Wounds of Christ. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


History geographically tells us about the different kinds of systems of the world, Government, kingdoms, land Lord’s system and bonded labor. Persecution is an outcome of racialism everywhere, even in the social societies, belief, denominations and dominations that dominate society, man-made-system, cultures, customs and law. (1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 27)

Government systems set people free to feel security, protection, safety in an insecure atmosphere in the developed and under – development countries (John 8: 32). Issues and problems are everywhere but intentions are always different.

Persecution is a matter of fact for the processing faith in Christ but it is a blessing for true believers in Christ according to the written new covenant and old covenant (Mathew 5: 10 - 11). Persecution is a divine truth for practicing real faith in Christ. Persecution’ divine reward is eternal life in heavenly places. Persecution is an outcome of righteousness due to the Messiah Jesus Christ' teaching about truth. Whenever humans followed righteousness and truth; they had to face bitter realities of the materialistic biosphere. Wickedness and ignorance ever tried to dominate righteousness through unrighteous ways and dominations.

Believers should never be worried about persecution because it is according to the Words of God, if there was no persecution for true believers then the truth of divinity would have become falsehood. So be patient, courageous and be strong having the passion of Jesus Christ Messiah to achieve the promised destination in the Kingdom of Almighty God. Apostle Paul said, I walked around having marks of Jesus Christ on my body in this world (Galatians 6: 16 & 2 - Corinthians 4: 10 – 15). It is a vivid manner to comprehend the mission and righteousness of Jesus Christ Messiah in someone’ life. But it is not a comprehension for the labeled system. At moment, entire world is in a search of recognition about denomination in the persecuted church - body of Christ Messiah rather than suffering the wounded Spirit of Messiah Jesus Christ for the righteousness (1- Corinthians 12: 12 – 27))    

The divine commission for righteousness is to live the Spirit of Christ in this examinational world. Having Cross in the practical mind - set and heart is a sign of following Jesus Christ Messiah who gave us the recognition of right and wrong, light and darkness, righteousness and unrighteous and eternal life for grieved humanity (Matthew 5:4). Entire world had been labeled that wanted to label all according to their desire and self-praise. Messiah Jesus Christ, as human, practically proved a standard life that humans can live dedicated in this corrupt world without following higher priesthood of that time. Who said themselves as religious scholars of Law? Then how humans can recognize the righteousness of Christ in someone’ life. Persecution is from the beginning of the world over righteousness. Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah said about the persecution that people will hate you because of me (Matthew 5: 11 ).  Whenever true Believers wanted to live godly life according to the Words of God and righteousness of Jesus Christ (Matthew 5: 6). Worldly focused people did not like them and hate righteousness, they throw righteous people in temptations, traps and snares. 

We all know Messiah Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. How much Lord Jesus Christ suffered for the redemption of grieved humanity (1 – Peter 2: 24)? That pain, suffering and persecution cannot be explained in words.  Most labeled believers did not want to follow Christ in their practical lives with humbleness (Romans 12: 3) but they wanted to have supernatural blessings on an earth as spiritual sons and daughters of God and having Royal priesthood (John 1: 12,).

But there is no privilege to be called as spiritual sons and daughters of God for those who don’t have the essence and attitudes of the Messiah Jesus Christ (1 – Peter 2:9). My people are being destroyed in ignorance (Hosea 4: 6).  In fact, earth is an examinational biosphere for true believers that present their lives as light to shine the darkness. To seek the Kingdom of God as it is in Heaven that is a main purpose of true believers on the earth (Matthew 6: 10). if persecution had happened with the Lord Jesus Christ who is the perfect human and perfect spiritual Son of God. Then what are believers?  (Luke 23: 31). True believers consider it a blessing to do their part in this world as true believers, never mind and move on further (Matthew 10:14, Mark 6:11, Luke 9: 5 ) .

It is a tragedy for the professing faith in Christ who prefers selfish human ideologies and earthly point of views. Humans want to escape from the truth of the Holy Words of God. Humans want to live in an imagination rather than to face realities.  Humans have made their own points of view about all situations, cultures and customs in the man-made-system of the world. I miserably explain that human’ ways, mind – set, points of views and ideologies are completely different and far away from the essence of Jesus Christ’ teaching. Persecution is a spiritual matter along with moral and spiritual education also. (Romans 15: 5 - 9)  

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