Despite May 19 letter to W.H.O. Trump still shielding China about ‘Wuhan-lab-virus’. By Hem Raj Jain


President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo have said from many platforms / forums that Corona is a laboratory made virus in Wuhan and China did not do legally expected (as per international laws and norms) to stop Coronavirus - pandemic spreading from Wuhan to the entire world. But Trump has only taken verbal action against China without doing anything concrete on ground like by demanding an emergency session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to constitute an ‘UN Inquiry Commission’ which will investigate these matters. Hence a genuine doubt was raised in  that - “[This is raising doubts about the credibility of the Trump-administration. It raises doubts due to one more reason that it may be due to the fact that the huge capital from the West (led by the USA) is invested in China and Prez Trump is the supporter of private capital hence this may be the reason that Trump is not demanding  any concrete action against China]” .

These doubts unfortunately have come out to be true as is evident from what Prez Trump has done since then. Trump has tried to send a message to the people that he has done something great against China by writing May 19 letter to World Health Organization (WHO) as reported at  ) . In this May 19 letter by mentioning that -”[The resolution also calls for an investigation into the origins of the virus, which is necessary for the world to understand how best to counter the disease. That is why it is my duty, as President of the United States, to inform you that, if the World Health Organization does not commit to major substantive improvements within the next 30 days, I will make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the World Health Organization permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization. I cannot allow American taxpayer dollars to continue to finance an organization that, in its present state, is so clearly not serving America’s interests]” - Prez Trump seems to think that the people of the USA will be satisfied.

Prez Trump is not realizing that in 9/11 less than 3,000 people were killed but due to alleged China-caused Corona pandemic 93,466 people have died in the USA as on May 19, which is 31 times more than killed by 9/11. Hence unless Prez Trump takes it as a ‘global war’ as was done during 9/11 Trump’s Presidency will not be approved by the people in USA and for this Prez Trump will have to do the following:-

(1)- First and foremost Trump should constrain the UN to call emergency session of UNGA for  launching UN investigation into the accusation of Trump-administration (i)- Whether Coronavirus was made in Wuhan or in any other laboratory in China and (ii)- Into other related matters about Chinese complicity (by its acts of commission and omission) in spreading Coronavirus - pandemic all across the world.

(2)- During 9/11 the then US President Bush told the rest of the world that in this war  ‘Either you are with us or against us”. Similarly Prez Trump should tell the world before calling this emergency UNGA meeting.

(3)- During 9/11 the USA and its allies wanted to go in Afghanistan hence wanted an approach from Pakistan hence The USA specifically told Pakistan that ‘Either you are with us or against us” and Pakistan allowed this access. Similarly now Prez Trump should tell India (which is a strategic partner of the USA and shares long border with China)  that ‘Either you are with us or against us”.

(4)- As per Government of India (as told by Indian Union Cabinet Minister on a program on a prominent national TV channel), this Coronavirus was made in a laboratory in China. Hence India is under legal obligation to call this emergency UNGA meeting for said objectives.

(5)- If China or any other permanent member Veto the said demand for emergency UNGA or for UN-Corona-investigation then the USA should be prepared to dissolve the UN (which was brought into existence by the USA after World War II at the soil of USA by replacing ‘League of Nations’ which was formed after World War I) and instead the USA should launch a new world-body which will pass an enforceable resolution for said Corona - investigation against China.

It is hoped that instead of giving merely said lip service “For an investigation into the origins of the virus, which is necessary for the world to understand how best to counter the disease” Prez Trump will take concrete and effective action for calling emergency UNGA session for UN - investigation against China  in Corona pandemic related matters, as mentioned above.

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