USA should know, Pak media demanding use of nukes may motivate global militants & Taliban for Jihad first in Kashmir then Israel. By Hem Raj Jain


USA should know that frustrated by ineffective dossier diplomacy, Pakistan may end up handing over its nukes to global militant Jihadis 

--The mainstream media of Pakistan is castigating the government of Pakistan for showing cowardice of not using its nuclear weapons for ‘liberating’ Muslim Kashmir which is allegedly suffering under the persecution of Hindu majority India as given at  . In this TV program a senior journalist of the Pak media is accusing the West led by the USA for overlooking the suffering of Kashmiris and Palestinians because they are Muslims (as believed hence the most emotive issues for most of the Muslims all across the world especially for militant Jihadis).  This frustration of Pak media is born out of ineffective dossier diplomacy of Pak government where on Sunday also it  released a 131 page dossier which has been given to the UN about alleged war crimes and human rights violation by India in Kashmir  as reported at 

Earlier such development could have been pooh-poohed but now it can't be due to recent developments in Afghanistan. The ascendancy of Taliban to power has:-  

(i)- Enthused not only the militant Jihadis but also its support base of Muslims all across the world and Jihadis now believe that if Taliban can defeat USA and its allies including NATO in Afghanistan after 20 years of war then there is no reason why Hindu India in Kashmir and Jews in Israel can’t be defeated (who both are supported by the USA) 

(ii)- On August 5, 2019 when India removed special status of J&K and bifurcated the State in two Union Territories and after that whatever Government of India (GoI) has done including lengthy lockdowns in J&K, the people in Pakistan were expecting that Pak military will do something to bring relief to Kashmiris (also because Pak military has enjoyed privileges since independence mainly in the name of Kashmir). But Pak military did nothing hence in Pak media it was openly said that Pak military is coward. Hence now people in Pakistan are saying that if Taliban takes the lead then (by taking Pak military and its nukes with it) the Taliban can easily get Kashmir for Pakistan (as was said on a TV debate  by a leader of ruling party also as given at ) 

Therefore the USA should take this matter seriously and do the following:-

(1)-  The USA should first understand that Hindus don’t want to live with Muslims hence partition of India also took place in 1947 and Hindu majority India has not retrieved Muslim PoJK so far, as explained at   or

(2)- At the same time Hindu India doesn’t want to give Muslim Kashmir to Pakistan because in popular perception Muslims invaders and rulers inflicted horrible violence and atrocities on Hindus for about 1,000 years from 8th to 18th century hence (as a revenge) cries of Muslims coming out of  Kashmir is sweat music to the ears of Hindu India. But now after the Taliban in power in Afghanistan it has taken a dangerous turn. 


(3)- Only a naïve person can think that Taliban (which has come in power neither through democracy nor through military victory) can survive as the Afghanistan government. Hence a destabilized Talibani-Afghanistan with Pakistan will create havoc in Indo-AF-Pak region. 

(4)- All these are happening in the Indian region because the region came in the strangulating grip of rabid communalism due to illegal partition of India hence if anybody thinks that without cancelling partition (to great extent through dual-citizenship) this region can be got rid of communalism then he / she is living in a make believe world.

(5)- The Muslims all over the world (especially militant Jihadis) have craved for a Islamic nuclear bomb also due to the reason that other religious groups [Christians (P4), Chinese, Hindus, Jews have it]. Because Pakistan has nukes, hence Muslims (militant Jihadis) want to convert it in Islamic nuclear bomb so that it can be used for solving the Kashmir and Palestine problems. The victory of the Taliban (in Pak-neighboring country of Afghanistan) has made it possible (due to Kashmir problem as explained above) to bring Pak nukes under militant Jihadi’s reach. Especially in view of the fact that the USA has left 300,000 trained security forces and arms, ammunition under the control of Taliban which will join security forces of Pakistan (with ‘liberate Kashmir from Hindu Kafirs’ war cry) for militarily snatching Kashmir from India and which will be further facilitated in favor of militant Jihadis due to considerable alienation of Kashmiris (as was the case with alienation of Bangladeshis in 1971) due to what India did to J&K on and after August 5, 2019.  Hence not only militant Jihadis openly but the Muslims all over the world clandestinely will work for converting Pak nukes into Islamic nukes.

(6)- It goes without saying saying that the prospect of solving Kashmir & Palestine problems through Islamic nuke will enthuse the entire Muslim world and they will see to it that (also by providing all the requisite resources) it is taken to its logical end. This should worry the USA given the fact that (if not India) then at least the security of Israel is under a not-very-distant threat. The  USA is under moral obligation to be more worried about Israel because only the ill conceived & irresponsible policies of the USA has led to a situation where theocratic Israel is in such a splendid isolation (by unnecessarily creating hostile neighborhoods) that without US-support it can’t even survive.

(7)- Therefore without wasting further time:-

(i)- The USA should constrain Israel to go for one-State of Israel-Palestine in which all the displaced Palestinians (including registered refugees) should be allowed to live as citizens. 

(ii)- The USA should ensure plebiscite in united J&K (as mandated by IoA of J&K to India and also by UN resolution) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure) after making both these territories free from outsiders.

(iii)- Due to forced & illegal population transfer (illegal because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’) on the basis of religion, the partition of India is a legal fraud (which has thoroughly communalized Indian region and has caused many wars in the past and will cause many more in future, if not reversed). India got further communalized due to the fact that Muslims remain same rather increased a little to about 15 % in India (if Muslim illegal immigrants are also counted) whereas about 20 % Hindu population from each of Pakistan and Bangladesh were forced out. This illegal partition happened when India was a member of the UN since 1945. Hence India is under no legal obligation (under international law) to accept its partition of 1947. Therefore the USA should ensure ‘dual citizenship’ from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were forcibly & illegally displaced due to partition of India (with proper law & order for these dual-citizenship holders in their original countries)

It is hoped leader of free world the USA will wake-up and will do the needful as mentioned above,  if not for the Indian subcontinent then at least for Israel (with dollar rich Jews at its back) which (after Kashmir) has also come under threat of nuclear war with Islamic world led by the militant Jihadis

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