President should ensure publication of June-July Indo-China agreements and ask SCI to look into reciprocal treason charges by former Army Chief & Colonel. By Hem Raj Jain


This refers to an interview of former Army Colonel Ajay Shukla by Journalist Karan Thapar (son of former Army Chief Late General PN Thapar) as given at in which Shukla claimed that despite contrary claims by the Government of India (GoI,) India has lost its territory to China in Eastern Ladakh from April 2020 till date. Against this an interview was taken by Shiv Kunal Verma of former Army Chief General VK Singh (VKS) presently a Minister of State in GoI as reported at  in which VKS not only disputed the claims of Shukla about China occupying Indian territories in Eastern Ladakh but also levelled charge of treason against Shukla for sell-out of Siachen in Easter Ladakh of United J&K. In response to this Shukla published his point-wise reply (as given at ) where Shukla levelled charge of treason against VKS (and other relevant authorities of GoI) for hiding the fact of loss of Indian territory to China at Eastern Ladakh from April 2020 till date.

The President of India (PoI) is not merely the head of Indian State but the Supreme Commander of Defense Forces too, hence PoI is under constitutional obligation to immediately take cognizance of this extremely serious military matter and do the following in view of given below: -

(1)- First and foremost the PoI should understand that this entire controversy about said loss of Indian territory in Eastern Ladakh to China has arisen due to the simple reason that the GoI  has not made public the  June 6, June 22, June 30, July 14, 2020 agreements between Army Commanders of India and China and July 5, 2020 Doval-Wang agreement and the maps related to all these  agreements.

(2)- If the GoI does not agree with the charges levelled by Shukla about said loss of Indian territory in Eastern Ladakh to China then the GoI has made another mistake by not denying said charges levelled by Shukla in his article published in prominent media the “Business Standard” (as mentioned at  and ) and then not taking legal action against ‘Business Standard’ and Ajay Shukla for publishing allegedly false report about the most serious matter of national security and territorial integrity of India]”. Shukla published that -

“[The area in which PP-14 is located – and which the Indian Army has patrolled for decades – now effectively falls inside China’s “buffer zone”. These terms of disengagement are to China’s advantage. People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers, who have intruded 3-4 km across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) into Indian territory near Patrolling Point 15 (PP-15), and about 2 km near PP-17A, will only be required to pull back 1 km, say the sources.  Effectively the demilitarized buffer zone will lie entirely in Indian territory and the LAC would effectively shift by 1-3 km into India]”

(3)- The GoI has made another mistake by not publicly declaring that the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers and their Commander on June 15 took place on Indian territory of PP 14 at Galwan and India will see to it that the status-quo-ante at Eastern Ladakh border (LAC) is restored at the earliest especially given the fact that  Shukla reported that the Patrolling Point 14 (PP 14) where  20 soldiers and their Commander out of a team of about 100 Indians were martyred (and rest injured) on June 15, 2020 at Galwan in Eastern Ladakh, is now in Chinese territory after July 5, 2020 agreement between National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

(4)- This claim of Shukla gets strengthened because the spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs of China on June 17, 2020 said ( ) that - "On June 6, border troops of the two sides had a commander-level meeting where important consensus was reached to lower tensions on the ground. However, shockingly, on June 15, the Indian troops seriously departed from such consensus, crossed the LAC for illegal activities, and provoked and attacked Chinese personnel, which caused violent physical clashes between the two sides that led to casualties. China always owns sovereignty over the Galwan Valley area".

(5)- Even on July 10, 2020 the Chinese Ambassador to India in televised speech said ( ) that -  “The right and wrong of what recently happened at the Galwan Valley is very clear. China will firmly safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity”. Moreover China has already demanded - ( ) - that the Indian side should severely punish those who should be held accountable, strictly discipline its front line troops so as to ensure that such incidents (like of June 15) do not happen again

(6)- If said assertion in prominent media by Shukla that now PP 14 is in Chinese buffer Zone is correct, then  this means that on June 15, 2020  Indian soldiers and their Commander went in Chinese territory which has not only rendered the said martyrdom of Indians in vain but has also vindicated the Chinese narrative that this military team of about 100 came in Chinese territory (in which Chinese soldiers and Commander were also killed). Therefore, though China may not do it, legally China has every right to move ‘International Court of Justice’ against India, about alleged illegal activities of this military team of about 100 Indians, under Article 36 - 1 of the ‘Statute of International Court of Justice’ under the ‘Charter of the United Nations’.  Hence the PoI should take this matter with utmost seriousness.

(7)- In his said interview VKS has also levelled charges of treason against Shukla for sell-out of Siachen. Hence along with the charges of treason levelled by Shukla (against VKS and other government authorities for misleading the country by hiding the truth of said loss of Indian territory to China) this charge levelled by VKS should also be referred by the PoI to Supreme Court of India under Article 143 of the Constitution of India.

It is hoped that the President of India will rise to the occasion and will immediately: -

(i)- Demand from the Government of India to publish, without any further delay, the text of June 6, June 22, June 30, July 14, 2020 agreements between Army Commanders of India and China and July 5, 2020 Doval-Wang agreement and the maps related to all these agreements. 

(ii)- Refer the matter, of treason levelled by former Army Chief VK Singh and former Colonel Ajay Shukla, to the Supreme Court of India.

-  So that not only the people of India but of rest of the world can get a clear picture of what is happening at Eastern Ladakh of united -  J&K, which has now become a territorial dispute between three border sharing nuclear countries namely India, China, Pakistan and which is sending shivers all across the world out of the fear of likely nuclear catastrophe especially if things are handled so irresponsibly and casually by India regarding such an extremely important & explosive military matter. 

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