Biden should ponder, how can Western democracy succeed against Chinese democracy if USA & India can’t manage democratic protests. By Hem Raj Jain


The US-president Joe Biden must be knowing that Chinese democracy (as Chinese Prez Xi calls it) has posed a serious threat to Western democracy especially in the developing world (by way of example) because despite being an Asian country China has achieved spectacular economic progress through the authoritarian Communist political model. This has created an unprecedented problem for the leader of the free world, the USA because if the USA does not wake-up to this new challenge then most of the developing world will come under the influence of Chinese democracy and that will disturb / harm the entire economic, strategic and military calculations of the Western world led by the USA. The developments of the last three weeks in the most powerful democracy, the USA and in the largest democracy, India regarding democratic protests (which is one of the most important pillar on which Western democracy is based) have raised very serious questions which Biden should take cognizance of, as mentioned below, if the USA wants Western democracy to succeed against Chinese democracy,:-

(1)- Former Prez Trump, many people’s representatives, office bearers and members of Republican party (GoP) and many attorney generals in the States were alleging that the US elections 2020 were fraudulent especially in 8 swing States namely Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. They went to Courts also which did not support GoP on this matter but the GoP was not satisfied and on January 6 through a public meeting Trump asked the GoP to protest in front of Congress (at Capitol) which is as per democratic rights of the people (that too, as per GoP,  to protect the sine-qua-non for democracy, the free & fair elections).

(2)- The people all over the world in democracies are allowed to demonstrate / protest before Parliaments / Congress and the law & order enforcement machinery (security forces) regulates such protests / demonstrations. But these security forces could not maintain law & order at the Capitol with the result these protesters entered the Capitol and indulged in violence. At a public meeting before White House, Trump only asked his supporters on January 6 to go to Capitol to demonstrate in order to give support and moral courage to the Congressmen in the interest of correcting said alleged voter fraud (such protest before the Capitol is a legitimate democratic right of the GoP, notwithstanding what Courts say about alleged voter fraud).

(3)- Trump did not ask these supporters to enter the Capitol building or to indulge in any illegal activity / violence. Hence there should have been a proper investigation to fix the responsibility on the authorities who are responsible for the security of the Capitol  and who did not take proper measures to ensure that protesters do not enter the Capitol building. But instead of punishing these authorities (for their act of omission) who are responsible for maintaining law & order at Capitol and failed, Trump was absurdly blamed for this violence at and in the Capitol and even impeachment proceedings were ridiculously initiated against Trump in the Congress about this matter.

(4)- Similarly the security forces responsible for maintaining the law & order during protests, demonstrations etc failed to do it in India when protesting farmers carried-out a tractor-parade on January 26 in the capital of India at Delhi. Not only violence happened at many places at Delhi during this tractor-parade allegedly by outsiders (who are not part of group of farmer’s 40 trade unions which was granted permission by Police to carry out this tractor-parade) but these violent outsiders were not stopped by the police and which has harmed and disturbed the peaceful protest of these hundreds of thousands of farmers, which is going on since November 26, 2020 at Delhi (on its outer periphery) for demanding the repeal of newly legislated 3 farm-laws and for getting legally enforceable ‘Minimum Support Price’ (MSP) for some of the agriculture produce.

(5)- Not only said violence happened but an US-based separatist organization ‘Sikh For Justice’ (the SFJ, not part of these 40 farmer’s trade unions) succeeded rather allowed by security forces to succeed in getting Khalsa Flag hoisted at the Red Fort on Republic day as reported in entire national and international print /  electronic media ( also at ) This Khalsa flag was hoisted not only despite the Attorney General of India informing the Supreme Court of India on January 12, 2021 that Khalistanis have infiltrated this farmer’s protest but also despite public  declaration by the SFJ that this Khalistani organization will give handsome cash reward to any one who will hoist such flag at Red fort on Republic day. This hoisting of Khalsa flag at Red fort by shouting slogan that ‘Raj Karega Khalsa’ (Khalsa will rule India), has outraged the Indians all across the country and which has further damaged and delayed the realization of the objectives of these peacefully protesting farmers [in which about 150 farmers (in the open) have died due to severe cold weather].

(6)- Biden must be knowing that such protests, demonstrations etc are crucial for the success of any democracy especially when these are so intimately linked with the question of basic human rights (like livelihood etc) of the people. In this case the grievance of these agitating farmers (especially about MSP) is concerned with the livelihood of two third of India (the  farm-laborers + farmers with 145 million land holdings, same number of families). Due to nonremunerative prices of agriculture produce, hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide as reported in media, also at   

(7)- Biden can easily understand that if two third of India (practicing the Western democracy) is agitating for its bread while it’s neighbor China (practicing the authoritarian Communist regime) has made spectacular economic progress (which is giving sleepless nights to even the most powerful country, the USA) then what is the prospect of Western democracy in India.

(8)- Biden should also realize that the policy of the USA to use India for containing China (through QUAD etc) should be taken further ONLY by keeping the capability of India (a country whose hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets and agitating for the bare minimum survival of its two third of the population) in view, otherwise it will be a cruelty on the part of the USA of putting a burden (of costly armed purchases etc by India) on someone who is hardly capable of bearing it.

Therefore it is hoped that Prez Biden will take this challenge of Chinese democracy to Western democracy seriously and will ensure that the farmer’s agitation in India (which is about the livelihood of two third India) is resolved peacefully in a democratic way (including by democratic protests / demonstrations etc) to the satisfaction of all concerned.

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