Maulana can lead politics of Pakistan (PDM) and India too, if declares wouldn’t contest election in future. By Hem Raj Jain


On October 3 through consensus, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman was made the Head of ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ (PDM) by opposition parties to lead the nation-wide agitation (starting from Quetta on October 11) demanding resignation of the Imran government and fresh elections.

In a given situation when the region is facing the politically most explosive situation [where there is a military face-off between China & India at Eastern Ladakh of united-J&K. After August 5, 2019 (when India changed the status of the State of J&K and converted it into two union territories) the Kashmir problem has started generating more heat in the region. The CPEC / Gwadar port has become bone of contention between India v/s Pakistan + China] this nomination of Maulana as Head of PDM has potential of bringing peace, justice and prosperity to South Asia if Pakistan (including its politicians, political commentators, academicians, journalists) start thinking about assuming the political leadership of SAARC region, as mentioned below: -

(1)- First of all the Pakistanis should stop wasting their time & energy on what former PM Nawaz is saying and then what ruling dispensation is saying in its rebuttal about interference of Pak military in politics of Pakistan because it is an established fact. No doubt the elections (which brought Imran and his party in power) were not fair elections because (in addition to rigging charges made by APC) through the judicial coup (as explained in national & international media) Pakistan first removed Nawaz from office of PM and then denied Nawaz the head of major political party PML-N an opportunity to contest the election which illegally put PML-N at great disadvantage electorally and also denied political rights to Pakistanis (by denying them legitimate political choice). Therefore, the opposition has every right to demand the resignation of Imran and of all the people's representatives of PTI (and other ruling parties) whosoever contested elections in and after 2018 (similarly opposition should also resign otherwise they do not have any right to demand resignation of ruling parties).

(2)- Presently Christian Western world is most powerful due to modern science & technology which it developed in the last about 500 years hence if any other people boast themselves to be the ruling community then it is a hollow boast. But still Pakistanis are never tired of saying nostalgically that the Muslims increasingly conquered and ruled India for about 1,000 years from the 8th to18th century hence they have the right to rather will rule over greater - India again. Though it was not Islam but some invaders / conquerors from North & West of India (who happened to be Muslims) which ruled India but at the same time (given the present undeveloped situation of Indo-Pak region) if there is any political organization which can presently rule Indo-Pak region satisfactorily then it will have to be inspired by the basic principles of Islam and it is precisely here that Maulana (by converting PDM into ‘South Asia Democratic Movement’ the SADM) can achieve this mission in the region. 

(3)- Pakistan should understand that the partition of India was a fraud because illegal population transfer took place due to violence and accession of princely states to either India or to Pakistan is nothing short of farce if the case of J&K, Junagarh, Hyderabad and Balochistan are taken into consideration as mentioned at

(4)- People have a very wrong notion that in a democracy the government takes care of the people. In democracy also (if left to government / State functionaries) only the interest of upper 20-30 % powerful people are furthered (which happens in any form of government) and remaining people are neglected. The condition of the humble people can improve only when there is a political party in democracy which can bring all the organs & functionaries of the State under its control as per the constitution / law. This means that such a political party should be an alternative to religion in temporal matters whereas religion should be a personal matter which is expected in any secular country. At the same time the experience of democracies all over the world is evidence of the fact that the Christians and Hindus (who are practicing democracy) are simply incapable of developing such political parties (in USA too during Corona-pandemic maximum people died & suffered from economically humble background).

(5)- The Islam believes in brotherhood / sisterhood and expects State power to be dominated by spiritual power (this is the main reason that opposition parties have made Maulana the head of PDM in order to lead an agitation for bringing all the organs of the State under the discipline of the Constitution / Laws of Pakistan). If Maulana declares that he will not contest election in future and will work only for the political outfit SADM then he can easily lead the politics of SAARC region starting from Pakistan and India. Maulana has already said enough against Pak military and need not say further rather now Maulana should concentrate (through its nationwide agitation) on fresh elections (with Nawaz also authorized to contest election) and all other things will automatically fall in line once Maulana addresses various national issues (regarding Pakistan and India) as mentioned below:-

(i)- First and foremost political parties need to be developed through inner party democracy (periodic organizational elections) and through transparent party funding. The elected representatives work only for those who spent money for their elections hence the expenses for elections of people’s representatives (including in Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies) should be borne by the parties because then and only then these MPs, MLAs etc will work for the people / their political parties. Moreover political parties in Pakistan should shape their policies (to eliminate communalism from Pakistan) as enunciated in Muhammad Ali Jinnah's first Presidential Address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947 where Jinnah said that -[You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed -- that has nothing to do with the business of the State].

(ii)- Pakistan should protect the interest of CPEC and Gwadar port being constructed with the support of China. In this age of globalization better transport connectivity is good for the entire world including for India & Pakistan (India should have allowed Chinese goods through Kandla port and connected roads) . At the same time Pakistan should address the concerns of the USA about CPEC. Pakistan should not allow China to develop any military assets in Pakistan at and through CPEC and at Gwadar port and should make the financing & contract awarding process about these projects, transparent and as per international laws

(iii)- The concerns of the Pakistan military can be addressed satisfactorily only when the Kashmir problem is solved as per justice.  Not merely the UN resolution but even the ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) of J&K to India also mandates plebiscite in the united J&K  which reads as -“[the question of Accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government's wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State's Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”. India has been accusing Pakistan for not cooperating about the plebiscite in united-J&K. Hence SADM should work for the plebiscite in united-J&K in the presence of the UN Observers and international media. The de-jure secular but de-facto communal India will create all the problems in this plebiscite hence SADM should not be over sensitive about bringing the entire united-J&K under administrative control of India (for some time) for carrying out plebiscite.

(iv)- The Kashmir problem is the result of communalization of the entire Indian subcontinent through illegal population transfer during partition of India. Hence SADM should work for dual citizenship of the displaced people (about 80 million in India which is ~ 20% of the present population of Pakistan and Bangladesh) who were violently expelled through illegal population transfer during partition of India (similarly from India to Pakistan & Bangladesh).

(v)- The SADM should also take initiative in resolving border disputes between China & India (who are presently foolishly & irresponsibly engaged in military stand-off at Eastern Ladakh). The Indo-China border dispute is a legal dispute unlike India's dispute with Pakistan (which is a political dispute about united-J&K). Hence this Indo-China border dispute can easily be resolved by referring it to the ‘UN Judicial Commission’. [It is like resolving a dispute between two parties in a country. In Pakistan the Executive Magistrate maintains status-quo of disputed property and directs the contending parties (under section 145 of Criminal Procedure Code of Pakistan) to get the title decided by civil court which will justify the possession]. Hence SADM should persuade India & China to refer their border dispute to the UN or any other international Judicial Commission.

(vi)- After getting fresh elections in Pakistan through current agitations by ADM and after converting PDM into SADM, Maulana can easily get a political party started in India (new or by converting some existing) which will work in tandem with the said SADM led by Maulana initially for the unification of India & Pakistan and then for realizing FSDSAARC (Federal Secular Democratic SAARC). Once SADM succeeds in achieving unification of India & Pakistan under pressure of dual citizenship and plebiscite in united-J&K then it will be very easy for the SADM to realize FSDSAARC where any part of member countries will be free to convert themselves as a member of FSDSAARC.

It is hoped that Maulana will broaden his horizons and will work for getting benefits of the Islamic principles to the entire region of SAARC starting from the unification of India & Pakistan

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