Rahul Gandhi should know; it is not Hindutva RSS but mainly Jainism & Congress which are responsible for debilitating Indian State. By Hem Raj Jain


The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said in a public address at Tamilnadu that the 'Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh' (RSS) has destroyed the institutional balance in the country by systematically attacking elected institutions, judiciary and free press for the last  six years as reported at - https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/rss-destroyed-institutional-balance-in-country-rahul-gandhi/articleshow/81244008.cms

No doubt RSS has also contributed a bit in debilitating the Indian State but the major blame should rest with the Jainism and Congress party itself and if Rahul Gandhi is really serious about imparting good / robust health to Indian State then he along with his mother Sonia Gandhi, sister Priyanka and brother-in-law Robert Vadra (who matter in Congress party) should keep in mind the following and do as given below (as far as Jainism we are trying to bring it on right track and hope to succeed in near future)  :-

(I)- Rahul should know that whatever desirable secular, socialist (which means private-capital + State-capital in Public sector undertakings) and institutional base of Indian State we find today, is mainly due to Nehru. At the same time Nehru damaged secularism in forties itself when allowed illegal population transfer on religious basis at the time of partition (though there was no provision for population transfer in Indian Independence Act)  and in 1949 (as per even SCI in its Babri-Masjid judgement of November 2019) derelicted to get  idols of Hinduism removed from Babri Masjid which were forcefully put over there by Hindutva forces (It was only during Congress rule that Babri-Masjid was ALLOWED to be demolished)

(II)- Moreover during entire rule of Nehru Gandhi family [as Prime Ministers from this family or PM (like Dr Manmohan Singh) installed by and under control of Sonia Gandhi] the Congress imposed unjust and discriminatory reservation system by giving reservation to those caste (backwards) who once ruled in various parts of India but denying reservations to Muslims. What is worst, these reservations have been with the tag of oppressed & backward which demoralizes the beneficiary who are majority of Hindu order and which is anti-democracy for the simple reason that the demoralized people can’t run democracy because in 'Rajtantra' State runs the people whereas in 'Prajatantra' (democracy) the people run the State hence the moral of the citizens has to to be higher than of the State.

(III)- No doubt since the eighties, the RSS (along with other elements of Hindutva forces, the VHP, BJP, Shiv Sena etc) has been able to bring communal politics in India mainly through Ayodhya movement but in this matter two other religions are to be blamed. One is Islam which did not file petition in Supreme Court of India (SCI) for the restoration of status-quo-ante-of Babri Masjid and writs about other matters / laws which are discriminatory against Muslims. But the main blame should be on Jainism.

(IV)- Jainism is the only religion in this world which was started by a King (Adinath / Rishabh Dev). Tirthankara (Prophet) Mahavir is the 24th Tirthankara and is not the founder of Jainism [unlike Buddhism where Lord Budha (contemporary of Lord Mahavir) was its founder]. The idols / Pratima of Bahubali (the son of King Rishabh Dev) of 10th century A.D. is still there in Karnataka [in prominent pilgrim centre / Tirth of  Shravanabelagola where founder of Maurya empire King Chandragupta Maurya of 3rd Century B.C., the grandfather of Ashoka the great (who also followed Jainism for some time), breathed his last as Jain monk] and 3 old Pratimas are there in nearby areas too. Hence Jainism is not only based on State (which is law in present times) but also should be protector of State. But the behavior of Jains and of the religious leaders of Jainism has been wanting in this regard.

(V)- To what extent Jains have been derelict in their religious duties is evident from the case of a leading English newspaper (the Times of India) which is associated with the Sahu Jain family (which has been an important / highly respected family of Digambar Jains). ‘The Times of India’ is a part of the press about which Rahul Gandhi has shed his tears in Tamilnadu. The TOI has shaped the intellectual world of India since pre-independence days and is doing it even now but it not only added fuel to the fire of Hindutva communalism during Ayodhya movement (when through its editorial, articles etc including by Giri Lal Jain, though he was removed after some time due to this reason) but throughout its existence the TOI (headed by Sahu Jain family) has not discharged and still is not discharging its religious duty of buttressing & protecting the Indian State. 

(VI)- Nobody should make any mistake. We present day Jains will see to it that Jainism adopts its proper course where it will  buttress & protect the Indian State. But Rahul Gandhi and his family should do the following (through his party the Congress, which still crucially matters in Indian politics) if he is (and they are) really serious about restoring robust health to Indian State:-

(1)- The Congress should certainly give more importance to its members and office-bearers, Ministers, MPs, MLAs etc who have been advocates of the SCI but at the same time Congress should not forget that the SCI is technically not even a court.  Because like Delhi High Court it is under siege of Delhi Police hence people can’t approach it unrestricted. If the SCI (the most important State institution due to rule-of-law with Article 141 & 144 of the Constitution where every civil and judicial institution / authority has to work in aid of the SCI) is not fearless (and needs police protection in court) then how will it make India fearless. Hence unfortunately and presently the SCI is an institution where its judicial community knows the xyz of law without knowing abcd of it (especially criminal law which has precedence over civil laws). This is evident from the fact that despite so many advocates of the SCI in the Congress led government and in Congress Party, the Manmohan Government allowed the SCI to become law unto itself when it cancelled licenses of over hundred of companies in Spectrum case and unnecessarily hurled corruption changes on government for making public policy about allocation of natural resources (coal etc). This lapse on the part of SCI Advocates of the Congress (and of the entire Congress party) was admitted by SC-advocate Kapil Sibbal in an interview to media after Congress lost power in 2014 mainly because Congress meekly allowed Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement (which was supported mainly by the RSS) to gain credibility due to said overreach of the SCI.

(2)- Rahul (through Congress and its members) should immediately ensure the following writ petitions in the SCI:- (i)- Legally expected restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Mosque which was demolished in presence of the observer of the SCI in 1992. This petition can be filed even now despite SCI deciding the appeal in November 2019 against Muslims (ii)- Plebiscite in united J&K as mandated by 'Instrument of Accession' (IoA) by getting entire territory (including and especially with Pakistan) free from out-siders (along with working for plebiscite in Balochistan who’s IoA, unlike IoA of J&K, was obtained by Pakistan under military pressure and against resolution of its Parliament / Jirga) (iii)- Dual citizenship for about 160 million Hindus & Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who were violently displaced due to illegal population transfer and which has communalized the entire Indian subcontinent and has rendered the partition of India to a level of legal & moral fraud. Rahul should be prepared to realize at least mini-SAARC (of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan) if presently not the SAARC (which was started by former PM Rajiv Gandhi) (iv)- Getting border dispute with China settled through 'UN Judicial Commission' because dispute with China (unlike dispute with Pakistan, which is political) is legal and which China can’t refuse being a permanent member of the UN (v)- Getting all reservation laws quashed under article 13 & 14 of the Constitution which are discriminatory against Muslims (vi)- Getting anti-conversion laws (which are against the fundamental  right to freedom of religion) quashed because these  prevent conversion by absurdly saying that it is done through coercion, allurement, love-Jihad etc. (vii)- Getting anti- cow-slaughter laws quashed under article 13 & 14 of the Constitution as these are discriminatory because it protects religious sentiments of only Hindus (viii)- Quashing unconstitutional FRBM ACT and forfeiting all the public debts of Union & States governments which are above their consolidated funds in violation of Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution (ix)- Recovering about Rs 1,000 Trillion income tax from about 1 million fake farmers as mentioned at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Prominent-people-hiding-taxable-income-Jaitley/articleshow/51408323.cms

(3)- Before working for mini-SAARC Rahul Gandhi should keep two points in mind (i)- India was partitioned because (as per Maulana Azad in his biography) Patel told Gandhi that it will be easier to manage Hindu India than Hindu-Muslim India and (ii)- Congress (especially Nehru) didn’t accept formula of Jinnah about Federalism. Hence Rahul should support Federalism where merely martial subjects should be with the center and all civil subjects (including natural resources) should be with States.

(4)-  If the BJP (Hindutva forces etc) give argument that Muslims demolished a temple for constructing Mosque and if communal Hindutva forces start rousing emotions of Hindus that Muslims killed many Hindus on religious basis (which was a norm during those days) then it can be countered by the Congress with the argument that Hindus also did the same with Jains and Buddhists.

(5)- The on-going farmers agitation is concerned with about two thirds of India (farm laborers + about 146 million landholding farmers hence about equal number of households ) who are fully or partly dependent on agriculture income. The small land holdings are one of the main reasons for the problems in the agriculture sector which has not only prevented modern & mechanized farming in India but more importantly it has also denied the farm laborers the benefit of labor laws including minimum wages act. Hence the Congress should demand an increase in the land ceiling limit (with a provision that only farmers should purchase the land of farmers in order to keep the corporations from acquiring large farm land). The Congress should admit that it also neglected the problems of the agriculture sector because people in it  are mostly from the oppressed & backward castes of India and where hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicides due to non remunerative prices of agriculture produce. But the legally enforceable ‘MSP’ will also not solve the problems of the farmers because they don’t have bargaining power (being poor) and their condition will be like of poor laborers who despite ‘Minimum Wages Act’ do not get minimum wages and their contractors give less wages but get their signatures on minimum wages. Hence the real solution is a comprehensive ‘Public Distribution System’ in which the GoI will have one outlet for every 1,000 people. This will require about 14 Lakh (hundred Thousand) shops / outlets (owned by the GoI) all over India which will require a commensurate network of godowns, cold storages, purchasing centers, transport facilities etc. This will need a huge State-capital which can easily be provided by recovering said Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore Income Tax from about one million fake farmers.

(6)- If Rahul thinks that without giving an alternative of ‘Hindi Rashtra’, the Congress party can effectively defeat the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (based on medieval values of the  religion) then they are living in a make believe world. All the economically developed countries work in their native languages (USA, China, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc). Hence unless India works in its native language it can’t progress. Hindi and its variants (Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali etc) are spoken / understood by about 1475 million people from mini-SAARC of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (even Urdu uses the syntax of Hindi) but these people don’t have any right to impose Hindi on the people of South India. The South Indian languages are spoken by about 335 million people but they also don’t have any right to prevent these about 1475 million people (the same language using largest consumer market of the world) from developing Hindi in Devanagari script as their working language (in all the fields including science-technology, medicine etc). Hence the Congress should take it as a mission to develop Hindi by adopting one district in any of the Congress ruled States (which will pave the way for taking such developed Hindi in other parts of the country) where doctors, engineers, scientists etc all will start working in Hindi within a short period of one or two years.

Therefore Rahul Gandhi, while resting assured that the present day Jains will see to it that the Jainism comes on its right & envisaged track in the interest of strengthening & protecting Indian State, meanwhile the Congress party (led by the family of Rahul Gandhi) should take these matters seriously and stop OVERLY accusing the RSS and instead should do the needful, as mentioned above, for imparting robust health & meaning to Indian State.

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