US-Muslims can easily solve Palestinian’s problem by secular non-violent march for their rehabilitation through ‘One-State-solution’. By Hem Raj Jain


Muslims have tried so long to solve Palestinian problem through violent communal approach without success hence for once they should try effective no-violent secular approach.

The on-going all-out war between Israelis and Palestinians as mentioned at  may or may not be the result of wanton provocation (by Netanyahu regime) of Palestinians during Ramadan as opined at  but one thing is clear that the Israel - Palestinian problem needs a permanent solution and not meaningless & ineffective debating palliatives or Statements (in future too) from the UN as reported at .

This chronic & gory Palestinian problem (which has caused so much loss of lives blood and properties and has caused terrorism across the world) can easily be solved peacefully if US-Muslims take the lead by secular non-violent march for the rehabilitation of more than 14 million Palestinians through ‘One-State-solution’ as given below:-

(1)- First and foremost as per the laws of the USA the US-Muslims should launch a Human Rights NGO registered in the USA and also at the United Nations may be with a name ‘US - Palestinians Rehabilitation Organization’ (USPRO) with its offices all across the world and a website.

(2)-  The USPRO should display on its website that the problems of Palestinians have not been solved because people (including misguided leaders of Palestinians) have been trying to achieve absurd ‘Two-State-solution’ hence the USPRO shall work for ‘One-State-solution’ namely the ‘Secular Democratic State of  Israel-Palestine’.

(3)- On its website the USPRO should also make clear that why it believes in ‘One-State-solution’ by giving the following reasons:-

 (i)- When the USA recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Prime Minister Netanyahu on December 10, 2017 said during his visit to France that Jerusalem has been the capital not only of Jewish State of Israel but also of Jews for the last 3,000 years. As far as the history of 3,000 years, as per ‘Old Testament’ Israel does not belong to Jews (rather Jews were taken out from Egypt by Prophet Moses and were asked to capture this ‘Promised Land’ of Israel).

(ii)- By brazenly violating the terms of Balfour Declaration of 1917 (and other League of Nation's subsequent promises regarding Trusteeship), the present day Israel (from where Palestinians have been summarily driven out by force), has been justified mainly in the name of holocaust in which ~ 6 million Jews were allegedly butchered in Europe during World War II. In other words the Christian West led by the USA (instead of punishing the Christians responsible for holocaust) unnecessarily punished the Muslims (Palestinians) for holocaust though Palestinians had nothing to do with holocaust.

(iii)- Before 1917 Muslims were ~ 85.5 %,  Jews ~ 12 % and Christians & others were ~ 2.5 % in Israel-Palestine. Before 1917 there was no movement or armed struggle by Jews in or out of Israel to take Israel back from the Palestinians. Presently the population of Israel is ~ 9 million in which 75 % (~ 6.8 million) are Jews whereas there are ~ 14 million harassed Palestinians (~ 6.8 million in Palestine the West-Bank, Gaza-Strip and East Jerusalem + ~ 2.2 million in Israel + ~ 5 million registered refugees) as reported at  and

(iv)- All these Muslim Palestinians (more than Jews) are legally entitled to remain in one State of Israel-Palestine which is the only justifiable remedy for this problem. The world community expects UN member countries to have their citizens from different religions. The USA, the leader of free world is especially more in the wrong when in this 21 st century of Secularism the USA is supporting a theocratic Jewish State of Israel (therefore Two-State-solution based on religion should be discarded in favor of One-State-solution for Jews and Palestinians)

(4)- The USPRO should display on its website (with day to day information to the US-government and to the UN) the program for the peaceful march of more than 10 million people who will enter Israel-Palestine [~ 5  million volunteers (of USPRO from all over the world who will accompany Palestine refugees on one to one basis) + ~ 5 million Palestine refugees + even other Palestinians (living in other countries of Europe, USA etc) who were constrained to leave their motherland due to violence and other harassments and now want to go back to their motherland].

(5)- Not only the oil rich Muslim countries and Muslims from all over the world but non-Muslims should also be asked by USPRO to contribute funds for this peaceful march. The USPRO should have its ordinary members and members in its executive committee and office bearers all across the world from Muslims & non-Muslims in order to make it a secular affair.

(6)- From their countries  the expenses (for travelling, food during transit, transit camps etc) of volunteers and refugees should be taken care of by USPRO. These more than 10 million people [~ 5 million volunteers + ~ 5 million Palestine refugees + other Palestinians], should enter Israel-Palestine at about 10 entry points @ ~ one hundred thousand persons per day (total for all entry points) in a peaceful non-violent march (to offer the arrest in presence of international media) so that the government of Israel can arrange their arrest and accommodation in prisons in a smooth manner in a period of about four months.

(7)- Once these more than ten million people are accommodated in prisons by government of Israel then USPRO should call a meeting to discuss further course of action in the interest of rehabilitating all the more than 14 million Palestinians in one state of Israel-Palestine and also to get ~ 5 million volunteers freed from the prisons of Israel-Palestine and for sending them back to their respective countries (the expenses for all these to be born by USPRO).

It is hoped that the Muslims in the USA (who can do it easily and in a better way than other Muslims or governments Muslim countries) will endeavor to permanently solve the chronic & gory Palestinian problem with justice in a secular non-violent way by launching a human rights NGO (the USPRO) which will take-up peaceful march, as mentioned above, for the rehabilitation of more than 14 million Palestinians in ‘One Secular Democratic State of Israel-Palestine’.

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