Milap and United Christian Hospital celebrate International Day of the Sick: Report by Margaret Piara


Lahore Dateline: The Catholic Milap Organization and the Untied Christian Hospital organized the celebration of the International day of the sick at the call of Pope Benedict XVI at the United Christian hospital in Lahore on the 11th of February, 2007.
Forty five nurses and the hospital staff joined in the common prayer for the sick in the nursing hostel. Pastor Sarfraz Qamnar, the chaplain of the UCH said an inaugural prayer. Later the appropriate hymns were sung by all present while the reading was taken from Deut.28:14-22 read by Miss Safina Barkat, the 4th year student. After the first reading a prayer for the sick was said by 3rd year student Ms. Nayab Zafar and Miss Anila Arm read the 2nd reading from Matt.9:1-8. Special prayer for the sick was said by Mr. Suleman, one of the gardeners of the hospital.
Mr. Adeel Shahzad also said the prayer and later Pastor Sarfraz Qammar said that our first parents sinned against the commandment of the Lord and sin entered the world so that became the source of all sickness and death. He said despite all this God gave the human beings knowledge and wisdom and with it the man discovered medicine and new ways of treatments but God is the one who gives us the real cure. He said that we read in the book of Genesis about sickness. So it is known from the beginning of creation.
He said St. Paul kept St. Luke with him in his sickness as his companion since St. Luke was a doctor and he was looking after him very well to preach the good news around the world of that time. He referred to the book of Prophet Malaci4:2 that the sunshine will relieve you from the sickness.
The pastor further said that in his pastoral ministry Jesus Christ cured a lot of sick people and from the evil spirits. There was a lot of power in Jesus that people had trust and belief in him and they wished to touch his clothes and were cured. He said that this type of belief we have in our Hospital which is run by different denominations. People come here and they are cured. We work for the glory of God.
At the end Miss Margaret, director Milap and co organizer of the programme said that as we celebrate the International Day of the Sick, we will see the great people of the world who worked for the ailing humanity. She mentioned about the Florence of Nightingale who was the first doctor and nurse. She said that Fr. Damian worked in the island’s lappers and he was so much absorbed in their healing that he himself died taking the sickness of the people upon him. Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolcutta, Margaret said, spent her whole life for the destitute of India and around the world and her work goes on in different countries of the world.
She further said that today while we are praying for the physically and spiritually sick people we pray and appreciate all the hospitals, institutions and individual NGOs working for the sick that God may bless their work.
In the evening the Milap children had gone to the nearby homes to pray for the sick and distribute juice and biscuits with some medicines. At the end of the programme we stood up and had the prayers for the sick and the one who take care of them. The chaplain pastor and the Milap team went to different words of the hospital and prayed for the sick people from one bed to another.
The United Christian Hospital came into being soon after the creation of Pakistan in 1947 in the nearby campus of Foremen Christian College when lot of wounded people were migrating from India at the Indo- Pakistan partition time. It has a good location in the busy heart of the city in Gulberg and with the cross on the top of the doom type roof which is a witness for the Christian presence in an predominately Muslim country.

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