religions which derive huge wealth and respect from their followers) are also irresponsible & cruel towards these unfortunate followers.

At-least the Indian print and electronic media is full of suffering of Indians (including and especially of migrant laborers) the sufferings which they are undergoing during Corona lock-down but the US media is silent on the suffering due to Corona lock-down of the people who live in the USA. In the USA the situation is worst and hopeless especially for the illegal immigrants who are in the millions (from 11 to 22 millions as per various & conflicting reports). What to talk of morality even as per international laws the USA is responsible for these tens of millions of so-called illegal immigrants in every way.

The US Government long back should have identified these illegal immigrants and should have asked their countries of origin to take them back. If they refuse to take them back then the USA should have (under military pressure) demanded commensurate territory or exclusive mineral rights from these countries for the purpose of giving citizenship to these so-called illegal immigrants (after some reasonable fine on them) who are living in the USA for decades. But the US - Government has not done so with the result even before Corona lock-down, these illegal immigrants were suffering a lot but during Corona - lock-down their sufferings have become more acute.

 The politicians, elected representatives, media, social activists etc have all failed these unfortunate people who are suffering under Corona  lock-down in India and in the USA but even their religions the Hinduism and the Christianity also have not done anything to question the governments in these countries about their thoughtless Corona lock-down (in the first place) and about bringing effective succor to these tens of millions of unfortunate people. Here it is pertinent to add that if lock-down is not there and if, for argument sake, people die due to absence of lock-down then they will die from all sections of society but during lock-down suffering and deaths are faced mainly by economically  & socially humble people hence Corona - lock-down is discriminatory in an objectionable way in contemporary human-rights-friendly world.

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