Democrat Biden should declare, wouldn’t enter White House through criminalization of bureaucracy. By Hem Raj Jain


The allegations of massive voter fraud in the USA as are being revealed not only through public statements of various Republican leaders but also as shown on TV through public hearings of these alleged voter frauds in so-called battleground States, should be a matter of concern to everyone living in the USA. Hence Democrat Joe Biden should immediately declare that he wouldn’t like to enter the White House through criminalization of bureaucracy if allegations by Trump & Republicans of massive voter fraud are true, in view of and as mentioned below: -

(1)- First and foremost the USA should understand that the Words (Logos in Western civilization) or ‘Shabd’ (the ‘Brahm’ as in Indian civilization) have their own power and dynamics and no one can flourish by flouting & violating their sanctity, rather these are the most powerful tools in the hands of the human beings which have made the mankind so powerful (as compared to other living beings) on this earth. This is the reason rule-of-law is given so much importance in State matters. The USA has gone one step further in this regard and has given preference to the Legislatives as compared to Executives in the hierarchy of its Constitution.  

(2)- The USA should also understand that the days of American predominance in this world is not beyond doubt especially when the Chinese democracy (based on authoritarian Communist regime) is threatening the liberal secular Western democracy led by the USA all across the world (especially in developing world which is majority of the human beings ) as mentioned at . This threat of Chinese democracy has come even at the doors of the USA as Monroe doctrine will not protect the USA for long as mentioned at

(3)- But the USA has neglected rule-of-law also at international level which is evident if only NAME region is considered which is bleeding & weeping profusely due to lack of faith of the USA in denuclearization (with serious threat to world peace as a consequence) as mentioned at  but also the way the USA (i)- Has supported and protected the illegal & criminal activities of Israel  which has expelled the natives (Philistinians who have nothing to do with holocaust) from their motherland (and now being fooled in the name of absurd two State solution) (ii)- Has allowed bloodshed in Syria, Yemen etc though peace can be brought there easily through elections under secular constitution.

(4)- To make the matter worse, the USA has allowed the murder of rule-of-law in the USA by allowing tens of millions of illegal immigrants to roam freely and steal the jobs of legal resident of the USA and even by voting (fraudulently) in the various elections in the USA. To be fair to Democrats the Republicans also have been complicit in this thorough criminalization of the USA through massive presence of illegal immigrants on its soil notwithstanding absurd policy of Prez Trump who tried ludicrously to handle the problem of illegal immigrants by way of making a wall across the Southern border. Mostly very less importance is given to the human rights of these millions of illegal immigrants which are being denied to them due to their lack of legal status. The right course of action is to identify and track them and then demand their deportation from their native country and if these offending countries do not take them back then to demand (under military pressure) equitable territory or exclusive mineral rights from these offending countries in lieu of giving legal status in the USA to these illegal immigrants after imposing reasonable fine on them.

(5)- The USA should remain under no delusion and instead should realize that the massive violation of rule-of-law at national & international level will ultimately weaken the position of the USA as a leader of the free world which will create serious problems for the well being of the USA itself. To make matters worse, even the electoral process (sine-qua-non for any democracy) in the USA has come into serious question. It is intriguing & shocking that it has been allowed to become a party matter.  

(6)- If practically half the USA (Republicans) is alleging this massive voter fraud then it is surprising that Joe Biden and Democrats are pooh-poohing it as merely a party matter. Surprisingly even Republicans are talking about voter fraud in  the election of Trump as if this massive election fraud did not affect adversely the other candidates of the Senates & Houses of Fed & States, Governors etc.

(7)- The first act of an illegal-immigrant in the USA is to indulge in criminal activity by way of entering the USA illegally. The Americans are sure that Joe Biden will not like to enter the White House through the criminal acts of the US-bureaucracy & others who allowed and colluded in this alleged massive voter fraud and which Democrat Biden is not taking seriously to find out and rectify.

(8)- Some people may say that the judiciary will ultimately decide whether these allegations by Trump & Republicans of massive electoral fraud are true or not. But it is not that simple in the USA because (i)- The presiding officers of the judiciary are appointed on political lines hence it is impractical to expect bi-partisan judgements from the judiciary especially in such a politically polarized atmosphere (ii)- The silence of Biden and Democrats against alleged massive voter frauds is poisoning said  polarized political atmosphere further.

(9)- If these allegations of massive voter fraud are found to be true then the USA (including Democrats & Republicans) should eliminate postal ballot because apart from its susceptibility for voter fraud it is illegitimate in the first place. Legally a postal ballot is no ballot because a person is required to go in person to cast the vote before presiding officer of the polling booth like a person going to a Court to file the complaint or petition or suit before the presiding officer of the Court or a member of Congress is required to to go in person before Presiding officer (Speaker of House or Chairman of Senate) to resign. These IN PERSON requirement is legally necessary for ensuring the free, fair and serious expression of their solemn intent because these are  matters related to STATE POWER which somebody wants to either invoke (through Court or criminal proceedings) or wants to send his representative to National / State Legislatures through voting where they will make laws ( which will influence STATE POWER)  or wants to give up the responsibility of making laws (of influencing STATE POWER) by resigning from Congress and other Legislatures. The solemn expression of intent in person is required in another equally important field too. For a valid marriage, man & women are required to say in person before the Father of Church or before the Registrar of marriage that they want to become husband  & wife and they can’t send this consent / vow through post.  

Therefore in order to protect the precious democracy (which is the most powerful ideology in contemporary world) in the USA, Democrat Biden should immediately declare (preferably through press conference) that (i)- He would not like to enter White House through criminalization of bureaucracy etc if allegations by Trump & Republicans of massive voter fraud are found to be true (ii)- Hence he will wait sincerely & earnestly for final  judicial verdict on this extremely important matter of rule-of-law and (iii)- He & his party the Democrats will demand and work for the elimination of postal ballots (except for government servants away from their constituencies) for all the future elections in the USA.  

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