Imran-Bajwa rift over DG-ISI appointment due to Imran’s Islamic plan to snatch Kashmir militarily from India by Taliban-support. By Hem Raj Jain


Subject:- (i)- Imran can save his power only by using some Islamic issue like taking Muslim Kashmir and even further dismemberment of India, also as revenge for 1971 (ii)- Bad economic situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be motivation for this Kashmir project (iii)- Fillip to Khalistani movement due to ill-led (and mishandled by Govt) framer’s agitation has created potential of another dismemberment of India (J&K and Punjab) by Pak-China-Taliban (iv)- Imran trying hard for Pashtun consolidation on both sides of Durand Line (v)- Imran wants to use Gen Faiz for this Pashtun consolidation & Kashmir project (vi)- Kashmir project led by Pashtun-Taliban initiative will damage clout & credibility of Punjabi dominated Pak Army (vii)- Hence Gen Bajwa wants Gen Faiz to leave ISI at any cost. 

----One point has been missed by political commentators and media in Pakistan and India  ( ) that the on-going rift between PM Imran & Gen Bajwa should not be seen as an exercise by Imran to retain Gen Faiz as ISI Chief merely to either further his electoral prospects in 2023 (by getting elections rigged by Gen Faiz as he is accused by opposition to have done during 2018 general elections too) or to help Imran in stabilizing political situation in Afghanistan. Main opposition leader Maryam Nawaz of PML-N has also accused Imran of coming under the objectionable influence of his wife (as alluded) when he uses ‘jadoo-tona-jinnaat’ (black magic and ghosts) for taking various decisions including matters of national security like appointment of ISI Chief. But these comments and analysis are superficial and miss the larger design behind this move of Imran which is to snatch Kashmir (preferably J&K and Punjab too) militarily from India as explained below:-

(1)- Due to his bad performance on economic front and specially on external fronts (where he has soured the relations with the USA, Arab countries the Saudi Arabia etc and China due to lack of progress on CPEC) Imran can save his power only by using some Islamic issue like taking Kashmir and even by major dismemberment of India (J&K & Punjab rather Khalistan) which will also be a perfect revenge by Pakistan for what India did in 1971 (when it intervened militarily in East Pakistan to create Bangladesh). Bad economic situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be sufficient motivation for Pakistan & Taliban for this Kashmir project 

(2)- The leader of the ruling party (PTI) said on a TV debate ( ) that the Taliban would get Kashmir for Pakistan. Though the personal life of no one should be discussed in public discourse but if it becomes the matter of life & death for billions of people then it is imperative (especially about constitutional authorities). Imran (who publicly said that Taliban victory broke the chains of slavery of the people of Afghanistan) is reportedly under huge influence of Islam which is evident from (i)- His all the time public show of ‘tasbeeh’ (rosary) in his hands (ii)- Influence over him of his third wife Bushra Bibi Khan who has been described as a leader of pilgrimages to Baba Farid's shrine and Imran reportedly often (even before marriage) consulted her on spiritual matters whenever he finds himself in a “difficult situation”. 

(3)- Whatever the Pakistani, especially its opposition may say but Imran will not give-up this Islamic influence (even if it is ‘jadoo-tona, jinnaat’) because it has brought unexpected major favorable events in his life. After coming in contact with Bushra Bibi (including before marriage), Imran became Prime Minister (by getting rid-of PM Nawaz through judicial coup courtesy Pak establishment / army), ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ was posing lethal threat to his government on the issue of rigged elections and bad economy but its leaders could not hold and Imran is still in power and then pro-Pak Taliban came in power in Afghanistan smoothly without any fight worth the name, Chinese relations with India deteriorated after Eastern Ladakh stand-off and now mutual talks have failed ( ) , on and after August 5, 2019 what government of India did in Kashmir (about article 370 and 35-A etc ) have alienated increased number of Kashmiris and now due to mishandling of farmer’s agitation the Khalistani movement may gain momentum, which will make Imran’s plan of dismembering India quite tempting. It goes without saying that if Imran tries to implement this plan of snatching J&K from India and for getting independence for Khalistan then Imran will not only have satisfaction of serving Islam (about Kashmir) but will also go down in the history of Pakistan with reputation comparable to that of Jinnah. Only a fool will miss such an opportunity, which Imran is certainly not. 

(4)- In this Kashmir project of Imran the Punjab / Khalistan has also obviously got added due to developments at Lakhimpur Khiri in farmer’s agitation in India. Recently the Khalistani movement got some fillip due to (i)- ill-led farmer’s agitation because farmers are not carrying out 'dharnas' (sit-ins) all across India but only at Delhi border which is unnecessarily delaying the resolution of the problem and (ii)- mishandling by Govt of farmer’s agitation where recent killing of 9 persons in Lakhimpur Khiri has brought the issue of Khalistan in public discourse. The pro-government media is saying that Khalistanis are behind entire farmer’s agitation  ( and ) on the contrary pro-farmers (including BJP leaders) are saying that the Governments of India & U.P. are playing with fire by promoting Hindu v/s Sikh divide ( ). This Khalistani factor has created potential for another dismemberment of India (J&K and Punjab) by Pak-China-Taliban.  

(5)- Imran Khan Niazi (essentially a Pashtun) is trying hard for Pashtun consolidation on both sides of Durand Line (which is not recognized by Afghanistan and of KPK) as is evident from the interview Imran gave to TRT World that he is trying amnesty to Pashtuns of KPK ( ). Imran wants to use Gen Faiz for this Pashtun consolidation project which is crucial for his Kashmir project.

(6)- This is the main problem for Gen Bajwa and for the Punjabi dominated Pak army, which has been getting immense benefits in the name of serving the Kashmir cause but did nothing after August 5, 2019 when India removed special status of J&K. If Pashtun-Taliban along with other Jihadis of Pakistan (mainly Pashtuns of Pakistan) take initiative to snatch Kashmir militarily from India then (i)- It will not only destroy the privileged position of Punjabi dominated Pak military but will also (ii)- Lead to one country of AF-PAK instead of two countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan because Afghanistan and KPK do not recognize Durand Line. In AF-PAK Punjabis will not be in majority and this highly likely scenario of AF-PAK is scaring General Bajwa and Punjabi dominated Pakistan military. Hence Gen Bajwa wants Gen Faiz to leave ISI at any cost. 

Whatever may be the out come of on-going PM Imran - Gen Bajwa rift about appointment of ISI Chief but PM Imran will see to it that new ISI Chief serves the plan of Imran (with Pak-China-Taliban support) to dismember India by militarily snatching at-least Muslim Kashmir (and if possible, due to continued Indian blunders, the J&K & Punjab / Khalistan) as his Islamic duty (if not for securing his prominent place in the history of Pakistan)

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