First major political jolt to Modi & RSS by BJP CM Yogi, has profound implications for India in becoming ‘Federal, Socialist, Hindi-Rashtra’. By Hem Raj Jain


India is stunned to see that so-called all powerful Prime Minister Narendra Modi (who could easily install his surrogates not only as Chief Ministers in Haryana etc but also in the ministries of powerful leaders of BJP like Finance Minister late Mr. Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari etc) has failed to install his surrogate in the ministry of U.P. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. For the last one month (where meetings of BJP & RSS leaders were taking place in Lucknow & Delhi for sorting out this matter) the entire print and electronic media of India was discussing and watching with holden-breath whether Yogi will succumb to Modi or not (as discussed also at )

But now yogi has turned out to be the winner because he has not taken A.K Sharma (Modi’s surrogate who was asked to resign from top civil service to join Yogi’s government) in his cabinet and got made Sharma merely one out of many vice-Presidents of U.P BJP, as reported in prominent media including in  . The said advantage to Yogi in Modi-Yogi face-off (where even RSS couldn’t do anything in Modi’s favor) has profound implications for India in becoming ‘Federal, Socialist, Hindi-Rashtra’ and for making Yogi as unchallenged leader of India as explained below:-

(1)- Modi has now become a liability for RSS and RSS has become a liability for Hinduism. Whatever could be extracted by RSS from Modi in the service of the consistent agenda of Hindutva (like Ram Mandir at the site of Babri-Masjid, abolition of Article 370 in J&K, abolition of 'Triple Talaq' for Muslim women, Citizen Amendment Act etc) has been done and now Modi is useful only if he improves the economy of India (which India now desperately needs) without which BJP can’t continue in power. But Modi has proved himself not only as a bad implementer of programs (as is evident from his dismal performance about demonetization, GST, Lockdown during Corona -1, mishandling of Corona 2 etc) but also a big failure on economic front.

(2)- There are  many  harassed communities in Pakistan and Afghanistan is bound to face political uncertainty & violence once the USA leaves it. Hence Greater-India ( from Myanmar to Afghanistan) is the only solution for this region which can address the grievances of Pashtuns, Balochs, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Rohingyas, millions of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India, Myanmarese under military rule etc . But it needs a leader in India which is acceptable to Greater-India. As far as RSS is concerned now it has also become a liability for Hinduism because under RSS the BJP can’t achieve ‘Akhand Bharat’ (Greater India) because RSS believes in two nation theory as is evident from public statements of various leaders of RSS (Hindutva forces) including PM Modi.

(3)- As is being reported in prominent media the regional leaders of BJP in various States are presently dissatisfied with central leadership of BJP which is trying to belittle & harass these regional leaders. Hence BJP will gladly accept the leadership of Yogi if he tries to achieve ‘Federal, Socialist, Hindi-Rashtra’ in first stage which will ultimately lead to Greater-India because it will ensure peace, prosperity and justice in greater India.

(4)- For federalism Yogi has to demand that only martial subjects (military, foreign affairs, currency, communication, national transport and human rights) should be with the Union / Fed whereas all the civil subjects including natural resources should be with the States  (even there should be national railways and State railways). It should be understood that Pakistan came into existence because Congress was not prepared to consider the demand of Muslim League for federalism in pre-partition India.

(5)-  Socialism is nothing but joint-capitalism where State-capital is also deployed profitably for the welfare of the people. For Socialism Yogi  has to merely issue a public Statement that Government of India (GoI) should recover the  huge State-capital (Income tax) of Rs about 1,000 Lakh Crore (Trillion) from about one million fake farmers.  as mentioned at  and

(6)- Two third of India  is fully or partly dependent on farm income and farmers were committing suicide in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence presently they are agitating for mainly the ‘Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’ (LEMSP) of presently 23 items (which farmers are demanding to increase to about 40 items including for fruits, vegetable, dairy products etc). Huge State-capital will be required by GoI to build infrastructure (like outlets, mandis, godowns, cold storages, transport facilities etc) for procuring most of these 40 items because despite laws for MSP the private players will not purchase these items at MSP (as despite ‘Minimum Wages Act’ the private contractors pay less than minimum wage and get signatures on minimum wage of the poor laborers). Same will be the fate of poor farmers also (because average land holding in India is merely less than 2 Hectares which has also denied the benefit of labor laws to farm laborers, poorest of the poor). Hence with this huge State-capital of Rs about 1,000 Trillion Yogi can ask the GoI to:-

(i)- Solve the problem of livelihood of overwhelming majority of India through LEMSP and said ‘Comprehensive Public Distribution System’ (CPDS)

(ii)- For financing ‘Modified Employees State Insurance’ (MESI,  having adequate network of dispensaries, hospitals etc all across India) in which contributions will be given by all employees (in organized & unorganized sectors of entire India who are not covered by any other medical insurance) and their employers and government and will be  managed by the representatives of employees, employers and government. How much this MESI is the need of the hour has been highlighted sufficiently during the Corona pandemic, especially during its second wave.

(iii)- For constructing residential and commercial buildings (in such residential areas) all over India which will be given on rent to be decided by ‘Statutory Rent Commission’. This will not only solve the problem of housing due to increased mobility in the growing service economy but will also go a long way in urgently solving the problem of unemployment in India.

(7)-  As far as Hindi Rashtra, Yogi being CM of UP (a Hindi speaking largest State) can contribute the maximum for it.  All the economically developed countries work in their native languages (USA, China, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc). Hindi and its variants (Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali etc) are spoken / understood by two thirds of India. Even Urdu (being already used in Pakistan and now even Afghanistan is trying to use it) uses the syntax of Hindi. Hence unless India works in its native language Hindi in Devanagari script as its working language it can’t progress. The South Indian States (which also use Sanskrit in Devanagari script in their main religion, Hinduism) can be left free to decide which language they want to work with. Yogi has to keep only one district in UP where Hindi will be used within a year or two in all the fields (including science-technology, allopathic medicine etc) and then rest of the U.P and rest of India (except maybe South) can start working in Hindi within a period of 4-5 years and even less.  

(8)- These 7 factors will go in Yogi’s favor (i)- U.P. is a politically crucial State in India hence Modi also contested elections from U.P. (Varanasi) but now he and his confidant Home Minister Amit Shah are increasingly being termed as Gujaratis whereas Yogi was born in a village in U.P. (which is now in Uttarakhand) and heads 'Gorakhnath Peeth' in U.P. (ii)- In India religious leaders gain acceptance quickly evn Gandhi got acceptance when he became Mahatma (iii)- Party President can control even PM as was shown by Sonia Gandhi hence Yogi as BJP President can easily control & guide central government too (iv)- RSS is merely a representative of Hinduism (but does not lead any sect of Hinduism) and many religious leaders in Parliament & Legislative bodies do not have religious stature as Yogi has being head (Mahant) of renowned 'Gorakhnath Peeth' (v)- Yogi has not come out of RSS cadre hence he is not depended on its cadre. Moreover Yogi heads ‘Hindu Yuva Vahini’ (which, as per media reports, he has spread & strengthened after becoming C.M.) which provides him support on ground out of BJP / RSS (vi)- As a champion of recovery of Rs 1,000 Trillion State-capital (Income tax) and getting it invested for welfare of the people (like in CPDS to ensure LEMSP, universal health care through MESI, government housing at large scale all across India etc) will make Yogi  unchallenged political leader (vii)- ‘Hindi Rashtra’ will unleash & release the huge creative force of overwhelming majority of Indians and will bring tremendous economic progress in India hence as a champion of ‘Hindi Rashtra’ it will help yogi in becoming a secular politician instead of communal politician for ‘Hindu Rashtra’. This will make him gradually acceptable not only in Greater India (from Myanmar to Afghanistan) but also internationally and this will make Yogi an unchallenged & towering political leader.

Therefore if Yogi Adityanath starts working for ‘Federal, Socialist, Hindi-Rashtra’ as mentioned above, then no politician or political force can stop him from becoming unquestioned & towering political leader of India and ultimately of Greater-India (from Myanmar to Afghanistan)

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