GB elections right occasion for Maryam to solve (also the objectives of PDM) Pak’s political problems through united-J&K. By Hem Raj Jain


In Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) which is a part of united J&K the election campaign is going-on where PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz) presently led by Maryam Nawaz is also campaigning. At the same time Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has been carrying out agitation (through Jalsa etc) since September for fresh elections and civil supremacy in Pakistan.

In the Jalsas (public meetings) of  the PDM  Nawaz Sharif, the head of PML-N  through his tele-speech from London, has taken a position that Pak military (by naming Army Chief General Bajwa and ISI chief General Faiz) have been interfering in the politics of Pakistan and is responsible for illegally installing PM Imran in office by denying political rights of the people of Pakistan (by pressurizing judiciary to deliver illegal judgments) first by getting PM Nawaz removed from the office of PM (which was termed as ‘judicial coup’ by national & international media) and then disqualifying him from contesting election and from holding party position. The PDM also accuses Pak military for rigging the 2018 elections.

As was expected the PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) is shaking in its commitment (as told by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to BBC in an interview) to this stand of PDM by taking an excuse that Nawaz is targeting the Idara (institution) of Pak military and its top leadership. The PPP seems to have forgotten that about half of time in Pakistan after its independence in 1947 the military has directly ruled Pakistan and no General (or a group of top brass of military) ruled Pakistan on their personal strength & power but by the support of the entire institution of the Pak military (also due to the reason that rank & file of military are trained to follow the orders of their seniors ‘blindly’) . Therefore to think that merely a handful of Generals, Brigadiers etc were responsible for martial law / military rule in Pakistan then it  is a wrong narrative.

In such a situation the PDM (may be minus PPP and some minor members of the PDM) will have to change its future policy (as given below) if it wants to succeed in keeping Pak military away from the politics of Pakistan which is the legitimate arrangement in any democracy: -

(1)- The deciding factor for the success of the  PDM will be JUI-F led by Maulana who is also the Chief of PDM and PML-N because these two members of the PDM are expected to provide most of the people (cadre) on ground for constraining the government through agitations (including fill the prisons) for fresh elections.

(2)- When the PDM is trying to dislodge Pak military from politics it should know that Pak military will not allow it so easily also due to the reason that Pak military has been able to keep its strangulating influence on Pak politics due to the unresolved Kashmir problem by raising the bogey of Indian threat.

(3)- Fortunately for the PDM, it can also use the Kashmir card against Pak military to keep it away from Pak politics. Here PML-N led by Maryam Nawaz can be the deciding factor for the simple reason that it is ruling in Azad J&K.

(4)- The PDM especially Maryam during her election campaign in GB should declare that the PDM (mainly PML-N) will take-up a million march (comprising mainly but not exclusively the people of Pakistani side of J&K including Gilgit-Baltistan) by crossing the LoC (in a peaceful march for filling the prisons) towards Srinagar by demanding plebiscite in united J&K which is not only as per UN-Resolution but also as mandated by the IoA of J&K to India which reads as –

“[ it is my Government’s wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State’s Accession should be settled by a reference to the people: Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”.

(5)- This million march to Srinagar by the PDM (mainly by PML-N) will be the most desirable & effective way of solving not only the Kashmir problem but also the political problems of Pakistan (namely the interference of Pak military in Pak politics) because it will be a no-violent & peaceful way of solving these problems. It does not require a genius of political science to know that the declaration (especially by Maryam) of this million march to Srinagar by the PDM from the soil of Gilgit-Baltistan will change the political scenario of not merely the GB or of AJK or of Indian side of J&K (including Ladakh) but also of entire Indian subcontinent & of the entire world (due to China factor too) in such a way that the success of the PDM will be guaranteed.

(6)- Meanwhile Maryam should understand that unless Nawaz, Shahbaz, Zardari etc are tried [for charges (if any) of corruption, assets beyond declared source of income, money laundering etc] as per legitimate legal practices all over the world especially in liberal & free world, the PDM will not be able to achieve its objectives. Therefore while carrying out the PDM’s said million march to Srinagar Maryam should ensure that writ petitions in Supreme Court are filed for reviewing its orders for disqualifying Nawaz from PM office and from contesting elections and from holding the office of his party PML-N.

(7)- Whether (while trying to cross the LoC peacefully) the participants of this million march to Srinagar are arrested by the security / armed forces of Pakistan or of India, in either or both the cases the objectives of this million march and of the PDM will be served effectively, without doubt.

(8)- It will go a long way in establishing the credibility of Maryam / PDM and in achieving the objectives of this million march if Maryam / PDM appeals to the people of not only the Indian side of J&K (including Ladakh) but also from rest of India to come in person to LoC to receive / welcome at LoC this million march of PDM to Srinagar. It should not be a surprise to Maryam / PDM that still there are majority of people in Hindu majority India who simply not only want to see the sufferings (due to unresolved chronic & gory Kashmir problem) of the people of J&K to come to an end but also have nothing but goodwill & love in their hearts for Pakistanis. 

It is hoped Maryam will  realize a simple fact that destiny rarely brings such opportunity in the life of individual politicians where they can contribute a lion share in shaping the political scenario of their country, the region and even of the world in a most desirable way (peacefully through non-violence) in this case by taking-up said million march to Srinagar for ENFORCING the plebiscite in united-J&K where millions of Indians will also be there at LoC to receive this million march led by Maryam / PDM leadership.  


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