Farmers should know Allahu-Akbar with Har-Har-Mahedev not enough. Only Hindi-Rashtra & rejection of illegal partition, the solution. By Hem Raj Jain


In a massive rally of farmers at Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) the farmer leader Rakesh Tikait in his speech said: “The slogans of Allahu-Akbar and Har-Har-Mahadev have always been raised and will continue to be raised and we will not allow (communal) riots to happen here.” as reported also at  . This has disturbed the ruling political party of Hindutva forces, the BJP about its electoral prospects in the early 2022 elections in the crucial State of U.P. and has raised debate in India whether this attempt by farmers will succeed in  bringing communal harmony in India as debated also at  . But merely such well intentioned slogans will not be enough because malaise is deeper and what is needed is re-unification of India with a common glue, as explained below:-

(1)- First of all Hindus should understand that partition of India happened because Hindus did not want to live with Muslims (even now majority of Muslims live in India, which are mostly ghettos, even not poor) . That is why in view of pre-partition communal riots (as Maulana Azad mentioned in his autobiography) when Patel told Gandhi that it would be easier to manage Hindu India than Hindu-Muslim India, Gandhi gave approval for partition of India. This is the reason that (i)- India was allegedly partitioned due to ‘two nation theory’. Though two nation theory collapsed in 1971 but Hindu India did not assimilate Muslim Bangladesh back in India (ii)- Hindu India never retrieved Muslim PoK (including Gilgit-Baltistan) (iii)- Hindu India never worked seriously to assimilate Muslim Balochistan and Muslim Sindh though these regions want to separate from Punjabi dominated Pakistan  (iv)- Hindu India never worked seriously to assimilate Muslim KPK of Pakistan and Afghanistan (which are pining for eliminating Durand Line).

(2)- This is the reason that India even reconciled to the illegal partition of India. Due to forced & illegal population transfer (illegal because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’) on the basis of religion, the partition of India is a legal fraud (which has thoroughly communalized Indian region and has caused many wars in the past and will cause many more in future, if not reversed). India got further communalized due to the fact that Muslims remain same rather increased a little to about 15 % in India (if Muslim illegal immigrants are also counted) whereas about 20 % Hindu population from each of Pakistan and Bangladesh were forced out. This illegal partition  happened when India was a member of the UN since 1945. Hence India is under no legal obligation (under international law) to accept its partition of 1947. Therefore the Government of India (GoI) should first demand ‘dual citizenship’ from Pakistan and Bangladesh to about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were forcibly & illegally displaced due to partition of India (along with proper law & order in Pakistan and Bangladesh for these 20 % Hindus & Sikhs). 

(3)- Only a naïve person can think that Taliban (which has come in power neither through democracy nor through military victory) can survive as the Afghanistan government. Hence a destabilized Talibani-Afghanistan with Pakistan may even try to militarily snatch remaining J&K (including Ladakh) from India (this time not through terrorism but by full-fledged war) especially in view of the fact that the USA has left 300,000 trained security forces and arms, ammunition under the control of Taliban which will join security forces of Pakistan (with ‘liberate Kashmir from Hindu Kafirs’ war cry) for snatching Kashmir from India and which will be further facilitated in favor of militant Jihadis due to considerable alienation of Kashmiris (as was the case with alienation of Bangladeshis in 1971) due to what India did to J&K on and after August 5, 2019. 

(4)- These problems can be addressed if India again demands plebiscite in united J&K (as mandated by IoA of J&K to India and also by UN resolution) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure) after ensuring both these territories free from outsiders. At the same time India should allow Balochs to open their office of government of Balochistan-in-exile in Delhi. These above mentioned will lead to the realization of the ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC’ (FSDM-SAARC) of Indo-AF-Pak region.

(5)- Farmers were committing suicide in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence they are agitating for their livelihood including by Dharnas (sit-ins) at Delhi borders since November end 2020. Farmers are demanding repeal of 3 controversial farm laws (legislated in 2020) and for ‘Legally enforceable Minimum Support Price’ (LEMSP) of presently 23 items (which farmers are demanding to increase to about 40 items including for fruits, vegetable, dairy products etc). Because Two third of India  is fully or partly dependent on farm income, hence in democratic India they have a potential of changing a government which does not listen to them and bringing a pliable government. At the same time by taking advantage of their present mobilization they can even succeed in uniting India on the basis of genuine secularism with a common glue. 

(6)- India should know that secular-democracy is like the new and fast spreading religion because it promotes modern science & technology which is predominantly powerful in the contemporary world. When Christianity could not remain same under the onslaught of secular-democracy, how will Hinduism and Islam will remain same ?  Though it's secularism is somewhat compromised under the pressure of Hindutva forces, presently only India is the major country which is constitutionally secular-democracy in Asia. Hence whatever has happened in Afghanistan may temporarily gladden the hearts of the USA (fatigued due to 20 years of presence in Afghanistan) or Iran or Pakistan or China or Russia etc but very soon the USA (the leader of free world) WILL HAVE TO ensure that genuine "federal secular democracy" is installed and entrenched (in the first stage) in the mini-SAARC region of Indo-AF-Pak. If India does not expect ‘US-boots on ground’, then the leader of ‘liberal Western democracy’ the USA (though wavering, also because Asian countries do not assist it effectively in favor of secular-democracy) will go to any length in helping India in realizing the said FSDM-SAARC. 

(7)- India should also understand that in the secular democracies, religion does not die but remains (as is the case with Christianity in Western world led by the USA) as a custodian of the values of the society which keeps it relevant to ‘this-worldly matters’ and at the same time concerned with ‘other-worldly-matters’. In the old days religion & State were mostly intermingled but in the modern secular democratic world they are separate and the religion starts from the point where the State ends. Hence India instead of unnecessarily wasting its time on rabid communalism based on old religions of Hinduism and Islam should wait patiently & earnestly for new & updated versions of Hinduism & Islam.

(8)- But farmers will be living in their make believe world if they think that united India + Afghanistan can survive & progress without a common glue. Fortunately it is available namely ‘Hindi Rashtra’ (not ‘Hindu Rashtra’ as Hindutva forces wrongly recommend). All the economically developed countries (USA, China, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc) work in their native languages. Hindi and its variants (Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc) are spoken / understood by two thirds of India. Even Urdu (being already used in Pakistan and now even SAARC Member Afghanistan is trying to use it) uses the syntax of Hindi. Unless India works in its native language Hindi in Devanagari script as its working language India (specially its economically humble majority) can’t progress. Hence farmers should also work to make Hindi the working language. The South Indian States (which also use Sanskrit in Devanagari script in their main religion, Hinduism) shall  be free to decide which language they want to work with. Only one district in any Hindi speaking State should be kept where Hindi shall  be used within a year or two in all the fields (including science-technology, allopathic medicine etc) and then rest of that State and rest of India (except maybe South) can start working in Hindi within a period of 4-5 years and even less.

It is hoped that the farmers shall work for realizing (i)- United India + Afghanistan rather ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC’ (FSDM-SAARC) of Indo-AF-Pak region (ii)- ‘Hindi Rashtra -- so that this region can attain, wit

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