Next phase of Western v/s Chinese democracy war in Pakistan, by booking PML-N office bearers for sedition. By Hem Raj Jain


Since August 5, 2019 when India changed the special status of J&K (which infuriated China too, in addition to by India joining QUAD) and Corona pandemic since early 2020, the following important developments are happening very fast not only in the Indo-China-Pak region but across the globe which has China as its central player:-

(i)- About Chinese democracy. In addition to his UNGA 2020 speech as per Chinese president Xi at plenary session of the party - “the policy decisions by the Chinese Communist Party are made through a system that is completely democratic in a Chinese sense” (ii)- The authoritarian rule in China has socio-economic indicators for Chinese much better than the democracies in this region (including India and Pakistan) which is increasingly forcing the people of this region to have second thought about Western V/s Chinese democracy (iii)- The rising power of China has forced the West (led by the USA) to take the threat posed to Western democracy not only in economically humble world of Asia, Africa and Latin America but even to the security of the USA (so far protected by Monroe doctrine)  by Chinese democracy, seriously (iv)- Threat to dominance of Saudi Arabia (the ally of the USA) in OIC which Pakistan is challenging (with emerging new Muslim block) due to Chinese support it will get from China on Kashmir issue especially after on ground un-opposed intrusion on Indian territory by China (v)- With the result of all these the USA & Saudi Arabia are interested in weaning militarily strong & nuclear Pakistan (helpful to the USA in Afghanistan)  away from China and which has resulted in Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and which China will see to it that the PDM does not succeed in defeating Pak military politically - all these have been explained at and 

Nowadays the people in Pakistan (including commentators in media) are wasting their time and energy either on proving that government is not responsible for a FIR (First Information Report) in Lahore police station regarding the offenses of conspiracy to wage war against Pakistan, sedition, condemning the creation of the country and advocating the abolishment of its sovereignty, criminal conspiracy etc against over 40 office bearers of PML-N (headed by former PM Nawaz Sharif, presently in UK) or on proving that government is responsible for this FIR as reported also at . But people do not understand that this is the next phase of Western V/s Chinese democracy in Pakistan through this FIR by booking PML-N office bearers for sedition etc. People do not understand that legally the police need not tell the people whether it has government approval for this FIR or not (if not, it can be challenged only in court). If even after 4 days of PM Imran doing a drama of deploring this FIR the Lahore police is not withdrawing / getting quashed this FIR then it is a prove that this FIR is approved by government which is a mandatory condition under section 196 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Pakistan for registering such FIR for the offences against the State mentioned in Chapter VI of the Pakistan Penal Code  about sedition etc. [Lahore police knows that a FIR (for cognizable offense) can be registered under section 154 CrPC only if the court has jurisdiction about it because police shall forthwith send a report under section 157 CrPC of the same to a Magistrate empowered to take cognizance of such offence and Magistrate is not empowered to take cognizance due to section 196 CrPC unless filing of FIR is approved by government about the offences against the State mentioned in Chapter VI of PPC]

These over 40 office bearers (sitting Prime Minister of Pakistani side of Kashmir, the AJK in addition to the  former Prime Ministers, Senators, Governors, Speaker of National Assembly,  Federal Ministers, Lt. Generals etc), the party members of PML-N etc and perspicacious Pakistanis know that government has acquired a mechanism of criminal law through this FIR where it can arrest these PML-N office bearers one by one or in groups whenever government thinks that they have become unmanageable and threat to Chinese democracy through their agitation under PDM (FIR against Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman and the office bearers of his party, the JUI-F will be the next, once Punjab is ‘managed’ through this October 5 FIR) . Even the sitting AJK-PM (notwithstanding hue & cry in Pakistan about damaging the Kashmir cause by the government by mentioning AJK-PM in FIR) is not as important as people think because nobody knows better than Pak military, what is best for the Kashmir cause. 

The PDM is not gaining the full potential & required strength for the simple reason that it is merely highlighting election rigging on the behest of Pak military (so-called establishment) which has brought Imran government and all the people’s representatives (MP, MLAs etc) after 2018 in office, hence as per PDM Imran should resign and fresh elections should take place. But PDM self-defeatingly is not highlighting that the election of 2018 was illegitimate and legally objectionable mainly because through the judicial coup (without a proper trial based on JIT report in which two members were from Pakistan military and that too without right to appeal etc. etc.) Pakistan establishment first illegally removed Nawaz from office of PM and then illegally denied Nawaz (the head of major political party PML-N) an opportunity to contest the election which not only illegally put PML-N at great disadvantage electorally but also illegally denied political rights to Pakistanis (by denying them legitimate political choice) and all these were discussed in national and international media as given at and  and  and  and

The biggest harm PDM is doing to itself is when it says that PDM wants to remove Imran government because he has damaged the economy of Pakistan. Will PDM not demand the resignation of Imran (who is in power due to illegitimate elections of 2018) if he is managing Pak economy beneficially ? This will be like telling a women to accept the rape because it has benefited her by getting her a son through the pregnancy caused by the rape ! The PDM by more highlighting the economic issue and less highlighting the rape of democracy & political rights of the people of Pakistan is making the success of their agitation doubtful & difficult.

At the same time whether PDM and its supporters in Pakistan and in rest of the world (who want Western democracy with civilian supremacy to be firmly established in Pakistan), like it or not but PDM will succeed only when it comes out with a satisfactory Kashmir solution. The PDM should understand that the military got so powerful in Pakistan only by invoking the fear of India mainly due to the Kashmir problem. Hence if PDM wants to bring Pak military under the discipline of Pak Constitution / Laws then then the PDM will have to address the genuine concerns of Pak military by giving a Kashmir solution and which can easily be achieved if the PDM works for it in Pakistan and also by getting some people in Indian side of J&K for filing a writ petition in J&K High Court for plebiscite because not merely the UN resolution but even the ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) of J&K to India also mandates plebiscite in the united J&K  which reads as -


“[the question of Accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government's wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State's Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”.

One more thing the PDM, especially its present Head the Maulana should understand that in order to get the resignation of illegitimate Imran government and for getting fresh elections (by allowing Nawaz too to contest the election), the peaceful agitation (public meetings, demonstrations, long marches etc) are enough and in no case the PDM should think of unnecessarily & dangerously provoking Pak military (as Maulana did when he said that Pak military will face the fate of the military of the USA in Afghanistan, if it confronts the militant-Jihadis of Maulana).

It is hoped that the PDM will take its agitation seriously by realizing that the vital interests of the entire world are at stake on what is presently going-on in Pakistan where war (hopefully cold) between Western democracy v/s Chinese democracy has now entered its crucial phase after registration of FIR in Lahore police station regarding the offenses of sedition etc against over 40 office bearers of PML-N

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