China underestimating pressure on Trump, of Western - Christian values & presidential election, for enforcing democracy in China. By Hem Raj Jain


Never in the history of mankind has a political power generated such formidable military power and economic power as has been the predominant & invincible political ideology of ‘democracy with universal adult franchise’.  The Republic- democracy is not a gift of Christianity to Western - world because it was practiced before it in Athens (Greece) and in Rome too but what is new to it is universal adult franchise which is due to Christianity (rather Jesus Christ).

In any country employees (working / labouring class) are always more in numbers than employers hence democracy with universal adult franchise is always advantageous to the working class. The unprecedented advances in modern science & technology of the last about 600 years in Western- world, has given immense power to the working class all over the world. Though it may sound mysticism, there are reasons to believe that it has something to do with Jesus Christ who is the only prophet belonging to the working class (a carpenter).

Moreover, never in the history of mankind has a proselytizing religion (like Christianity) been able to propagate its core ideas through secularism. Hence other religions if think that the Christianity will stop before liberal transparent democracy with universal adult franchise (which has empowered for the first time the working class and women who form its formidable support base) is enforced all over the world (including in China and most of the Muslim world) then these religious societies are living in fool’s paradise.

Hence when China’s foreign minister Wang Yi says that “[The United States should abandon its “wishful thinking about changing China” and stop pushing the two countries “to the brink of a new Cold War]” - as reported also at - China is  grossly underestimating pressure on Prez Trump (of Western - Christian values & 2020 US - presidential election) for bringing transparent liberal democracy in China especially in view of one hundred thousand deaths in the USA in addition to huge deaths and sufferings all over the world maximum in NATO countries and in NATO region (which the leader of free world the USA can not overlook) due to Coronavirus (which as per Trump - Administration is made in Wuhan /  China and China didn’t do legally expected , as per international laws & norms, to stop this virus spreading from China to rest of the world).

Therefore when China says that its authoritarian political model of Communism favors the working class by saying that - “[It’s time for the United States to give up its wishful thinking of changing China and stopping 1.4 billion people in their historic march toward modernization]” - then it has no merit in it. Rather, the interest of the working class in China also will be served best when transparent liberal democracy comes in China.  Earlier the powerful  Western - world (led by the USA) did not bother to transform China politically rather engaged in a big way with China economically and financially. But now due to Coronavirus - pandemic (which has raised huge question mark on the very survival of mankind especially when this virus is man made in laboratory) the Western - world has to take the call and has only one option before it that is to move Prez Trump (rather pressurize him politically during US Presidential election year) to enforce transparent liberal democracy in China.

The Western- world (led by the USA) is not so naive that it will go for open military confrontation with powerful & nuclear China especially when it can easily  make China pliant by: -

(i)- Persuading the West and its allies for boycotting China economically & financially.

(ii)- Moving the UN to take actions against China for investigation into Lab made Coronavirus and the role of Chinese government in not preventing Coronavirus from spreading from China to the rest of the world.

(iii)- Mobilizing (in case of any resistance to said initiative of the rest of the world for the above mentioned UN investigation) the world community to deny China huge power in the UN (like Veto etc) even by transforming the UN, if necessary.

(iv)- Mobilizing world - community to Support human rights and even autonomy / independence / recognition to regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet etc.

(v)-  Mobilizing rather constraining Pacific countries and Quad (including India of 1.37 billion people having long border and long pending border dispute with China and having huge exiled Tibetan community in India) to bring strategic pressure on China if it does not adopt liberal transparent democracy.

China should appreciate that the USA (its Government & people) has goodwill towards the people of China but if China thinks that its authoritarian Communist model (proved dangerous to entire mankind) can be allowed by the leader of free-world the USA to survive the above mentioned onslaught (which Prez Trump will be under political pressure by world community to bring against China for ushering China into liberal transparent democracy) then China is living in it's make believe world.

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