Trump should not sign TPSA 2020 into law as it befools Tibetans and India when China likely to try for no-border with India mainly through Khalistan. By Hem Raj Jain


The USA should take seriously the on-going war between liberal Western democracy against authoritarian Communist Chinese democracy. 

The ‘Central Tibetan Administration’ (CTA) is dancing (  ) because the US Congress and CTA President Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay have been able to befool the Tibetans and India and to give unnecessary over importance to Dalai Lama by passing the ‘Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020’ (TPSA 2020). Therefore Prez Trump should not sign this TPSA 2020 into law as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost Trump should realize that TPSA 2020 is meant merely (i)- To buttress the CTA at Dharamshala in the State of Himachal Pradesh of India and not for achieving independence of Tibet and (ii)- To give undue importance to Dalai Lama who is singularly one person responsible for creating confusion among Tibetans by way of establishing government-in-exile in India and at the same time always talking about Tibet being part of China.

(2)- This is evident also from what CTA says on its website that - “[It is a historic achievement for the Tibetan movement as the TPSA makes it official United States policy that decisions regarding the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama are exclusively within the authority of the current Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist leaders and the Tibetan people]” and “[“By passing the TPSA, Congress has sent its message loud and clear that Tibet remains a priority for the United States and that it will continue its steadfast support for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the CTA]” and “[It formally acknowledges the CTA as the legitimate institution reflecting the aspirations of the Tibetan diaspora around the world and the Sikyong as the President of the CTA]”.

(3)- The CTA website also says that - “[The CTA President Sangay, left Dharamsala and came to the US back in November, with the sole purpose to push the bill. President Sangay has been in the capital city with the Office of Tibet, Washington, D.C. , the past few days for the final passage of TPSA]” and the ICT, RTYC, SFT, Tibetan-American associations, particularly in New York and New Jersey, and all community vigorously lobbied on the Hill to gain support for the bill]”. Prez Trump should further realize that had these Tibetans tried similarly to get bill (initiated by Scott Perry) passed then by this time the bill for the independence of Tibet would have been passed which is the only solution for the problems the USA, Tibetans  & India are facing from China as mentioned at -  or

(4)- Trump should further realize that if Tibetans are thinking that without addressing the legitimate concerns of India (rather by harming the vital interests of India) the Tibetans will be able to get any relief / benefit from the USA then they are living in their make believe world. Tibetans should know that in view of the on-going farmer’s agitation in India (which has salivated the Khalistanis) it has created a situation where due to Indo-US strategic & military partnership, China (with tacit approval of Russia) and with the active support of Khalistanis (operating from USA & its allies Canada, UK etc) and of Pakistan , may try for no-border with India as mentioned at: -

(5)- Trump should also take this possibility of Khalistan in view of the fact that in on-going global ideological war, due to India authoritarian Communist China has an advantage over the leader of liberal Western democracy, the USA. Moreover  Khalistan can easily adopt Chinese democracy (the proven political model for Asia to achieve fastest economic progress) by replacing ‘Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’ with a representative body of all the Sikh religious places ( Gurdwaras etc) of Khalistan [which is in accordance with the concept of  ‘Miri - Piri’ (temporal power and spiritual authority) of Sikhism].

(6)- The situation for India has become further difficult because the Government of India is doing the unnecessary, irresponsible & dangerous drama and is neither serious (i)- About modernization of agriculture nor (ii)- About imparting justice to farm laborers (who provide major part of the real hard manual work in agriculture of India and not the so-called farmers, the “Ann-data”) and to economically humble Indians (through comprehensive PDS) nor (iii)- About eradication of corruption regarding evasion of huge tax money by fake farmers, as mentioned at -

(7)- Trump should appreciate that in the present situation only the independence of Tibet (as per bill of Scott Perry) is the solution which suits the USA, Tibetans (especially living in China and not merely the Tibetan diaspora around the world which CTA is trying to cater). Whereas the talks in TPSA 2020 about Consulate in Lhasa (or even $ 8 million for Tibetan communities in the Tibet Autonomous Region and in other Tibetan communities in China; $6 million for Tibetan communities in India and Nepal; $3 million to strengthen the capacity of Tibetan institutions and governance in exile; over $3.4 million and $4 million respectively for Voice of America’s and Radio Free Asia’s reporting on Tibet and Tibetans; $1 million for Office of the United States Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, among others) etc are all meaningless when independence of Tibet is the main objective. Rather this TPSA 2020 is diversionary and harms not only the main objective of the Tibetans (the independence of Tibet) but also of India which in the given situation (when China may try for no-border with India) can be helped by the USA & by Tibetans only by the independence of Tibet which will ensure no-border of India with China .

Therefore the USA should take seriously the on-going war between liberal Western democracy against authoritarian Communist Chinese democracy hence Prez Trump should not allow the CTA to betray India / Modi Government (which has always considered Trump-administration as its friend) by signing the TPSA 2020 into law and instead Prez Trump should not sign this meaningless & diversionary TPSA 2020 and tell the US Congress and the CTA (and NGOs of Tibetan Diaspora in the USA) to work for the passing of bill by Congressman Scott Perry for the independence of Tibet.

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