November Afghan conference in India should be with Taliban for economy & recognition of Afghanistan, the member of mini-SAARC. By Hem Raj Jain


Golden opportunity for India to rectify mistakes of past 74 years about mini-SAARC of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan (ii)- India need not heed to sever preconditions of world community about recognition of Afghanistan because unlike others India is dealing with its own people (iii)- India should take the help of Indian Muslims to normalize & stabilize Afghanistan 

It is reported that tentatively on coming November 10-11 a conference about Afghanistan will be held at New Delhi and the country’s top security establishment, the National Security Council Secretariat, is taking the lead in organizing the conference and feelers are being sent to Afghanistan’s neighbors such as Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and key players including Russia, China, US and European partners like the EU, France, Germany and the UK. Representatives from the UN are also expected to be invited, as reported at  

This conference will bear the fruits only when India realizes and do the following:-

(1)- First and foremost India should understand that the Federation of mini-SAARC of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is de-jure one country and its de-facto realization is merely a matter of time because:-

(i)- There was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’ hence without ‘dual-citizenship’ for about 160 million forcibly displaced and descendants of such forcibly displaced Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims the 1947 partition of India and rearrangement of princely State for creating India and Pakistan (West and East, now the Bangladesh) is illegal and null & void as per international laws.

(ii)- Plebiscite is a legally must in disputed territories of J&K (not only as per 1948 resolution of the UN but also as per its IoA) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken in 1948 by Pakistan under military pressure despite contrary resolution by Parliament / Jirga of Balochistan) . Hence without these two plebiscites, the partition of India and rearrangement of the princely State for creating India and Pakistan (West and East, now the Bangladesh)  is illegal and null & void as per international laws. 

(iii)- Because Afghanistan and  the people (of especially the KPK) in Pakistan do not recognize Durand line hence Afghanistan and Pakistan are not two countries but one country AF-PAK. Therefore mini-SAARC is composed of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

(2)- Therefore unlike other countries of the world, India should treat Afghans as its own people and should immediately provide relief and succor to Afghanistan by way of (i)- Starting economic activities with Afghanistan including by establishing Indian companies / business in mineral rich Afghanistan (ii)- By immediately recognizing the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

(3)- It should not be difficult for India to understand that present obstinacy of Taliban to not listen to world community about human rights of the people specially of the women & girls of Afghanistan and about composition of Taliban government is (as is proverb in India) nothing more than ‘Baal Hutt’ (Obstinacy of Children) to which ‘Raj Hutt’ (Obstinacy of King) has been added because now Taliban are in power. Hence as is the case with such two 'Hutts' there is no need to take these obstinacies as the last words of Taliban. 

(4)- If India talks to the USA intelligently and earnestly then the USA will certainly appreciate the above mentioned position & stand of India (about mini-SAARC being de-jure one country) and will not mind India immediately rather urgently recognizing Afghanistan without any pre-condition. 

(5)- As far as the project to normalize & stabilize Afghanistan (about human rights of the people specially of the women & girls of Afghanistan and about composition of Taliban government) it will not be a problem for India if India sends (on preference) the Indian Muslims (both Sunnis and Shia) in Afghanistan to serve in the business / companies of India or do business over there or to serve in any other NGO or organization permitted by Afghan government. It goes without saying that the Taliban / Afghans will be persuaded best by the Indian Muslims even to ultimately adopt modern values of secular democracy rather than by any coercion from other countries of the world community in this regard. Indian Muslims of-course will give such help voluntarily & gladly. 

(6)- In this November conference India should ensure that Pakistan gives a firm commitment before all the countries participating in this conference and also publicly that it will  provide safe passage to the goods and people between Afghanistan and India on the territory of Pakistan (which is the territory of said mini-SAARC). 

(7)- God only knows whether the charges leveled by Pakistan that India was misusing the territory of Afghanistan (under governments of Prez Karzai and Prez Ghani) against Pakistan for terrorist and other subversive activities but even if these allegations are wrong, India should give firm assurance & commitment to Pakistan and to all the countries participating in this conference and also publicly that India never did and will never do any such terrorist or subversive activities from the soil of Afghanistan. Moreover India should declare that it will agree to whatever REASONABLE terms and conditions are laid down by the Taliban government, Pakistan and the participants of the conference (to ensure such well-intentioned business and other activities of India in Afghanistan). Once India gives such assurance & commitment then Pakistan will have no objection (also under the pressure of the countries participating in this November conference) to allow safe passage of goods and people of Afghanistan and India to and fro on the soil of Pakistan. In other words, India should be prepared to go even extra mile in the interest of providing relief & succor to its own people, the Afghans. 

(8)- In addition to this November conference India should organize a seminar in which the leaders of business, industry, finance of Afghanistan and India will participate to find out what short, medium and long term economic activities can be started by Indians and Afghans in each other’s countries.

(9)- In both these conference & seminar, India should allow (after scrutiny) the Afghans & Indians from Afghanistan, India and from any other country to watch the proceedings of these conference & seminar (as the people do from the galleries of Parliament) which will go a long way in getting some valuable suggestions from such people in bringing quick peace, prosperity and justice to Afghanistan. 

It is hoped that India will bring a paradigm shift in its foreign policy and by start considering the mini-SAARC (of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) as de-jure one country will organize November conference & seminar to start economic activities in Afghanistan and for immediately recognizing the Taliban government of Afghanistan so that the relief and succor can be provided to the beleaguered & harassed people of Afghanistan who are India’s own people.  

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