USA shouldn’t allow its Prez, VP, Congress candidates to ignore impending nuclear war between ‘missionary’ Sino-Pak against India mainly for united-J&K. By Hem Raj Jain


Like many other democratic countries, the USA has also distorted the federal structure of the State.  In any federal set-up the martial subjects are handled by the Fed whereas civilian matters by State governments. But in the USA, it is pathetic to see the country ignorant & unconcerned even during campaign for 2020 elections about the most important martial subject (its foreign policy) while three nuclear countries namely China, India and Pakistan are inching towards war mainly on united-J&K which will adversely affect the vital interests of the USA too. Therefore, the people in the USA shouldn’t allow its President, Vice-President and Congress candidates in 2020 elections to ignore this issue, as mentioned below: -

(1)- On October 12 the Indian defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that earlier it was Pakistan but now China has also joined it as if under some ‘mission’ they are creating border disputes & tension with India as reported at . This is the indication that the already explosive situation at the Indo-China border has exacerbated further.

(2)-Without the instigation of the USA the Government of India (GoI) could not have done what it did on August 5, 2019 (when it changed special status of J&K and converted this State into two Union Territories) and the GoI could not have offended China by joining QUAD which has resulted in present military stand-off between China & India as China has taken pre-emptive military action to safeguard the CPEC hence is refusing to restore status-quo-ante at Eastern Ladakh as mentioned at

(3)- To make the matter worst now the war between Western democracy v/s Chinese democracy has entered its crucial phase in Pakistan where the 11 opposition political parties (members of Pakistan Democratic Movement, the PDM) are agitating for removal of Imran government and for fresh elections of National & State Assemblies as mentioned at

(4)- The situation in Pakistan has not improved by the Lahore police removing some offences and over 40 office bearers of PML-N (except former PM Nawaz) from the FIR as reported at . The major charges of sedition etc are still in FIR and the name of any of these over 40 office bearers of PML-N can always be brought back in FIR either by police (when it finds ‘credible evidence’) or through court order which can be procured (on the instigation of ruling party) by the complainant by contesting said name removal of the accused.

(5)- Though there is about 7,000 kilometer of border which India shares with China and Pakistan and this war will spill-over in some areas of NAME region too due to Iran - Saudi Arabia factor but the main war will happen for militarily snatching remaining united-J&K from India which China will also like as it will protect CPEC from any obstruction from India in future (by dividing united-J&K between China and Pakistan).  Moreover Pakistan government is highly likely to go to war with India in order to gain the victory against the ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ which is presently agitating the country.

(6)- In order to avoid nuclear flare in Indo-China-Pak region the people in the USA should ensure that the President, Vice-President and Congress candidates in 2020 US elections debate this issue intensively & extensively and ask its friend India to do the following, without any further delay: -

(A)- The Indo-China border dispute is a legal dispute unlike India's dispute with Pakistan (which is a political dispute about united-J&K). Hence the USA should ask India to refer this Indo-China border dispute to the ‘UN Judicial Commission’ which China cannot refuse as a permanent member of the UN. [It is like resolving a dispute between two parties in a country. In India the Executive Magistrate maintains status-quo of disputed property and directs the contending parties (under section 145 of Criminal Procedure Code) to get the title decided by civil court which will justify the possession]. The USA should issue a threat to China that if it obstructs said ‘UN Judicial Commission’ through veto etc then the USA will constitute a new world body without China.

(B)- Regarding India’s problems with Pakistan the USA should understand that these are the result of the problem of communalism in Greater-India which resulted in partition of India in 1947 and also in chronic & gory Kashmir problem. These can be solved by two mechanisms. First by Dual Citizenship in Greater-India and second by plebiscite in united-J&K as mentioned below: -

(i)- About 1 million were reportedly killed and about 15 million displaced in most gory situations due to partition. There was no legal provision for population transfer due to partition hence these tens of millions of displaced (due to violence) people should have been rehabilitated in their native country. This illegal population transfer (due to violence) is the main cause of communally poisoning and of emboldening the communal forces in Indian subcontinent. Now at least these displaced people should be given dual citizenship so that communalism can be eliminated from Greater India. This will also make redundant the controversial & communal (and main cause of 2020 riots in Delhi in presence of Prez Trump) the ‘Citizen Amendment Act’ of India (along with threatened ‘National Register for Citizens’).

(ii)- The USA should ask India to work for dual citizenship (one for India and other for Pakistan or Bangladesh) for about 160 million Hindus and Muslims (~ 80 million Hindus and same for Muslims) who were displaced during partition [about 20 % of their population (Hindus) from each of Pakistan and Bangladesh were expelled whereas Muslims remain same rather increased little to about 14 % in India not to talk of tens of millions of Muslim illegal immigrants in India mainly from Bangladesh]. The USA should also ensure (militarily if necessary) that these Hindus & Muslims who utilize dual citizenship in other country are able to live over there in proper law & order conditions which will ensure their human rights as enshrined in ICCPR of the UN.

(iii)- India should ensure Plebiscite in united-J&K not only as per UN resolution but also as mandated by the ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) the relevant part of which reads as -“[the question of Accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government's wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State's Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”. For this plebiscite the USA should ensure that India brings the Pakistan side of united-J&K under its administrative control (and also free from outsiders) as mentioned in IoA.

(iv)- During said takeover of remaining united-J&K by India for plebiscite and during the achievement of dual citizenship if situation arises then the USA should facilitate the realization in first stage of Greater-India (and may be SAARC in second stage) on the basis of secularism, democracy, federalism and rule-of-law. This will also solve the problem of CPEC / Gwadar port to the satisfaction of the USA.

It is hoped that in its own interest too, the USA (a)- Will constrain its President, Vice-President and Congress candidates in 2020 elections to intensively & extensively debate the impending nuclear flare-up in Indo-China-Pak region and (b)- Will further ensure that its friend India does the above mentioned in order to find a just solution to border disputes of India with China & Pakistan which only will effectively avoid said nuclear flare-up.

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