USA should know Communism collapsed not Marxism. Russia if allies with India can propagate Socialism globally starting from mini-SAARC. By Hem Raj Jain


Against the backdrop of US threats to impose secondary sanctions on the S-400 deal under the ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’ (CAATSA), India and Russia on Monday signed an agreement to extend military technology cooperation for the next decade, from 2021 to 2031.(as reported at ). Meanwhile the USA is busy conducting the December 9-10 ‘Democracy Summit’ which is meaningless because it neither has secularism in its agenda nor promises any military alliance of secular-democracies. 

The USA seems to be under the delusion that Marxism has died and only capitalism (private) will rule the world and the developing world has no other option than to depend on the West led by the USA even if in this process the developing world is not able to improve its socio-economic condition. But the USA should realize that (i)- Marxism is also a Western idea which appeals to modern mankind because it basically says that private capital gets much larger share of the national cake than it deserve (ii)- The Presidents of the USA every year at UNGA religiously declare their loyalty & allegiance to capitalism but in reality what they mean is private capitalism (iii)- Capitalism is not merely private capital but State-capital too (iv)- Private capital is needed to keep the economy competitive but State-capital is also needed to be deployed profitably in the interest of the welfare of the people (v)- The USSR collapsed mainly due to three reasons. First it deployed exclusive State-capital, secondly this State-capital was not deployed profitable and lastly it didn’t realize the importance of religion (vi)- The best economy, especially for developing world ,is socialism which is nothing but join-capitalism where State-capital will also be deployed profitably like private capital (vii)- State-capital will be needed for taking care of the unemployed who are going to increase due to increased efficiency of production as a result of rapid advance in technology like artificial intelligence, thinking machines, robotics etc.  

Modern science & technology has made mankind more powerful but it needs a free mind which is possible only in secular democracy. That is why the developing world needs it more. But military power is needed to protect any ideology which was true in the old days too. For example in India Dara Shikoh (son of emperor Shah Jahan) believed in ideology which promotes Hindu - Muslim cordiality & harmony whereas Aurangzeb (another son of Shah Jahan) was Islamist bigot but Aurangzeb defeated and killed Dara Shikoh in war in 1659 and spread such communal poison in India that it is considered responsible for persecution of Hindus by Muslim rulers and even for the partition of India in 1947 on communal basis. 

India, a developing country which adopted secular democracy, depended on the US - sponsored UN to provide military power and martial support wherever necessary as per international law but did not get it (the most glaring examples are unresolved border dispute of India within China and unresolved Kashmir problem). Despite UN resolution PoK was not vacated by Pakistan for carrying out plebiscite with the result lot of lives, blood, properties and honor have been lost during lsat 74 years and has caused the major stumbling block not only in normal Indo-Pak relations & progress but also in the proper functioning of other SAARC countries.

Moreover in the late forties India became independent and China  became a communist country and at that time the economy of both the countries were more or less equal but now there is no comparison. China says that it progressed due to communism whereas India, as per China, has lagged behind (very much) due to democracy. Therefore if Russia can help India in progressing economically while practicing secular democracy with socialism (which Russia can do as given below) then India will certainly like to become a military ally of Russia. Moreover Russia can easily provide leadership to rest of the mainly non - Western world through socialism, if Russia does the following  :-

(1) - Russia should launch an “Organization for Federal Socialist Secular Democracies” (OFSSD), where the members of the OFSSD may or may not remain in the US-sponsored UN. In the OFSSD (i)- There should be no veto to any member and the voting right should be to every member based on its contribution of men (including military), money and material (including military) and its records about human rights (generally as are given in ICCPR of the UN). (ii)- The OFSSD should intervene even militarily in case of serious violation of human rights in its member countries. 

(2)- Russia should specifically concentrate on giving membership first to India and then to other countries of mini-SAARC (Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan which does not recognize Durand Line, if they adopt secular-democracy). Russia should launch (rather should take interest in launching) its media first in India and should allow India to launch its media in Russia so that people of both the countries can know the day to day life of the people of each other. 

(3)-  Russia should help India (militarily if necessary through OFSSD) in getting plebiscite in united J&K (mandated by IoA of J&K to India) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure despite  contrary resolution by its Parliament / Jirga).

(4)- Russia should help India (militarily if necessary through OFSSD) in getting ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus. Sikhs and Muslims who were forcibly displaced from their motherland  during partition and their descendants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Moreover Russia should help India (militarily if necessary) if Pakistan and Bangladesh fail to provide proper law & order to these Hindus and Sikhs who will go there with ‘dual citizenship’.

(5)- Russia should help India in constituting a judicial commission of India (through OFSSD) and China to resolve the Indo-China border dispute (keeping rights of Tibetans in view). This ’Judicial  Commission’ can easily solve Indo-China border problems which are legal in nature unlike Indo-Pak border problems which are political in nature.

(6)- Russia through its media in India should educate the people of India to demand Rs 1,000 Lakh crore (and increasing) Income tax from about 1 million fake farmers (as reported at   and ) . This huge State-capital will not only solve all the economic problems of India but will also make India an economic superpower.

(7)- In the interest of rule-of-law in OFSSD and in the interest of making India a genuine secular country (de-facto- and not merely de-jure), Russia through its media in India should educate / persuade Indian Muslims to file following petitions / writ petitions in the Supreme Court of India (SCI):-

(i)- For complete justice under Article 142 of the Constitution for reviewing the final judgement in Ayodhya dispute and for legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri-masjid (which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of the Observer of SCI) before any final judgment in Ayodhya title suit. Because otherwise it shall  be lowering the authority of court which is criminal contempt even on the part of SCI under section 2 ( c) (i) read with section 16 of Contempt of Court Act [This will go a long way in discouraging communal Hindutva forces who are presently trying to rake-up Mathura-masjid issue also]. In case Hindutva forces create law & order problems during restoration of Babri-masjid, the OFSSD should provide peace keeping armed forces to GoI. 

(ii)- Under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution for quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) all Reservation laws which, in the name of backward castes, is giving reservations to also those castes of Hindus which even recently ruled in India [There is nothing wrong with reservation in government services if any group of people in India believes that it can't get proportional & just representation in government services on MERIT.  But these reservations should not be with the demoralizing tag of Dalits (SC, ST) and backwards as it demoralizes the beneficiaries and demoralized people can neither run democracy nor can get justice from democratic State]. 

(iii)- Under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution for abolishing (because discriminatory against Muslims etc and favoring Hinduism in a secular India) all the laws related to cow protection, beef eating etc which are causing lynching of Muslims and even of Dalits in India. 

(8)- During efforts for said plebiscites and ‘dual citizenship’ in order to achieve these objectives cordially, Russia should encourage India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to come under one political unity as ‘Federation of Secular Socialist Democratic mini-SAARC’ and which as one political unit can become member of OFSSD. 

(9)-   Russia can easily persuade the people of mini-SAARC (of about 1.9 billion people) to come under one political unity because there is already a common emotional link between them in terms of language. Hindi (with Devanagari script and its variants like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc and even Urdu which uses syntax / grammar of Hindi) are spoken and understood by about 1.6 billion people of mini-SAARC and about 300 million people of South India also use Sanskrit in Devanagari script in their religion, Hinduism.

(10)- While working for mini-SAARC and for OFSSD, Russia should persuade all its member countries to provide freedom of religion and even freedom of conversion from one religion to other because even in secular societies religion is the custodian of the values of the society and despite unprecedented advance in science & technology religion is still relevant and remains paramount moral force of the societies.  Hence religion should be allowed by the OFSSD to play its legitimate role in its member countries.  

It is hoped that (in view of the traditional & persistent isolationist mindset and irrational preference for exclusive private-capitalism of the USA),  Russia will endeavor to propagate socialism all across the world through OFSSD starting from mini-SAARC (by first militarily allying with India) in the interest of bringing human rights friendly beneficial secular democracy to mankind. The Sialkot tragedy is the culmination of religious fanaticism


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