US wouldn’t be same for better if Trump REALLY launches political party. By Hem Raj Jain


As per US-prominent media, the WSJ - “Mr. Trump has mused to associates that he is interested in starting a new political party, which he has said he wants to call the Patriot Party” (as reported at ). If the former US Prez Trump really starts a new political party then the USA would not remain the same for better, if this political party is based upon Christianity, Americanism and anti-Chinese-democracy as mentioned below:-

(1)- First and foremost Trump should realize that this situation is a blessing in disguise for him. Because he has experience of US-Presidency which will be most valuable in running his new political party and at the same time denial of White House to him in the second term will keep him motivated to become relevant and important again in the political life of the USA.

(2)- One more thing Trump should understand that he will be able to attract most of the genuine members of Republican Party (GoP) and even others to his new party only when he sticks to his stated position that President Biden may be legally in the White House but not legitimately (due to fraudulent 2020 US-elections as alleged by him and by many office bearers and members of GoP) and he should publicly declare that his new party will see to it that fresh free & fair elections are carried out as soon as possible (within an year or two if not in few months) in the USA with ‘paper ballots in person’ and manual counting (as he also demanded).

(3)- The people all over the world (especially economically & socially humble) understand the difference between legality and legitimacy. In the largest democracy India, many times the women from ‘oppressed caste’ are raped (even gang-raped) and murdered by ‘upper caste’ people but the Courts declare that she was  not raped and she committed suicide but the people (some times even her family member) who witness such happening, know better.

(4)-  But Trump’s political party will fair better and he will be able to contribute creatively & objectively to the wellbeing of the leader of free world, the USA when he will realize that presently the biggest threat the USA and rest of the world (which is practicing liberal secular Wester democracy) facing is from the authoritarian Chinese - democracy (as Chinese Prez calls it) which is attracting (by example) the majority of the mankind from developing countries due to rapid economical rise of Communist China (itself a country from undeveloped Asia) .

(5)- In the contemporary world dominated by modern science & technology (which requires free mind)  only those countries can progress which practices democracy (with free & fair elections) & secularism because these make the people free from the authority of the arbitrary coercive power of State (earlier used by Kings / Emperors and dictators) and medieval religions. Trump should realize that Western democracy could not succeed in developing countries (which is being lured by Chinese-democracy) because religion of these countries is the biggest hurdle in their progress. For example in Muslim countries the medieval Islam interferes in State maters  (even so in India though de-jure secular bur de-facto is increasingly becoming communal under the pressure of Hindutva forces). Because these religions do not believe in keeping religion separate from the State (Contrary to what is, in Western Christian countries) it will be impossible to make liberal secular democracy successful in these countries unless the Christianity is allowed to be propagated freely & peacefully as per the freedom of religion (which will provide healthy competition to native religions). For this, the party of Trump should declare that it will work for replacing the optional protocol OP-1  of the ICCPR by the mandatory protocol MP-1 with provision of even military intervention by the UN if an erring country flouts the human rights (including freedom of  religion).

(6)- The leader of the free world, the USA have so far failed in making Western democracy successful in developing world because most of these political leaders erroneously tried to sell the so-called ‘American-dream’ and not the ‘Americanism’. There is not sufficient space in this article to enumerate various measure in the interest of ‘Americanism’ hence few are given below:-

(i)-  Nothing has damaged the political culture and rule-of-law of the USA than millions of illegal immigrants in the USA. Trump should not bring his ego in this matter and should forget what he tried to do as President (namely the wrong policy of walls at border)  to solve this problem. Instead Trump should declare that his new political party will work for identification, tracking and then deportation of these illegal immigrants (under military threat). If their native country refuses to accept these illegal immigrants then the USA should demand exclusive mineral rights from their native counties in lieu of granting legal status to these illegal immigrants in the USA (after imposing reasonable fine on them) so that their human rights are not denied to them any more.

(ii)- The health-care system for economically humble people is wanting in the USA. This is the reason that over 415,000  people who died in the USA from the Corona-pandemic are mostly from economically humble backgrounds. Hence Trump should declare that his party will work for ‘Employees State Insurance’ in which employees (from organized as well as unorganized sector of the economy), their employers and the governments (to some extent) will contribute the funds for these and these ESIs will be  managed by the representatives (including elected) of these contributors (every member of this ESI will get free treatment for all types of sickness)

(iii)- Thus far the housing sector in the USA has worked more or less satisfactorily but in this age of IT revolution (when service sector has become and will increasingly become predominant) the mobility of the working age population is increasing at alarming scale hence owning a house is becoming a liability. Therefore Trump should declare that this new party will adopt the policy where the Governments will start constructing and  owning residential houses which will be given on rent to be decided by the ‘Rent Commission’. It is hoped that Trump will come out of his irrational fad of using only private capital in the USA especially when the USA has incurred tens of trillions of Dollars of public debt (the State-capital born out of unbridled fiscal deficits) and has practically squandered it.

(iv)- Trump should realize that the ‘unemployment benefits’ in the USA are causing a lot of genuine heart burns in employed  people because these earning people think that in many cases people do not want to work even if there is a work (in houses etc). Therefore Trump should declare that his party will work for starting ‘Employment Exchanges’ where people looking out for some workers / employees can give their requirement and ‘unemployment benefits’ should be given only to those people who get NOC from such employment exchanges that there is no job available for them.

(v)- Substantial part of the problem of unemployment in the USA is mainly due to the reason that (despite the USA being the country of migrants) the people have given up the most important value of Americanism, the ‘Mobility’ and they want employment (during their working age when they can easily move) only in the USA. Trump’s new party should declare that it will work for getting laws enacted which will allow / constrain American companies in foreign countries to employ some (10 to 15 %) of employees from the US - citizens (by keeping wages in the USA & local conditions in such foreign countries in mind).

(vi)- If the USA does not make democracy relevant to the ordinary people then Western democracy will lose to Chinese democracy. This new political party of Trump will not succeed if it runs on the pattern his previous party GoP has been running. This will be the most difficult task for Trump who never worked for his political party and got the Presidential candidacy from the GoP mainly on the basis of his money. Once Trump got the candidacy the remaining funds for his 2016 election he could easily get from big business. It is hoped that by this time Trump must have realized that the main reason for the failure of Western democracy is the role of big money which is allowed to play a dominant role in the elections as in the USA, the leader of the free world which is responsible for propagating Western democracy all across the world. How much huge money is required for US-Presidential election can be gauged from the statement of Hillary Clinton who as Secretary of State visited India and during a press talk (when asked whether she will be next Presidential candidate) said that it is impossible as she does not have so much money (it is a different matter that she could manage so much money and contested Presidential election in 2016).

(vii)- The main reason for the politics of any democracy coming under the influence of big money is the simple reason that money for election is spent not by his / her party but by the candidate which he / she mostly does not have. It is a matter of common sense that a person will mainly work for those who spend money for his / her election.  The elected representatives will work for the party if the party spends money for their election whereas they will work for big money if big money spends money for their election. In most of the democracies across the world party funding is not transparent. Moreover even companies are allowed to contribute money to political parties and their candidates whereas natural persons (Company's shareholders, the owner of the company) are there who only should be allowed to give money for politics. This is an unethical practice because legal persons are invoked only when natural persons are not available. Hence Trump should declare that his new party will work for banning contributions by corporations to political parties and their candidates and all the funding to political parties will be legally made transparent.

(viii)- There is one more serious problem which Trump’s new party should address. Though unfairly GoP and its leaders have been accused of violence / prejudice against African Americans by Whites even in those States where people elect Democrats in office. But this is also a fact that this racial prejudice exists in the USA as was evident by the case of Floyd in May 2020 at Minnesota who was not only killed by a White Policeman but this murder was also witnessed by other White Policemen who watched passively and did not stop this murder by their White colleague. The above mentioned system of political parties  (with inner party democracy and transparent funding with party offices in areas for all territorial office bearers) will go a long way in eliminating this racial prejudice from the USA.

It is hoped that Trump will launch his new political party based upon Christianity, Americanism and anti-Chinese-democracy which will bring peace prosperity and justice to not only to the USA but to rest of the world too (especially undeveloped and practicing liberal secular Western democracy)

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