Trump instead of conceding should save sanctity of electoral process by three measures. By Hem Raj Jain


The 2020 elections (for President, vice-President, Senate, House etc) where postal ballots were allowed is nothing but farce. Legally a postal ballot is no ballot because a person is required to go in person to cast the vote before presiding officer of the polling booth like a person going to a Court to file the complaint or petition or suit before the presiding officer of the Court or a member of Congress is required to to go in person before Presiding officer (Speaker of House or Chairman of Senate) to resign.

These IN PERSON requirement is legally necessary for ensuring the free & fair expression of their intent especially when it comes to the matters related to STATE POWER which somebody wants to either invoke (through Court or criminal proceedings) or wants to send his representative to National / State Legislatures through voting where they will make laws ( which will influence STATE POWER)  or wants to give up the responsibility of making laws (of influencing STATE POWER) by resigning from Congress and other Legislatures.

Postal ballots are allowed only for those people who are in government services working in places which are out of their constituencies but their postal ballots also are not sent directly rather are routed through their departments. Due to Corona -pandemic the one day for voting can be extended to more days (even 30 days) so that people can go in person to nearby polling booths (in a county or city office etc) so that less persons go for casting vote per day in order to ensure social / physical distancing.

The President of the USA is not merely a candidate of a political party or merely the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the USA but also the Head of the State of the USA hence responsible for ensuring that the casting of votes doesn't happen as a farce (like illegal postal ballots), in such a vital matter to democracy. Therefore, Prez Trump should immediately take following three measures in the interest of saving the sanctity of electoral process in the USA: -

(1)- Prez Trump should immediately declare a national emergency in the USA by saying that postal ballots has destroyed the sanctity of electoral process hence it needs to be saved by fresh elections without postal ballots rather by voting in person.

(2)- Under emergency powers, Prez Trump should simultaneously move the US Supreme Court directly (i)- To get declared all the 2020 elections in the USA null & void because  postal ballots have been used and (ii)- To get immediate fresh elections ordered in the USA without postal ballots. 

(3)- Prez Trump should ask his political party the Republicans (GOP) to launch a cell at GOP headquarter which (by using computerized network) will take daily & emergency reports from the office-bearers of GOP in all the about 3, 200 counties in the USA regarding law & order situation in their counties during said national emergency and about what they are doing to maintain peace and law & order in their counties.

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